What Is Dacxi? Another Crypto Scam To Watch Out!

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Welcome to My Dacxi Review!

In this post, we will talk about Dacxi -- a new crypto-related multi-level marketing (MLM) that is said to be a clone of the infamous OneCoin

Dacxi Review Summary

Name: Dacxi

Website: www.dacxi.com

Founders: Edward Ludbrook

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $100 As The Minimum Investment

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Quick Summary: Dacxi is multi-level marketing with a cryptocurrency investment scheme that ends up to be also a clone of the infamous crypto MLM involved in a Ponzi scheme- OneCoin. 

There are no retail sales -- no products or services and proof of earning other than the investments from affiliates. Typical of an investment scheme! These, along with other red flags make it not a good idea to buy into this business opportunity!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

If you have seen our previous review about Dagcoin and eComelize, which were also coined as OneCoin’s clone, you probably got the idea of why such association is not a good thing. 

These platforms do not only have similar business models but also, the owners have close ties with OneCoin’s founder. 

So what makes Dacxi any different? Is it really associated with the notorious crypto scam or was it just a coincidence? Can you trust this program if you want to make money online?

Let’s find out in this honest review!

What Is Dacxi About?

Dacxi is an investment network marketing company that utilizes cryptocurrencies or in simple terms digital coins. It’s like the famous Bitcoins -- the virtual cash or credit card you can use for transactions online.

This MLM is more in the investment niche but what you purchase in investing in their program are cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, DAC (their internal token that has no value outside Dacxi) and Litecoin. 

The company promises its members of the possibility of doubling their investment. Well, what investment program would not? It’s all about enticing people to buy into the program. Well, being an MLM, the sole agenda of this is still recruitment because, to earn money, you’ll have to build a downline of investing affiliate members.

In every business opportunity, it’s essential to see who is the owner. It would be nice if the company website pages would include that. In the case of the Dacxi, the domain name “dacxi.com” was registered in 2017 and was privately registered. 

Thus, we couldn’t find any more information there. But a quick google search would say that Ed/ Edward Ludbrook is the founder of Dacxi.

edward ludbrook founder of dacxi

Edward Ludbrook had a precarious past when it comes to the companies he has been involved in. He was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Asia’s Ambassador for the infamous company that was shut-down due to security fraud called OneCoin. 

So, the above question answered, like Dagcoin, it’s not only the same business model but the owners are well associated with the Ponzi scheme Onecoin. After this scheme was exposed, the management team and several of its promoters found themselves in legal trouble and are still being settled with criminal cases up to this day.

As mentioned, the business model of Dacxi s very similar to that of OneCoin. 

Like OneCoin, Dacxi also promises a fixed ROI depending on how much the affiliate invested and how many people they bring into the business. Why bring back to life a proven failed business model? If Onecoin had failed, what makes you think that a clone would not too?

Dacxi Product Line

Dacxi has no retailable products or services. There was no mention of any retail products on their website. Affiliates only market the income opportunity that is through purchasing a membership into their program. Dacxi is an investment crypto MLM. 

However, there is no investment platform or software to help you generate your ROI in Dacxi. And also, there is no trading involved.

How To Make Money With Dacxi?

Since there are no retail sales, income will be solely from recruitments. Here’s a glimpse of their compensation plan:

Referral Commissions - Affiliates will be able to earn commissions with the people they recruit into Dacxi that also invests the bundles that the company offers. The company pays and tracks this commission using the unilevel compensation plan structure.

Here is the breakdown of how the unilevel compensation plan works:

1st Level – The first level of the unilevel compensation plan will only have affiliates personally recruited members on it.

2nd Level – The second level of the unilevel compensation plan will only have team members the level 1 members personally recruited.

3rd Level – The third level of the unilevel compensation plan will only have team members that the level 2 members personally recruited. 

and so on…

There are a total of only 2 levels for the referral bonus and the company pays out 10% of the investment amount made by affiliates personally recruited members. Affiliates can also earn 2.5% on their level 2 member’s investments.

Those that join and invest in the DAC token only will let affiliates earn a higher percentage of their level 1 and 2. FYI: The company pays out all of the commissions in DAC tokens.

