Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam? [Nasty Truth Exposed!] It’s Not Like What You Think

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Welcome to My Digital Genius Lab Review!

Affiliate marketing is one of the few lucrative money-making opportunities you can see online; however, many people choose to turn their back away from it because they think it’s nothing but a scam.

Digital Genius Lab  Review Summary

Name: Digital Genius Lab


Founders: Melissa, Sean, Cris

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program 

Price: $99/Month or $997/Year + Upsells

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Quick Summary: Digital Genius Lab introduced itself as an affiliate marketing program that claims to provide the tools and support needed by its users. Aside from the income opportunity, they also give back to the community by donating to a non-profit organization.

However, although it sounds like they’ve shared a lot about their company, there are a lot of horrifying things that they are talking about, and perhaps the only way to find out is to read this Digital Genius Lab review or try the program yourself.

I invite you to read this review first as I will unveil everything I found wrong with this program. 

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

While it’s completely legal, we cannot blame these individuals if they opt to ignore affiliate marketing simply because not all programs who offer this opportunity is legit, like this product that I am about to review.

Digital Genius Lab is supposed to be an affiliate marketing program but I found out the terrible truth that will surely freak you out.

What Is Digital Genius Lab About?

Digital Genius Lab is an online program that gives “world class affiliate marketing education, support, and tools”. It is owned by “The Original Power Couple”, Sean and Melissa, and “The Idea Guy”, Chris.

Aside from helping users build a lucrative business online, the ”all-inclusive affiliate marketing program” also gives back to the community by contributing a percentage of their profit to an organization that aims to end the water crisis, NeverThirst.

If you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before, let me share a few things about it.

First, it’s a legal money-making opportunity that allows business owners, marketers and/or bloggers to earn by promoting offers from different merchants. They may receive a commission by fulfilling a certain task, such as submitting a form our purchasing a product using the affiliate link.

While this business model is lucrative, it’s not easy to “build six figure businesses in a relatively short amount of time”, unlike what Digital Genius Lab promises. Rather, it will take a couple of months or more before you see any results. However, this is not the only thing that I don’t agree with when it comes to Digital Genius Lab.

Unlike the affiliate marketing program that I have signed up with (and other legit affiliate methods), Digital Genius Lab has a lot of shady acts to know about, and I’ll debunk that in a bit.

digital genius lab website

How Digital Genius Lab Works?

Rather than just create content on any niche you want and place affiliate links to earn a commission, you need to do one or both things to make money with Digital Genius Lab: first is to sell their membership and second, to promote a product from a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Digital Genius Lab offers a done-for-you system because the only thing you need to do is to drive traffic. Apparently, you’ll earn 30% commission for each sale you make, and you’ll be using Facebook Ads to do this.

As part of their sales funnel, there will be coaches who will guide you when you need assistance in following up with your referrals and encouraging them to purchase the $997-worth of annual membership. These coaches will also help your referrals get started with the system.

From how it looks, Digital Genius Lab is a suspicious yet cleverly-engineered sales funnel that almost sound like a pyramid scheme rather than an affiliate marketing program mainly because they are focused on “recruiting” more people to join the program.

Rather than earning a commission from various merchants, you are generating traffic to their done-for-you sales funnel so you can get more people to sign up.

And of course, the MLM product I was talking about.

Another way to make money with Digital genius Lab is by promoting "Water Ionization & Filtering System" by Enagic, a Japanese brand that sells water filtration machines and alkaline ionizers. It’s an MLM that promotes products ranging from $400 to $9,600.

So basically, Digital Genius Lab is far from what they promised because they will never teach you about generating traffic effectively (aside from Facebook Ads), how to build a website, and anything that’s purely-related with affiliate marketing. Rather, they will only promote high-ticket MLM products without telling you all these directly.

Is Digital Genius Lab Legit? I wish I could say Yes, but their misleading tactics steered me away from classifying them as legitimate opportunity. 

I know it sounds disappointing but there are still legit programs that will help you make money online, so there’s nothing to worry about. Taking time to read feedback, such as this Digital Genius Lab review is one way for you to know if you should join this platform or not. So give yourself a pat on the back for doing a good job.

Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam?

Calling a company a scam depends on many things and the most obvious reason is when the program runs away with your money without giving you anything in return. It is also characterized by intentionally deceiving or providing misleading information to another person for monetary gain.

Digital Genius Lab may have a lot of troubles to deal with when it comes to their unethical practices but I found out that it’s been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. 

