Is MaxBounty A Scam? Legit But Why Is It Facing A Lot Of Criticisms?

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Affiliate marketing is just one of the many ways to earn online without investment.

Many programs are free; however, not all are created equal. Some offer a free platform with limited access and a lot of upsells while only a few provide free training, an active community, and other perks.

So if you want to make the most of affiliate marketing, the best thing to do is find a brand who can help you from the beginning and even you start earning. The question is: is MaxBounty the right affiliate marketing platform for you?

MaxBounty Review Summary

Name: MaxBounty


Founders: JP Suave and Steven Suave

Product Type: CPA (cost per action) Affiliate Network

Price: Free

Quick Summary: Founded in 2004, MaxBounty is a CPA affiliate marketing program that pays affiliates when an action has been delivered. Also known as performance-based marketing, this platform allows advertisers to promote their products and services. With over 10 years of professional experience handling advertisers and affiliates. Should you trust your money-making opportunity to MaxBounty? Let’s find out the good and the bad about in this Maxbounty review.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes

Is MaxBounty legit in the first place and is there MaxBounty Scam you should be aware of?

That we will all find out in a bit. First, let's dive into the basics of MaxBounty and find out how it works.

What Is MaxBounty About?

Based in Ottawa, Canada, the CPA (cost per action) affiliate network basically works as the middle person between the advertiser and the affiliate (or also known as publisher).

It works by giving a commission only after a certain action or task has been accomplished. This means that in order to get paid, you should be able to not only create traffic to the advertiser’s products (known as offers) but also carry out their desired action such as filling out a form, signing up for their offers, etc.

MaxBounty claims to help you earn a decent amount by promoting over a hundred products and services, however, this is a no get rich quick scheme. You have to work hard in able to get the reward you deserve. After all, this a cost per action platform, thus you need to act.

Learn more about MaxBounty by watching the video below.

Is MaxBounty A Scam?

Depending on how long this CPA affiliate network has been operating, I can say that’s it’s legitimate; otherwise, it will shut down eventually if it’s nothing but a scam.

Also, there are a lot of Maxbounty reviews online from their very own affiliates who have been working and earning from their platform for quite some time. It also claims to offer an all-expense paid trip and bonuses for good performance.

As long as you can create good traffic to your website, you have a better chance to generate conversions and a decent amount of income.

However, despite the A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), it won’t hurt to take extra caution and learn more about the website before joining. The platform is very firm with its rules so to avoid any problems, make sure to double check everything first to avoid suspension or other unlikely incidents.


You can join MaxBounty for free and receive free training, too. There are no upsells which is kind of good news if you’re looking for a legit way to earn money online. Some money-making opportunity will trick you to joining as a free member and offer “perks” only to find out that you have to pay for each of this benefit afterward.

However, unlike other CPA affiliate networks, signing up with MaxBounty is challenging, and you need to get approved first before you start earning. This platform is very particular with the affiliates who want to join and in some cases, they even call the aspiring marketer directly for assessment purposes.

Although MaxBounty won’t tell you directly their requirements, you have to take note of a few things so you can successfully join or stay in their program. Below, I have listed the important prerequisites that you should have prior to signing up for MaxBounty’s free account:

  • A working website with good traffic. It’s also important that you already have a number of good contents.
  • Although they accept affiliates from many parts of the world, it’s important that you are aware of the kind of traffic that you have. Some advertisers are very particular with the kind of lead they want to attract. For instance, they want it to be from New Zealand, the UK, etc. So as an affiliate, you need to create decent traffic from particular geographical locations that advertisers generally require in order to be qualified.
  • As mentioned, aspiring MaxBounty affiliates will be assessed and part of their evaluation includes the products or services you want to offer. Whatever your niche is, you need to know what specific offers you will be promoting on your website.
  • Aside from the specific offers you will advertise, they also need to know the kind of marketing strategies and medium you will use. Are you going to advertise it through email marketing or social media? Whatever it is, be sure to state it clearly to be approved.
  • Last but not the least, you should never be involved in any fishy or sketchy marketing promotions or activities.

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Provides Free Training

To be a successful affiliate marketer, having proper training is important. While you can pack yourself with the right knowledge, thanks to the Internet, it’s still best to have a community that will give you a step-by-step instruction on how you can generate traffic, create a website, and basically everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

If you want the best method to earn money online that will not only give you free training but a lot of other perks without the extra cost, you should definitely consider Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join and you can begin whether you’re a newbie or not. Just click the link to learn more.

Have A Lot Of Offers To Choose From

Whether you want to promote gadgets, skincare, or money-making opportunities, MaxBounty has a lot of offers to choose from. This gives you enough flexibility with your chosen niche and you’re not restricted to one or two products and services alone.

Various Payment Methods

You can get paid, weekly, via PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck Check, Intercash, Wire, or ACH via Direct Deposit. However, if it’s your first time with MaxBounty, you will receive your payment on a net 15 basis. This means that if your payment is qualified in March, you will get paid on April 15.


High Threshold

In order to get paid, you need to reach a $100 threshold which is a little high especially if you’re having a hard time generating solid traffic.

Terminates Accounts Without Notice

This is probably one of the biggest problems that the company is facing. A lot of their previous affiliates complained about having their accounts suspended after earning a huge commission. One complaint is a red flag but reading more of the similar concerns is very alarming.

It is also for beginners who have little to no knowledge about how CPA and affiliate marketing per se work. Apparently, they provide free and paid training, however, they implement strict rules to follow and if you’re not cautious enough, you might end up with a suspended account.

But looking on the bright side, affiliate marketing is legal and is one of the best ways to earn online. It will not make you rich overnight but it will give you a reward if you have the right amount of discipline and knowledge.

That’s why it’s important to find a program that will give you training so you’ll know how to increase the traffic on your website so you can get conversions. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Nonetheless, with a lot of claims about their accounts being shut down even if they have abided by the company’s rules, it’s still risky to join MaxBounty especially knowing that they do this “intentionally or not” after your account has acquired a huge commission. Now does this look like a MaxBounty Scam to you?

If you want to check out more real MaxBounty reviews then a review site called TrustPilot has more than 100 reviews on this program and most of them are positive with few negative ones. 

maxbounty reviews

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Training Tools/Support

MaxBounty offers free and paid training for their affiliates in a form of video. These sets of training are important if you wish to succeed in your chosen money-making opportunity. However, you need to have separate training for creating a website since you need to have this prior to joining.

If you have little to no knowledge about setting up a powerful website, I recommend a program that will help you do so. This method also gives proper training in almost all aspects so that you can have unlimited earning potential. It is free to sign up and you don’t have to worry about giving your credit card details. In fact, there’s no commitment at all!

Should you have any concerns or questions, you can only reach MaxBounty by filling out a form found on their website. If you’re already an affiliate, you can call your manager directly and ask for assistance.

A lot of active MaxBounty members advise to keep a good professional relationship with your manager as they cannot only help you with your inquiries, they can also help you negotiate with your advertiser for a higher commission.

Final Opinion/Verdict

There’s no doubt that MaxBounty is 100% legit and is a good source of income online. There are a lot of offers to choose from, which, for an affiliate marketer, is a good thing since they will not be limited to promoting only a few products and services. This will be helpful to almost all kinds of niche online.

The only problem, perhaps, is the suspicious account suspension without notice especially when the commission earned by the marketer is high enough. This is a total rip-off! It would be good if the cases have been addressed properly, at least that would give affiliates an assurance that the site is safe enough to join. 

I hope I have given you enough understanding about this program. Feel free to share your thoughts below and I'll do my best to respond in the soonest possible time.

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