How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate? Is It Worth It?

Let me be honest right from the beginning. – I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am going to give you the best insider review based on my personal income proof with Wealthy Affiliate and experience on how long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Why would you trust me - a member of the program who can only say good things about it right? Well I completely understand you. But make sure to read this entire article because you will be quite surprised as I will give my honest feedback whether it is right for you or not. 

Make sure to also read my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review to get full understanding of this program, specifically it's features as well as see my personal results with the program.

Wealthy Affiliate has become extremely popular especially in the last couple of years because it really offers a unique learning platform where you can build online business without any initial investment in any desired niche within 3-6 months if you really commit to it.

Being on the inside and interacting with many new members I can see now how many new folks who join the Wealthy Affiliate community have many doubts and they want to know how fast they can make money with Wealthy Affiliate and what does it really take.

Let me first break it down by key points that are important to know and really explain to you what to expect from Wealthy Affiliate and then show how long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate if you commit to the program. Make sure to read the whole article to get full understanding.

Wealthy Affiliate is Not “Get Rich Quick” Scheme

It is important to understand that Wealthy Affiliate is not “Get Rich Quick” scheme – so if you are looking to make few dollars today then you should look in to online surveys which will give you an illusion of fast money to only realize later that it’s all just a waste of time.

I have done many online surveys to only get disappointed and deal with a ton of SPAM. Don’t believe me? You can certainly try them out.

But, if you are looking for legitimate business opportunity in SPAM-FREE environment then Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to start. They offer comprehensive training program on Affiliate Marketing or any online business you want to pursue in any desired niche and if you follow the training closely – You will start making money as soon as within 3-6 months.

Yes, it does require high commitment level to work on your business at least 1-2 hours 3-4 times a week . I mean this is true about any business opportunity you want to start from the ground. The best part is that you get Step by Step guidance that you simply need to follow and by the end of the training you will have solid foundation of successful business.

Wealthy Affiliate Uses Affiliate Marketing Approach

In essence building an online business using affiliate marketing approach is no different than building any other traditional business with only two exceptions: – You don’t need to create a product and there is literally no Initial investment required except for WA membership fee of $49 per month. 

Right from the beginning you have only a tiny investment and unlimited potential to earn full time income with full guidance and support including my personal help.

            I am Vasiliy, 

Discover My Secrets to Making Money Online

Why Many People Fail Online Right From the Start?

Many folks online are looking to make money fast and the Easiest way possible. Some think if they could spend few hours a day by doing something online they could make extra few bucks and they would be happy with that.

This is where scammers advertise their programs that say making money online is fast and easy with few simple clicks. And this is how they trap you and upsell many people who eventually find out that it was all another scam and lose all the faith in making money online.

Sometimes I get these type of questions from new members inside WA:

Basically people want to see results without even doing anything. Just get me setup quickly and let me start making money. That would be a dream for every one of us. The truth is “The sooner you realize that building online business the right way is the shortest route – the faster you will start making money online.”

Don't get me wrong there is a way to setup just 1 landing page and run Paid Ads like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads and start making money immediately, but you need to do lots of A/B testing for the landing page and conversions and throw a ton of money before you can make profit on every Ad dollar spent. This method works well for seasoned marketers with good Ad budget. 

The thing is time passes by regardless but if you continue to waste time on surveys, PTC sites, random online activities you will never experience full time income online. I have been there and done all of that in the past.

I can understand if you are not ready to invest even a penny and hoping to get everything for Free.  I think it’s just a mentality that we don’t want to pay for anything online. In fact I was one of them.

There is a ton of Free information with Wealthy Affiliate Starter account and it's a great way to experience the program and Premium membership gives you full access to complete training platform and all the tools within member’s area needed in order to build successful online business. 

Quite honestly membership fee is not a huge amount and –  Yes you can find lots of information about online marketing online for Free outside of Wealthy Affiliate but it will take very long time to figure out what is the right way to build online business.

You will be all over the place if you do it on your own because there are thousands of ways to build online business, but you need to learn what really works and what doesn’t – this will save you time and money just like it did for me eventually.

Spending a small fee on membership is very well worth it since you are going to gain good knowledge that will benefit you even outside of Wealthy Affiliate. 

Another words all the efforts you put in have to pay off eventually and the only way to make this happen is to focus on the Right Training from the very beginning in order to keep your motivation in line with all the progress you will see as you move forward.

I really hope people can realize how important time is and you really don’t want to waste it on Guru programs and small bits and pieces of information you will find online.

What to Expect from Wealthy Affiliate’s Training?

Wealthy Affiliate uses an approach helping you to build an “Authority Website” that will drive consistent traffic from SEO as well as different marketing streams. It may take a little more time to setup but potential of such website is enormous.