Strangely enough if you want to find a ton of positive Digital Genius Lab reviews BBB is the right place for them. It makes me wonder if those reviews are legitimate. And you can see Digital Genius Lab staff responding to them.  

But even so, it’s still best to think many times before joining this program and anything else that provides misleading information. The fact that Digital Genius Lab has not been honest about how it really works is just one of the various reasons why you should ignore this platform at all costs.

If you want to join a legit affiliate marketing program that will provide real value -- rather than force you to sell products you’re not even familiar with -- you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

Aside from their free membership, you will be provided with free training and free websites. In addition, you can choose whatever niche you want, so you’re not stuck on selling high-ticket membership accounts and MLM water filters.


The cost for joining Digital Genius Lab is $99 a month or $997 a year, which is too expensive considering that you’ll only be trained to use Facebook Ads. While paid ads like this can help you promote your product and reach your target market, it’s not really advisable when you don’t know how to use it. But still, if you’re a fan of FB ads, I don’t see why paying for almost a hundred dollars a month is necessary.

I mean, there are a lot of free training offered online and you can watch YouTube videos if you want to learn more about it. In line with this, it means that you’ll be shedding more money paying for Facebook Ads.. but the costs don’t end there.

You’ll be asked to enroll in another “more advanced training”, as they call it and that means investing another $297 for a their “Fast Track Triple Pack”. In addition, you need to spend more money on your Water Ionization system.

Seriously, it looks like these guys are only after your money rather than help you make money.

To know more about Digital Genius Lab, you can watch the video below:

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They Support NeverThirst

neverthirst digital genius lab

I really liked the fact that they are donating 1% of their profit to NeverThirst, “an international non-profit Christian organization”  that’s dedicated to providing clean” and living water” to those in need.

Now you might be wondering why NeverThirst? Why another water-related cause?

Well, they’re promoting water filtrations, remember? And that’s probably one of the reasons why.

Quality Step-By-Step Guide To Using Facebook Ads

Their main training is all about Facebook Ads and it’s good to know that they are sharing real value here. Aside from their own products, you can use your learning for your own business, blog site, or website. It’s helpful but still, I think paying for $99 is just too much.


Not Purely About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing excites some people because there’s really a good chance for you to earn out of it; however, if you signed up with the wrong program, you might be disappointed.

The same thing might happen when you join Digital Genius Lab. For one, you don’t have the freedom to choose your niche. Two, you have to pay an expensive amount just to join the program, which is not really the case with legit affiliate marketing platforms because typically, it is offered for free unless you want to level up your membership. Third, you have to sell their membership to earn commission so it’s kind of confusing. Is Digital Genius Lab really an affiliate marketing, an MLM, or a pyramid scheme?


Digital Genius Lab has concealed a lot of things. On their website, you might expect about being a complete affiliate marketer but once you joined the platform, that’s the only time you’ll now that you have been deceived.

At first, you’ll be asked to use Facebook Ads so you can generate traffic and find people who will purchase their membership. But aside from that, you’ll be persuaded to join Enagic without your knowledge. You’ll never learn about this on their website or webinar, therefore it really pays to read reviews, such as this one, to know what you should expect from the program.

Expensive Costs

$99 for Facebook Ads training? I think that’s too much. I mean, you can get a course for that amount that covers more than just the Facebook Ads. In addition, you’ll shoulder other expenses such as the paid ads and high-ticket upsells.

I also learned that the coaches who are supposed to assist you in following up with your referrals are there for another reason: to persuade you to buy their upsells!

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Who Is It For?

There are just too many lies in this company so it would be very risky for you or for anyone who wants to join this program so I can’t recommend it.

Training Tools/Support

As mentioned, their training is focused on the Facebook Ads and it’s broken down into five topics:

  • Module 1: Create a Facebook Fan Page
  • Module 2: Set Up Your DGL Sales Funnel
  • Module 3: Everything Facebook Ads!
  • Module 4: Best Ad Types
  • Module 5: Scaling & Improving Your Ads Performance

Final Opinion/Verdict

Digital Genius Lab has created a professional and promising website and if you’re not the type of person who reads reviews, you might fall for their trap. The program has made you believe that you’ll be doing affiliate marketing; however, it’s more of an MLM is a disguise.

The worst part is, there are no solid products to offer rather than recruit new members to purchase their program. So, if you take a look at it and understand how it really works, you might even think of it as a pyramid scheme.

What's Next?

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As always, I hope I have enlightened you with my Digital Genius Lab review and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post it down below.

Thank you!

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