I'm Vasiliy!

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Best Lifetime Income?

Through my years of "trials & errors" online, I realized there are way too many scams and unethical or even totally dishonest marketers online. I even fell into some in the past. So, I know exactly how it feels.

That's why I created this website called Best Lifetime Income to help you avoid scams by reviewing programs in Make Money Online/MLM niches. Not only that, over the years, I came across many different business models which can be very overwhelming for beginners.

I am constantly evolving and now I am moving on to another level where I found even faster and more rewarding way to make money online legitimately. 

If you are looking to save yourself years and years of time wasted chasing shiny objects then I invite you to explore my #1 Recommendation where I show you how to earn $1000 in 1 single sale.  

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is Vasiliy?

So, here are 12 facts about me...

  1. I live in Los Angeles, California
  2. I graduated from College in 2008 with a $90,000 student loan
  3. I have an IT background
  4. My parents run a restaurant in Encino, CA
  5. I tried multiple Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies
  6. I tried Day Trading Forex
  7. I started Amazon business also
  8. I made my first online sale on 12 August 2016, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate
  9. I spent upwards of $10,000 on education alone
  10. High Ticket business model is what's working for me the best
  11. Love e-biking (by the way I promote them too)
  12. Love traveling with my family

What Now?

Here are some of the links to help you navigate around my site or even get direct help from me!

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