Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam or Legit?

is prosperity life a scam

Welcome to My Prosperity Of Life Review!

Probably someone has just introduced you to this opportunity that Prosperity Of Life offers or maybe, you just found it online while browning for online opportunities.

It’s good that the company is centered on personal development through the courses and training plus, it has an income opportunity for those who want to earn extra bucks.

Prosperity Of Life Review Summary

Name: Prosperity Of Life


Founders: Gregory Strom, Rachel Krider, and Shane Krider

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49.95 To $153 Fee Every Month + $2,285 To $12,950 For The Upsells

prosperity of life logo

Quick Summary: Prosperity Of Life is an organization that offers various online courses and live events that are geared towards personal development and wealth creation.

Built on a network marketing business model, people can join as an affiliate and earn commissions just by promoting The Prosperity Of Life Network's costly online courses and seminars. 

It sounds enticing, especially it’s almost unique but is Prosperity Of Life legit in the first place? How does it work? What makes it different from other personal development-related companies, such as Life Leadership and Self-Growth.Com

Find out what this opportunity is really about in this honest Prosperity Of Life review!

What Is Prosperity Of Life About?

Prosperity Of Life is an organization that is built on a network marketing platform. It is focused on personal development & wealth creation, which is not usual in this business model.

They provide a complete online business in a box opportunity, which includes the systems, training, products, and mentoring. It is based out of Arizona, U.S.A., and was founded by Gregory Strom and the husband and wife team-up of Rachel Krider and Shane Krider. 

Gregory Strom is the one behind The Prosperity Of Life Network's media production while Rachel Krider serves as the personal development coach and Shane Krider as the organization's transformation leader and he also has his own podcast. 

It began as Liberty League International; however, it was accused of running a pyramid scheme and was faced with a class-action lawsuit in federal court. It was said to have scammed 5 million dollars from the people who enrolled in their courses and seminars.

The person behind this was Shane Krider and his partner Brent Payn. Krider and Payn were forced to pay $115,000 in victim restitution, penalties, and other fees in 2006.

prosperity of life founders Gregory Strom, Rachel Krider, and Shane Krider

Shane Krider simply brought the entire business model from before and had been more careful with the legal stuff with Prosperity Of Life right now and that's probably why it has undergone so many name changes throughout the years.

They used to call it "Polaris Media Group" and later on changed it to "Polaris Global". But apparently, Polaris Global still exists and they use Polaris Global to take care of the training, customer service, support, and tools. 

Prosperity Of Life serves as their public brand which is responsible for their intellectual properties like their courses, content, and products. Right now they are called Prosperity Of Life and/or The Prosperity Of Life Network.

Prosperity Of Life Product Line

Basically, Prosperity Of Life has 2 main product types, first is the Digital Products, which can be studied at home and the second one is the Live events or seminars.

  • 17-Day Personal Prosperity System-Home Study- ($1,495) 

Now, we’ll specifically discuss product prices and the amount of upsells. "Master of Destinies" is their main product line:

prosperity of life product line
  • M1: Master of Destinies ($2,285) - A 12-month home study program that is said to transform life just by watching recorded content from some of their seminars.
  • M2: Sovereignty Live ($7,950) - 5-day live event on wealth creation, covering topics like how money works, how to invest it, how to have money work for you, asset allocation, tax minimization, and more.
  • M3: Influence Live ($12,950) - 8-day live event on advanced personal development & leadership strategies, covering topics like how we create our own lives by the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and how you can take control of your life and future
  • M4 ($1,495) - Price of accessing a recording of the event that you've attended
  • M7 ($4,590) - Recorded content from all additional M2 Sovereignty Live and M3 Influence Live seminars
  • M7 Fast Track ($6,250) - A discounted package that includes M1 and M7 (save $775)

As you can see, the prices are really high. Well, they claim that the reason they have such expensive products is that they want to promulgate the idea of "selling high-ticket products" as it becomes the way to gain lucrative income and be wealthy.

Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam?

We don't want to label it as a scam, however there are some red flags where they were under scrutiny before. 

Yes, it comes with products that are real and people can benefit from but it’s way too overpriced and they are geared towards recruitment. Make sure you do a full on research before committing to this program. 

