What is Marketing Automation? How to Get the Most of It?

marketing automation

Manually managing marketing works like sending emails, data analysis, managing subscriber base, etc. is time-consuming. You can save your effort, time, and other important resources by automating marketing works with marketing automation.

Learning the basics of marketing automation will help you perform monotonous marketing tasks effortlessly and quickly. In this post, you will discover what marketing automation is, what and how it works, its benefits, and how to use it effectively.

What is Marketing Automation?

This is software that manages multifunctional campaigns, marketing processes, and other routine tasks automatically without requiring human action. Email marketing, behavioral targeting, customized advertising, and lead prioritization are common marketing automation workflows.

By using marketing automation tools such as Klaviyo, businesses can provide more relevant and personalized content to customers and fulfill their digital-first demands. Messages are delivered automatically based on the sets of instructions known as workflows.

Working in Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a collection of tools designed to simplify time-consuming marketing and sales roles. It automates the lead qualification procedure and creates a core for digital campaign creation. You can practice a digital marketing strategy without pressing send on every campaign, email, post, or message.

You can identify your customers, create content, and trigger actions automatically based on customer behavior and schedules. You can automate social media posts, ad campaigns, and email marketing for marketing efficiency and provide personalized customer experience.    

Design Best Marketing Automation Strategy

Before designing your marketing automation strategy, understand your goals. Collaborate with other teams in your organization to receive their input and buy-in before starting. Produce process-visualizations using described diagrams of automation workflow to show the goals of your organization.

Segment your database by considering customer information and who you want to engage and why. Develop your content library and create pertinent and engaging messaging that reaches all stages of your audience lifecycle. Strategize for a slow rollout and track what is working and what is not.

B2C Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can enhance the effectiveness of the sales funnel. You can find and transform leads within the shortest time. You can automatically supply pertinent and meaningful content to lead to create reliability and engagement.

Using marketing automation software, you can trigger notifications when prospects act. Moreover, you can automatically route highly qualified leads to the sales team. You can reach the audience with customized and targeted messaging to the potential customers at the most appropriate time.   

B2B Benefits of Marketing Automation

Using marketing automation, you can develop valuable B2B relationships. It streamlines and simplifies a multi-stage procurement procedure. Using automated workflows, you can build credibility at each phase of the nurture journey and provide significant resources.

Since marketing automation performs repetitive tasks automatically, you’ll have more time to develop strong relationships. Using tools, you can trigger notifications at particular stages of your customer journey to avail of all opportunities.

Select Right Marketing Automation Platform

When choosing a marketing automation platform, ensure that it offers you more opportunities rather than causing complications. Identify your business types (B2B wholesale or B2C retail) and requirements.

Also, figure out whether you can integrate marketing automation with existing technology or replace a legacy system. Consider your customers’ shopping behavior, browsing habits, and communication patterns. Keep into account the platform’s usability, the cost involved, and the impact on the business growth.

Get the Most of Marketing Automation Software

To get the most out of your marketing automation software, weave automation throughout your business to combine teams with time-saving processes. Emphasize your customer journey instead of your business requirements. Determine key touch-points and develop potential processes.

Organize your contacts using a CRM integrated with your automation software. It will help in tracking customers’ actions as another data point. These data points can be used to connect customers to the next step. Use a strategy that syncs your team by preferring tasks and easing hand-offs.   

Implement Marketing Automation Tools

Start with consulting your team to get detailed insights into what software works effectively and what are possible risks. After choosing the right platform, make an implementation strategy.

Work with your implementation team and IT department to find what technical needs must be fulfilled. Then, import your data and use it with your CRM. Now, organize your marketing assets and resources, and make your team use the tools with apt resources.


Now that you know everything about marketing automation, it’s time to start using it. Leading platforms are easy to use and help in controlling digital marketing strategies in a single place. Leverage drag-and-drop functionality and simplified user interfaces, familiar with other apps you use daily.  

Managing marketing tasks becomes easier with automation. You can create connected customer experiences across your company and develop winning campaigns that boost ROI. So, start growing your business with marketing automation software or tools.

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