Hold Bonus - Dacxi rewards this bonus to affiliate members that invest $1000 or more in the bundles that the company offers. The company rewards investing affiliate members with a 50% DAC bonus when they invest $1,000 or more in bundles, and also holds it within the system for 180 days without withdrawing any funds.

Is Dacxi A Scam?

Well, we can’t totally say that it’s one but most information points out that Dacxi is a scam. It’s even the rehash of the Ponzi Scheme- OneCoin, that even the business model, the promises, and offers are the same.

Even the coins are worthless. There’s no actual product and the main agenda is bringing people into the program and expecting them to "invest" for nothing. Thus, the recruitment hype! It has the red flags of being a Ponzi Scheme and it's obvious that something fraudulent is going on.

If you're confused between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme, you can watch the video below to learn more: 


Joining as an affiliate into their program will cost you a minimum investment of $100. It can be in DAC, which is their internal token that has absolutely no value or you can purchase what they call “bundles”, which are split into different types of cryptocurrencies and also costs $100:

  • Ethereum – 20%
  • Bitcoin – 50%
  • DAC – 20%
  • Litecoin – 10%

You can also pay $100 as a direct investment.

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Well, to be honest, there’s nothing really to like about Dacxi and what it offers. Probably, it’s Ludbrook’s attempt of reviving the infamous Ponzi scheme- OneCoin which was a scam. So, something really fraudulent is going on as well with Dacxi. With that and more, definitely nothing to like about this! 


Founder’s Involvement With Onecoin

As mentioned, the founder was previously the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and Asia’s Ambassador of the Ponzi Scheme CryptoMLM OneCoin. 

I believe such association is indeed not good for a company’s reputation and is a major red flag! We can’t tell but probably Ludbrook attempts to rehash OneCoin. 

OneCoin’s Clone

Dacxi is similar to One cone in a couple of things including the business model, the offers, and the crypto coins that are worthless. There are just too many issues with their business model. So why follow the ways of a business tagged as a Ponzi scheme? 

With all Dacxi’s association with Onecoin, this opportunity is dubious! Being a clone of one of the most infamous Ponzi schemes in history is really not a good title to boast with. 

Fraudulent Ways

Dacxi comes with a promised return for your investment. With this, they will need to be registered to operate with the SEC in every country that they are doing business to be legal. However, there is no evidence that the company has these legal documents. 

They do say they are a global company but Dacxi has made it a point that they are not serving members from countries such as Belarus, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA probably because they probably don’t want to be in places where OneCoin was exposed or where Ponzi schemes are closely monitored. 

Since there are no retail products, affiliates will have to buy the membership instead. With all of these, we can conclude that Dacxi is definitely operating illegally.

No Income Potential

Their token, DAC, is worthless for it has no value outside the market so members may probably end up earning nothing. There’s no proof that profits are generated; no product or service to sell and the only way to earn is by inviting people. 

That being said, the sole source of payment is through recruitment and that’s why it’s likened to the Ponzi scheme OneCoin. 

Who Is It For?

This is not for anyone. There’s no income potential, no tangible products to sell, and it’s illegal for obvious reasons.

Final Opinion/Verdict

With all the similarity and association with crypto MLM scam -- Onecoin, it’s definitely the kind of program you should ignore. It's not coined as the clone of the Ponzi Scheme OneCoin for no reason.

It obtains a lot of the red flags to be one, such as being a business that only survives through recruitment. The sole pool of income is from the funds invested by affiliates. 

Why bring back to life a proven failed business model? If Onecoin had failed, you can probably foresee governing bodies shutting down this program as well soon.

Joining this opportunity will most probably let you end up losing your investment and no earnings. In short, you might end up being totally scammed! 

What’s Next?

Invest your time, money, and effort on opportunities that are safe and guaranteed. I’m not debunking cryptocurrencies, MLMs, and investment schemes but most of the time, success is uncertain with these platforms.

If I were you, I’d sign up with a legit and lucrative platform, such as our #1 recommended program:

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  • And many more!

Anyways, thank you for reading my review!

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