Is Evolution Travel A Scam? Pyramid Scheme Or Legit Way To Earn From Home-Based Travel Business

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Welcome to My Evolution Travel Review!

If only you can travel and earn money at the same time, life would have been so much better. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the world, taste different cuisine, experience different cultures and make a good amount of cash out of it?

Evolution Travel Review Summary

Name: Evolution Travel


Founders: David McCovy

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Price: $30 + $69.95/month

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Quick Summary: Evolution Travel’s main goal is to provide a “powerful and affordable home based travel business”. Apparently, this company gives training and support to its members so they can travel and earn at the same time.

While there may be an opportunity for you to make money online using this platform, it can be challenging and risky for you all because they are an MLM business in disguise. That means you have to recruit members and pitch them something so you can earn a commission.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

Apparently, this is what Evolution Travel is all about. But how true is it that you can have a lucrative travel opportunity with them? Is Evolution Travel a scam or legit in the first place? Should you join this program?

Check out everything you need to know -- the good, the bad -- in this Evolution Travel review.

What Is Evolution Travel About?

Evolution Travel claims to offer “a powerful and affordable home-based travel business” opportunity. Apparently, they provide training, sales assistance, and support to their members so they can earn money by through “travel sales” and their Referral Program.

Supported by a well-established company, Archer Travel Group, the cloud-based agency is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) in disguise. Most people (myself included) would not realize this first until they learn about how this program works. Aside from selling travel packages, you have to recruit new members so you can earn a commission.

what is evolution travel about

Before anything else, I’d like to clear the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme because I know, most people think that these two are the same. For one, MLM is a legal business and although they refer new people to join their system, they are also selling products. A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is illegal. They only attempt to recruit new members; however, there are no real products involved.

That being said, Evolution Travel is legit and although it is not credited by the Better Business Bureau, it has received an A+ rating. But then, it’s still worth knowing how this program really works before signing up.

Who Founded Evolution Travel?

David McCovy is the brain behind Evolution Travel. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, this company that was founded in 2015; however, although new, it has received a good number of positive feedback and a few negative reviews.

david mccoy founder of evolution travel

How Does Evolution Travel Work?

After purchasing the PTA (Professional Travel Agent) package, you’ll be able to earn 90% travel commissions, travel training, a travel website, residual income, tax benefits, etc.

evolution travel pta perks

Like other MLM programs, your commission will depend on your membership level, and these are the six levels that Evolution Travel has:

  • Consultant
    Basically, anyone who signed up in the program is considered as a consultant.
  • Executive Consultant
    If you have successfully sold three PTA packages and recruited three active members, you can become an Executive Consultant.
  • Bronze Consultant
    If you have sold six PTA packages, your level is promoted to Bronze consultant.
  • Silver Consultant
    If you have sold nine PTA packages, you are considered as a Silver consultant.
  • Gold Consultant
    Becoming a Gold consultant can be a little challenging because first, you have to sell fifteen PTA packages and second, you need to have three silver consultants under your line within three months.
  • Platinum Consultant
    To become a Platinum consultant, you have to exert a lot of effort because this means selling three hundred PTA packages and having three hundred active consultants under your line.

To learn more about Evolution Travel, you can watch this video below:

Is Evolution Travel A Scam?

No, it’s not. It is legit; however, even though they have products, they focus more on recruiting more people, which makes them more of a pyramid scheme than an MLM. Speaking of their products, you can expect tangible items here, rather, you’ll be selling coupons, travel discounts, and packages for flights, hotels, car rentals, and/or tickets to amusement parks, sporting events, and concerts.

If there’s one thing that would support their legitimacy, that would be the known brands they’ve partnered with, such as Disney, Carnival Cruise, Universal Orlando, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Southwest Vacations, etc.

However, despite the big names and promising opportunity, it won’t be easy to make money with this program because they are focused on recruiting new people to join them. If you know network marketing (networking) or you have experienced it first hand, either as a member or someone being referred, you’ll have an idea of how challenging it is.

