Evaluating Legendary Marketer: Is it a Pyramid Scheme?


Legendary Marketer has gained significant attention as an educational platform and community for aspiring online entrepreneurs. However, some individuals have raised concerns about its business model, questioning whether it operates as a pyramid scheme.

In this article, we will explore the fundamentals of pyramid schemes, examine the key features of Legendary Marketer, and objectively evaluate whether it falls into this category. By understanding the distinguishing characteristics of pyramid schemes, we can make an informed judgment about Legendary Marketer's legitimacy.

Pyramid Schemes Explained

Pyramid schemes are illegal business models that primarily generate revenue through recruiting participants rather than selling products or services. They operate by promising participants lucrative returns in exchange for recruiting others into the scheme. As the pyramid grows, the initial recruiters earn commissions, while the majority of participants at the bottom struggle to recover their investments.

Key indicators of a pyramid scheme include:

  1. Emphasis on recruitment: Pyramid schemes heavily focus on recruiting new members rather than promoting actual products or services.
  2. Lack of tangible products: Pyramid schemes often offer vague or low-value products, using them as a guise to conceal their true motive of recruitment.
  3. Promise of high returns: Participants are enticed with promises of quick and substantial financial gains without significant effort or skill development.
  4. Hierarchical structure: Pyramid schemes have a hierarchical structure, where participants at higher levels earn commissions from those they recruit.
how to spot a pyramid scheme

Understanding Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer positions itself as an educational platform and online business community. It offers a range of training programs, courses, coaching, and resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop their marketing skills and build successful online businesses. The platform focuses on teaching various marketing strategies, sales techniques, and business principles. To read full Legendary Marketer Review click here

Key aspects of Legendary Marketer that differentiate it from pyramid schemes:

  1. Product-centric approach: Legendary Marketer places a strong emphasis on offering tangible products and services. They provide valuable educational resources and training programs, which participants can utilize to enhance their marketing knowledge and skills.
  2. Diversified revenue streams: In addition to educational products, Legendary Marketer offers various membership levels, live events, coaching programs, and affiliate marketing opportunities. These multiple revenue streams indicate a focus on generating income through legitimate means rather than relying solely on recruitment.
  3. Focus on skill development: Legendary Marketer's primary objective is to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the online business world. The platform encourages participants to enhance their marketing expertise and build their own brands, rather than relying solely on recruiting others.
  4. Transparent compensation plan: Legendary Marketer provides clear guidelines on how participants can earn income through their affiliate program and sales of their products. Commissions are tied to product sales rather than recruitment levels, further differentiating it from pyramid schemes.

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Evaluation of Legendary Marketer

Based on the characteristics of pyramid schemes and an understanding of Legendary Marketer's business model, it is evident that Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme. The platform focuses on delivering valuable products and services while emphasizing skill development and knowledge acquisition.

Legendary Marketer operates as a legitimate business by offering a range of educational resources and training programs. Its revenue streams are diversified, with a strong emphasis on selling tangible products and services rather than recruiting participants. The compensation plan is transparent, clearly outlining how participants can earn income through product sales and affiliate marketing.


Why Some People Say Legendary Marketer is a Scam

Most people who tried Legendary Marketer started with 15 day Business Builder Challenge and then purchased a higher ticket program: Business Blueprints. 

While Legendary Marketer uncovers the entire business model on how to earn high ticket commission through content creation, most people would not succeed as it requires lots of action, consistency and treating this opportunity like a real business, not a hobby.

While Legendary Marketer encourages participants to promote its products and services to earn commissions, the emphasis is on skill development and building a sustainable online business. Participants are not solely reliant on recruitment to generate income, making it distinct from pyramid schemes.


Legendary Marketer distinguishes itself from pyramid schemes through its product-centric approach, diversified revenue streams, focus on skill development, and transparent compensation plan.

The platform provides valuable educational resources and training programs to help individuals succeed in the online business world. By adhering to legal business practices and empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills, Legendary Marketer aims to create a supportive community of aspiring online marketers rather than operating as a pyramid scheme.

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