Prosperity Of Life Compensation Plan

Signing up in Prosperity Of Life doesn’t yet qualify you to earn. 

To earn money and avail the benefits of the compensation plan, one should promote any product from Prosperity Of Life, which they should personally purchase. 

For instance, if affiliates want to promote M1 then they have to pay for $2,285 to get that product. But still, you can’t earn yet from your first 2 sales because you still have to "pass up" the first 2 sales to your sponsor.

After “passing up” the first 2 sales, here's what you'll earn from each product:

  • M1 - $1,828
  • M2 - $5,000
  • M3 - $8,000
  • M7 - $3,672
  • M7 Fast Track - $5,000

The values seem enticing but don't be deceived. 

Remember, you first have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase the products and that you’ll also have to spend additional dollars in ads, promoting these products. 

Also, one thing to know is that you can only earn commissions from products that you personally own. For instance, if you only purchase M1 but you managed to sell an M2 product, that commission will be passed up to your sponsor as well (provided that your sponsor is qualified for M2). 

So, if you want to earn a commission from all the products, you have to purchase all of them yourself. Yes, all of it! 

As a Prosperity Of Life Coach or Director, here are the ways you can earn:

  • Big Upfront Profits and Bonuses - Coaches and directors can earn anywhere between $500-$8,000 for every online course and seminars sold.
  • Leveraged Income - This is not quite adequately explained on their website. This section is just full of fluff and namechecking prominent names such as Bill Gates.
  • Residual Income - They promise a substantial residual income when your customers make a repeat purchase. 

To learn more about Prosperity Of Life, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Prosperity Of Life?

Joining in Prosperity Of Life’s opportunity is done first by requesting an interview by signing up on their website, which you’ll basically need to be sponsored first, or in short, someone should refer you into the opportunity. 

That's why in all of their promotions, they'll always ask you to "get back to the person who introduced this business to you".

After accomplishing that process, you’ll have to pay for the following basic costs to start running this business:

  • $49.95 - Starter Kit
  • $153/month - For marketing tools like Online Business Manager, Lead Vertex Pro, Lead Manager, and Conference Call System, that accounts for $39.95 to become a Prosperity Of Life student and consultant, $49.95 monthly to maintain the replicate website, $33 for the training portal plus, the $29.95 for the lead manager.

UPSELLS (The Master of Destinies packages discussed above)

  • M1: ($2,285) 
  • M2: Sovereignty Live ($7,950) 
  • M3: Influence Live ($12,950) 
  • M4 ($1,495) 
  • M7 ($4,590) 
  • M7 Fast Track ($6,250) 



I like the fact that they offer valuable resources for learning and self-development which could indeed boost one’s self. However, what good is it if it ends up getting you conned and the prices of the products are unreasonable too high? 


Past Bad Record

As we've discussed, Prosperity Of Life's beginnings from the roots of Liberty League International had bad records, as Liberty League was sued and accused of a Pyramid Scheme with the involvement of the current founder. 

Considering its owners' shady history and the organizations not so good beginnings, I believe nothing good can come out of this as it’s even repeating the course itself or should I say, in the first place they have already sorted it out to be like that as well.

Extremely Costly

It may come with products that may promote self-development and wealth creation but they are all pretty expensive, which is impractical considering you could even access these stuff over the internet for free. 

So why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this? Yes, it can be substantial but such costs are too much. 

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

Apparently, Prosperity Of Life revolves around recruitment. As the earning opportunity is only made available after you have "passed up" the first 2 sales to your sponsor, which I could say is bizarre and ridiculous.

Surely those in the higher tiers are taking advantage of their downlines. It may present with products but still, recruitment is the key and most probably the source of income. So, you should avoid schemes like this!

Training Tools/Support

Joining Prosperity Of Life enables access to marketing tools, a replicated website, and a training portal.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Prosperity Of Life may provide some of the great things you can do for your career including upgrading your skills. 

You can be mentored and have a support group, a network, a community that encourages and motivates you. However, what good is it if it’s reared to con you into joining a pyramid scheme in the very first place? 

Practically speaking, you can get these courses and seminars at a lower price and you can even get it for free. So why spend thousands of dollars on it? Their products are unreasonably high. It’s very impractical to purchase such. 

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