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Today I am going to show you how easy it is to build you own website. Website building went on to another level where you no longer need to become and expert in HTML coding or hire a professional to build a website. You can build a website through many different platforms offered online which have all fancy plugins and widgets.

Here are some  key points you need to understand about website building:

  • Speed of your website      
  • SEO optimization ready
  • Easy navigation
  • Good theme
  • Functionality
  • Valuable content

Keep in mind that your very first website you build may change down the road as you gain experience in your niche and want to add content, interact more with your audience and add more features, therefore you will be editing your website constantly to perfect it.

Once you build a website – more important is to develop your valuable content and keep updating it regularly. Your website needs to get traffic in order to be live and become profitable. A website without traffic is DEAD Website. If you ever heard of “Google Gods” then in order to make them happy you need to write valuable content periodically with low competition keywords in order to rank your site higher.

This is just a small glimpse of information I am giving you. There is a lot more of exciting information to study on how Google indexes web pages and makes your website more visible. We have many FREE video tutorials within Wealthy Affiliate community.

For my website building I chose WordPress and in fact this is what Wealthy Affiliate uses. If you are not familiar with WordPress then it is time for you to discover how easy it is to build a good looking professional Website with all necessary plugins for search engine like Google. There are thousands of templates to choose from and many various plugins and widgets to personalize your website to any niche you want.

WordPress simplifies the process of building a framework for your website. If you had to spend weeks just to launch a website before it will take you now about 30 seconds to do the same work.

You can build 2 FREE websites on SiteRubix domain and start building your content. If you want to create your own domain and point your FREE website you can register it with GoDaddy or we suggest to use NameCheap because they have simplified process to register domain for only $9.95 a year and don’t offer many add-ons like GoDaddy does.

Here is also a video how to build website within 30 seconds:

I hope I gave you some insight on building websites. You can always leave comments below. I will be more than happy to help.


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