Is PeerFly A Scam? Is It Easy To Make Money With This CPA Affiliate Marketing Program?

is peerfly a scam

Welcome to My PeerFly Review!

If you’re one of those who has tried a lot of income opportunities online, you may have realized a few things, such as:

  • There are a lot of scams online and some of which are hard to recognize
  • Some money-making programs are legit, but they offer little to no value
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to start making money, and anything that claims you can get a huge amount in just a few minutes is basically a scam.

The good thing is, there are still legitimate ways to make money online with programs that offer real education rather than a marketing course and you should know by now that affiliate marketing is one of them.

PeerFly Review Summary

Name: PeerFly


Founders: Chad French

Product Type: CPA Affiliate Marketing

Price: Free


Quick Summary: PeerFly is a CPA affiliate marketing network that pays professional marketers after a lead or sale is successfully completed. Launched in 2009, the company takes pride in having a small team mainly because they want both of their merchant and affiliate marketers handled directly and immediately. With all the positive feedback given to this brand, should you really consider working with this network? Make sure to read below for comprehensive Peerfly review.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Recommended: Yes

Yes, affiliate marketing is legitimate way to earn money online and if there’s anything that makes it look like a bad method, it’s because of  all the scam artists who only care about taking people's money without offering any real value. 

The thing is, as long as you join a good educational course that trains and supports their affiliates while being transparent with their commissions and guidelines, there will be little to no problem at all.

Now the questions are: Is Peerfly an affiliate marketing network you can trust? Or is it just another scam you should stay away from? Let's find out. 

What Is PeerFly About?

PeerFly is a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network that works as the intermediary between a merchant and an affiliate marketer. PeerFly offers more than 2,000 live offers where marketers can make money from. 

Founded in 2009, by Alachua, Florida-based company. They only have less than 50 employees. The reason behind this is because they want to address their clients concerns or inquiries without the need to talk to different people within the company. The company has designated a specific representative who can manage their clients’ account every day.

What makes PeerFly different from other affiliate marketing networks is that their website and software were custom-built; they do not just depend on hosted services.

How PeerFly Works?

Like other CPA affiliate marketing networks you will only earn a commission once an action has been completed using your affiliate link.

For instance, you have a certain offer that will require signing up forms. Once these forms have been accomplished, you will get $1 to $3 per person. The total amount that you will get from the offers depends solely on how you work, how good your traffic is, and if you have the right traffic. Normally, it is only converting with traffic from Canada, UK, and US. 

Every offer has its own prerequisites depending on the merchant. Some may only require traffic from a specific country, like the US, or promote offers using social media or email, and the list goes on. The thing is, you have to check their requirements first so you can be qualified to earn commissions.

In line with marketing the offers, you may be required to use the following:

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • PPV (Pay Per View)
  • Post PeerFly Banners on websites, social media, etc.
  • Market PeerFly Ads on Twitter
  • Email Marketing

How To Join PeerFly?

how to join peerfly

Bloggers, marketers, and anyone who wants to earn money through affiliate marketing is invited to join their program for free.

To start with your application, you just need to share a few personal details such as your address and zip code. You will also be asked how you will market their offers as well as the kind of traffic you will use to send these offers as part of their verification process. 

While it’s free and simple to join PeerFly, getting verified is another thing. PeerFly wants to eliminate, if not reduce any fraudulent activities that’s why every publisher (affiliate marketer) should comply with their requirements such as phone and email verification, tax information (for US residents), thorough marketing practices, and ID.

It will take few business days before your account gets verified. Otherwise, you will not be able to earn commissions.

how to get verified in peerfly

Payment Schedules

According to PeerFly, their payment schedule varies, and it depends on how much income an affiliate marketer can make in a month. They offer weekly or even daily payments; however, there’s a fee for any daily payments made.

An affiliate marketer can also choose a Net15 weekly payment which allows them to receive the money every Wednesday for the income they created 15 days before.

Once you reach the minimum threshold of $50, you can get your payments via postal check, PayPal, ACH (for US accounts only), or wire transfer.

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Is PeerFly A Scam?

PeerFly is legit; it’s not a scam and there’s really a chance to make money with them. You just have to create huge traffic to your website and of course, attract the right visitors; otherwise, it will all be useless.

Also, although anyone can likely join the program, not everyone will be approved unless you have a proper business plan. Your marketing habits will be evaluated and if you do not match their requirements, you simply can’t earn from this website. Therefore, this is not a place for beginners unless you can create huge traffic just before you join PeerFly.

Also, every offer has its own restrictions, too, which you should follow, which makes it sound like making money here is not easy at all.


PeerFly is free of charge; meaning you can sign up and start earning without paying for anything. But then again, you have to comply with all their prerequisites before you can make money online. It will take a few business days for the verification to proceed, and if your account is not verified, you simply can’t benefit from this program.

For more details about PeerFly’s verification, please watch the video below:



Free Training

With PeerFly, you can get training and support for free which you can use to improve your website. This is an advantage because some programs will charge you a hefty amount for training you can find for free over the Internet.

Great Support

Apparently, PeerFly provides affiliate marketers access to their staff whom they can contact in case of any questions or comments.


Too Many Users

As mentioned on their website, PeerFly has more than 250 thousand publisher accounts, and 75,000 of which are active. Meanwhile, they only have around 25,000 clients and 8,000 offers; meaning, it will be quite challenging for you to score and promote their offers.

Not For Beginners

If you’re still new with affiliate marketing, PeerFly is simply not a good place to start. You and your marketing habits will be evaluated and if you can’t comply with their requirements, you cannot make money from this method. Apart from that, you have to worry about your traffic and the kind of visitors that you should attract.

Restrictions On Their Offers

Signing up and getting verified is challenging, let alone the restrictions on their offers. Every merchant has their own prerequisites that you should follow to avoid any conflict.

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Who Is It For?

PeerFly is a place for marketers, bloggers, and anyone looking for a legit money-making opportunity; however, it’s not open for everyone unless you have a website with good traffic, the right marketing practices, and you can comply with the company’s requirements.

If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing or blogging for quite some time now and you have generated good traffic, PeerFly might work for you.

But if you’ve just discovered the wonders of affiliate marketing and you want to start immediately but need guidance and support at the same time, then I invite you to join my top recommended program.

It's very easy to start and most importantly it's LEGITIMATE opportunity; however, it will require: time, commitment and dedication on your part. It's not a typical get rich quick scheme but an actual marketing course that will teach you how to build successful business online in any desired niche. 

The good thing is, you will not only receive free training and support, but you will also be welcomed by a like-minded community members who are more than willing to answer your questions, give advice and much more. 

Training Tools/Support

PeerFly does provide free training and tools to its affiliates to help them cope up to the world of affiliate marketing, particularly to the CPA type.

Should you have any concerns or questions, you can reach PeerFly in more ways than one, such as sending an email or fax, sending a tweet to their Twitter account, phone call, or AIM. You can also talk to them via the live chat support they have on their website.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In a world full of scammers, I would complement PeerFly for not being one. It’s less likely to hear negative feedback about this company, which is good news considering they’ve been in the industry since 2009. Getting a good reputation is challenging, maintaining it for a long time is another issue.

The only drawback, I guess are the restrictions from both the offers and the company itself. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you will have to spend months first to know the ins and outs and to generate good traffic, which is their requirement by the way.

What's Next?

Want a better opportunity that would help you make a decent income?

Then I can recommend a great program which can definitely help you make good money even at home. Sign up now and enjoy the following perks:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Hope my PeerFly review has helped you decide whether this program is good for you or not, and if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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