If you’re the one recruiting new members, the first people you’ll think about are your family and friends and although you have a relationship with these individuals, there’s a chance that they will ignore your offer. After all, MLMs have received a lot of backlash and most people would think of it as a scam. As a result, you might get hurt and this might affect your relationship with them.

Also, even if you have successfully referred someone and their expectations are not met, they might put the blame on you. Again, this might risk your relationship with them. Therefore, it’s best to opt out of this program and find an online opportunity that will work, even without the recruitment part. After all, not everyone is really open to having their own best business, let alone as travel agents.


Originally, it costs $299 but it’s been “discounted” to $30. However, that’s not the only expense you will shoulder because you need to pay $69.95 every month if you want to be eligible for the commissions. Sounds like a lot of money? Yes, it is, especially if you’re just a beginner looking for a legit opportunity to make money online.

evolution travel pta price

Is it a wise investment?

I don’t think it is. I don’t like MLM personally because of the bad experiences I’ve had with them before. The members are very intimidating and sometimes, it feels like they are putting so much pressure on you just so they can force you to join the program. For me, it’s simply unethical.

Also, if you are not really into networking and recruiting a member is not your forte, you are just wasting money because the main focus of Evolution Travel is to have new people to sign up for their program.

If you want to make real money online, you need to work hard for it, too; however, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount of cash and recruit people to have a commission. You can check out my top recommended program to know how you can start your online business for free!

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Positive Feedback

I’m not a fan of MLM but still, I want to share an honest Evolution Travel review so it’s just fair to show you that there are several positive feedback online, and here are some:

evolution travel review

Supported By A Reputable Company

Evolution Travel is still a new company; however, it is supported by Archer Travel Group which has been established in 1952. Therefore, for over 60 years, it’s pretty obvious that the company is already stable. In fact, it’s of the leading companies in the travel industry.

In addition, its founder, David McCovy, has a lot of experiences when it comes to MLM, so there’s a good chance that he knows how to handle the company well.


Expensive Investment

If you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend MLM programs for you all because it’s too expensive and if you have no experience networking, you might not get any return of investment. The same thing might happen even if you have joined this kind of programs before.

Nonetheless, it’s an expensive opportunity because aside from the $30 PTA package, you will pay another $69.95 every month.

Unethical Way To Earn Cash

While you can earn selling coupons, discounts, or packages, your main goal should be recruiting more people, and if you know any MLM members, you probably have an idea on how they refer a new member. Some may set unrealistic expectations just to convince someone while others may use intimidating tactics to refer a new person to sign up. 

Bad Reviews

And of course, there are negative feedback about irresponsible Evolution Travel agents, such as this one:

evolution travel bad review

It won’t be a surprise though because most of their members are not experienced travel agents. After getting the “professional travel agent” package, they don’t really care about helping people who have purchased their coupons, tickets, or discounts. Rather, they only care about recruiting more people so they can have more money.

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Who Is It For?

Evolution Travel is a home-based travel agency therefore, it’s best for people who are passionate about traveling and at the same time,  helping people save money while fulfilling their dream getaway. It’s also for experienced network marketers who know how to recruit people.

Training Tools/Support

Evolution Travel has promised to provide training and support to their members, and its fulfilled through seminars, webinars, and conventions. You can also view training videos online or get it straight from the one who referred you.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Evolution Travel sounds promising; however, it’s not really something that I’d like to work on when I want to make money online. Aside from the difficulty in recruiting new members, the investment is just too expensive and if you’re looking for an income opportunity, I don’t think it’s practical to spend a massive amount first before you get a result.

Also, you’re putting your relationship with your family and friends at risk if you join programs like this, so for me, it’s a big no.

What's Next?

If MLM is not your thing, I’d like to invite you to my top recommended program. Don’t worry, there’s no need to spend any dime nor refer a new member. However, you need to exert effort and time to make it work. But still you will be able to acquire these perks:

  • Free Membership
  • Free Training
  • Free Access To A Live Community
  • Free 24/7 Support

I hope you found my Evolution Travel review helpful and in case you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

Thank you!

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