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Is Empower Network Still In Business – What Really Happened to David Wood?

Name: Empower Network  Website: no longer activePrice: $25/mth basic, $100/mth inner circle, $19 payment, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15K Formula, $3,500 Master’s RetreatOwner: David Wood & David SharpeOverall Rank: 2 out of 10Who it’s for: Intermediate – ExpertLatest Update on Empower NetworkWhen i did a review in 2015 I was breaking down the whole program and it turns out […]

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Is Too Damn Easy a Scam?[Still Around?]

Too Damn Easy Review Summary Name: Too Damn Easy  Website: www.TooDamnEasy.comFounders: Mr QProduct Type: Cash Gifting ServicePrice: $2,000 Cash Gift  +  $100 Team Leader Bonus  + $300 Membership Fee = $2,400 Quick Summary: First of all how is this product still around? Website is still up with same exact content from the time it was originally launched. When most […]

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Juiced Bikes Review – Real Ownership Experience from 2 Purchased Juiced E-Bikes

juiced bikes review

Juiced Bikes Review Summary Name: Juiced BikesWebsite: www.juicedbikes.comFounders: Tora HarrisProduct Type: Electric Bikes ManufacturerWho Is It For?: Anyone interested in quality e-bikes Quick Summary: Juiced Bikes is an electric bike manufacturer with direct to consumer sales approach (kind of like Tesla). Their e-bikes gained popularity for their good blend of power and price and fun to ride […]

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Is Marketing Impact Academy a Scam? Is It Just a Fancy Course or a Real Deal by Chalene Johnson?

Marketing Impact Academy Review Summary Name: Marketing Impact AcademyWebsite: marketingimpactacademy.comFounders: Chalene JohnsonProduct Type: Create Online Business with use of Social MediaPrice: $1,999 Quick Summary: The Marketing Impact Academy is an educational course for those who want to build online business at their own pace with use of social media created by Chalene Johnson.There are many Marketing Impact […]

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