Many programs like Google Sniper teach you how to create small websites focusing on several niches but they show 1 specific technique that limits your ability to capture all possible ways to earn revenue.

Or there are programs similar to Wealthy Affiliate like Affilorama but they include up-sells making it quite expensive. Wealthy Affiliate is all inclusive deal without any up-sells for one single price.

wealthy affiliate 4 steps

Learn to Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

The best advise I can give to anyone who is starting out is to go through the WA training at your own pace and work on setting up your website, organize your pages in professional manner and create good readable content just like they teach you in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s all very easy since everything is very well explained.

Your website should look like a real blog that will attract people and offer them a good value.

It should not look like a Spam website full of advertisements. The better you can find approach to help people the faster you will start driving traffic to the website and convert that in to money. Wealthy Affiliate has full training on all this. All you need is to follow their tutorials. Here is a quick preview what training looks like: 

wealthy affiliate training courses

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

You will first choose a niche in something you are interested in or you can promote Wealthy Affiliate through their Affiliate bootcamp program. Then you will create a website with their easy to follow tutorials and built-in website builder. 

The website that you create within Wealthy Affiliate by following Step-by-step guide will start making money by driving traffic from SEO as you write content focusing on low competition keywords (low hanging fruits). This is in fact the main goal for your website as you want to get FREE traffic and get maximum conversions. 

You will also drive traffic from Social Media, YouTube, Paid Ads (optional), Email opt-ins to ensure there are multiple traffic streams. Every one of these sources has huge potential to create full time income alone. 

There are so many success stories of people achieving enormous results within few short months. Here is my personal example: 

My $4K Commission promoting: "Amazing Selling Machine"

amazing selling machine commission

That is right, I don't promote only Wealthy Affiliate, my website serves as a platform for many other affiliate programs I am very much interested in and Amazing Selling machine was one of them. 

Here are the results of another friend of mine Jerry from WA: 

There are a ton of success stories when you get inside WA. You get really inspired by seeing many successful people succeeding from WA’s training program.

Basically as you work on SEO you will also focus on Social Media that will be a key aspect in building authority for the website and driving quality traffic. A key here is not to be lazy and to actually follow all the training on how to expand your reach using different social media outlets. It is quite powerful and you get the latest information from the training.

Another powerful way is you can buy traffic setting up PPC campaigns with BingAds, but this is not mandatory as it will require some additional investment. But if you decide to invest money in pay per click advertisements there is a full training on how to setup profitable campaigns and spend bare minimum. I personally got good results by investing in PPC campaigns.

As your website matures and gets indexed by Google you will see how your website ranking improves and will start getting clicks and signups or sales depending on what you choose as your niche. In fact this particular article comes out as 1st result in Google when you search for:

“how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate”

ranking for how long does it take to make money with wealthy affilaite

So, Can You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate and How Fast?

You can start making money with Wealthy Affiliate as soon as within 3 – 6 months by putting in quality work. This is also the time needed for your website to mature and gain trust with Google and Bing.

It can be faster or it can take longer depending on the type of niche you choose and how much efforts you are willing to invest. All the training is provided and there are a ton of success stories online.

And how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate? Here are just few examples of Wealthy Affiliate earnings: It ranges from few hundred dollars a month to 6 figure income levels based on your dedication and every year there are more and more members achieving higher income levels way faster than before. 

wa member vitaliy and his commissions
vitaliy wa member commissions

Once you realize how affiliate marketing works and how to deliver powerful, quality content you will be amazed how you can make money over and over again. The idea is to choose a niche you will really like and learn how to get sign-ups and keep on repeating it over and over again.

I really hope  you understand now what really it takes to make money with Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that it is possible and you can start as soon as now! Simply stop wasting time on all the shiny objects around you and and programs promising "Fast Money" and focus on the right training that will guide you to success.

wealthy affiliate offering mentorship

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Can You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Absolutely. If you follow their training step-by-step you can start making money online within 3-6 months provided you put in hard work

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate offers comprehensive training program with step-by-step guidance, however it takes a minimum of few months to start seeing results. People who put in quality work have higher chances to succeed than those who are not ready to commit to their business and give up before giving it their best effort

Are There Any Up-sells Within the Program?

Unlike many other programs Wealthy Affiliate offers FREE account and Premium account for $49 a month or $359 a year. There are absolutely no up-sells. Premium membership uncovers all areas of the program

Are There Any Negatives About Wealthy Affiliate?

1) It may look overwhelming in the beginning for newbies as there is a lot of information
2) People who are chasing quick money can be disappointed as it requires commitment to succeed
3) Content marketing may not be for everyone, although it's required to drive FREE SEO traffic

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