Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme? – Can You Make Money with Vasayo?

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Good job on taking time to read Vasayo review before committing to this program. In this review you will learn more about Vasayo's business opportunity and learn whether it’s a worthy business opportunity for someone who wants to make money with Vasayo or is it just another pyramid scheme that you should stay away from. 

Vasayo Review Summary

Name: Vasayo


Founders: Dallin Larsen & Karree Larsen

Product Type: MLM

Price: Varies by product pack

Quick Summary: Vasayo is a nutrition company that offers various vitamins and supplements and sells them through MLM business model. Vasayo already built good reputation with it’s products, thanks to the owners Dallin Larsen & Karree Larsen. The biggest question here: Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Business Opportunity? Let's find out in this review:

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

So, What is Vasayo About?

Our Team wrote a more recent Vasayo Review, so you can read that post as well as it provides more updated information. This post also gives a good glimpse if you ever wondered whether Vasayo can be classified as a Pyramid Scheme. 

The Vasayo Company is a retail sales company created by Dallin and Karree Larsen towards the end of 2016. Vasayo currently offers five different products:

  • Vasayo Microlife Nutritionals Essentials
  • Vasayo Microlife Nutritionals Nuero
  • Vasayo Microlife Nutritionals Energy
  • Vasayo Microlife Nutritionals Renew
  • Vasayo Microlife Nutritionals Sleep

Unlike most vitamins and supplements that body does not absorb properly, the Vasayo product line is 90% absorbed by the body, making it a superior option.

In my review I will solely focus on the business opportunity that Vasayo offers and uncover if Vasayo offers a viable opportunity to make money.

So, how do you make any money with Vasayo? 

Well, they offer an MLM opportunity where affiliates can sell their products as well as bring new affiliates into the program. The compensation plan of Vasayo is quite complex with multiple earning avenues, and there is certainly a lot of speculation surrounding the MLM aspect.  

Is Vasayo a Pyramid Scheme?

As with any MLM opportunity, there are going to be some suspicions. Is Vasayo a scam? Are the products legitimate? Can you actually make money? These are all questions that prospective members ask themselves.

To put it simply, NO Vasayo is not a scam even though it uses MLM structure “Pyramid Scheme”, but their business is backed up by really good products and Vasayo require products to be sold in order to earn commission.

 The health market and supplement niche is poised to grow in the coming months, years but the real issue is the prices that Vasayo charges for their products.

For just a month supply of all five of their products, you will be looking at $263.75. That’s a lot to ask from people that you will be trying to sell this product to.

Premium supplements at a premium price can be a tough sell for the average distributor. Most of the Vasayo complaints that you can find on the internet come on the heels of people who purchased larger product packs and found themselves stuck with inventory that they cannot move.

You can also be rest assured that Vasayo is coming from founders with vast experience in this field. Dallin and Karree Larsen created another MLM company named Monavie, which they eventually sold in 2015. They have a formula for success that if done correctly, can be replicated.

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The price to join Vasayo varies depending on the product pack that you decide to purchase. When you join as a Brand Partner you will have several different packages to choose from. It is important to note that right up front, each product package comes with a $49.95 enrollment fee.

  • The cheapest option is the Intro Pack will cost you $239 and contains one bottle of each product.
  • The Founder’s Pack costs $329 and you get one bottle of each product, along with 2 energy sample packs and 2 sleep sample packs.
  • The Platinum Pack is priced at $699, and fives you everything in the Founder’s Pack, plus an additional bottle of each product.
  • The Executive Pack is priced at $949 and contains additional sleep and energy sample packs, as well as 3-5 bottles of each MicroLife product.
  • Finally, there is the Ambassador Pack that costs $1,399 and contains a variety of product, 6 sleep and energy sample packs and a free ticket to the convention. All in all, these are high prices to be paying and you will definitely feel the pressure to move product quickly to recoup your expenses.

In terms of business opportunity with Vasayo – they are no different than any other MLM company I have reviewed in the past. The product is good but business aspect is very pushy and requires you to hustle your friends and family and break your head on how to build your downline. This might create a lot of tension especially if you are just starting out online.

Vasayo Compensation Plan

It can be an article on it's own if I were to break down their compensation plan. This is where YouTube comes handy.

Here is the video that does a pretty good job explaining Vasayo Compensation Plan and how you can earn commission via many different channels. I got lost on the minute 5 of the video, but that is pretty common with MLM business structure to have quite complex compensation system:



  • The founders are reputable
  • There is a wide variety of products to sell
  • There are various ways to earn compensation
  • Products are of a high quality


  • The products are expensive
  • You must buy large packs of product
  • There is an “enrollment fee” for packages
  • The training is limited and dependent on your mentor

With reputable founders, Vasayo already starts off on a good note. They also seem to offer legitimate products with a variety of ways to earn compensation as a Brand Partner.

The issue with Vasayo is really in the cost structure. You will be forced to purchase large packs of the product and are also hit with enrollment fees. The problem with packages is that if you find one product is very popular, but run out of it, you will need to buy at minimum, the $239 Intro Pack to restock the one popular product.

This is a major drawback and many people find themselves stuck with certain products that they are unable to move.

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Who Is It For?

Entering into the Vasayo MLM world is not for everyone. The first step you should make when trying to determine if it’s a good fit for you is to try their products for at least a month.

You shouldn’t be promoting something that you’ve never even tried or don’t believe in. If you scoff at the initial price tag, can you imagine trying to sell that same price tag to family, friends and acquaintances?

If you can’t or if you’re not a very extroverted and outgoing person, then Vasayo probably is not the right fit for you and there are other much more rewarding alternatives with $0 to start. However, if you find yourself in that niche and have the bankroll to constantly maintain inventory, then you might find Vasayo to be rewarding.

Training Tools/Support

One area that Vasayo lacks is the training. There is no formal training and the support that you are offered is really whatever your individual team provides you. If you join a team where your mentor is simply interested in gaining commission off of you, then you might be disappointed and find yourself struggling.

While Vasayo does have a conference, you will have to buy a ticket, unless you purchase the $1,400 Ambassador Pack and receive a free one. This is a problem that most MLM companies use where you have to literally pay for everything. They make a lot of money on their own brand partners. 

Final Thoughts

Taking a thorough look at Vasayo, it is clear that this MLM opportunity is not a scam but I am certainly not a fan of any MLM business since it is very hard to succeed using this approach.

They offer legitimate products, but you have to have the capital to purchase these products up front and be passionate enough to sell them to family, friends, and acquaintances. Also not to forget that training program is far from being the best in the industry.

Selling Vasayo, or any product, isn’t for everyone, so keep in mind that you are investing a significant amount of money into the company and must be willing to work hard to generate any real income. 

Speaking of working hard - it is true for any business opportunity but MLM approach really can't work for everyone especially when you are under constant pressure of buying monthly products. 

What's Next

I have tried MLM in the past and found it to be super hard. Once you become a member of any MLM opportunity you will be on the clock to always make a sale because you have to also buy their products. 

After reviewing so many programs online here is our TOP recommendation. Here is what you will discover inside: 

  1. A fine blueprint on how to create thriving online business
  2. Very rewarding opportunity
  3. If you care about education - this is the opportunity to learn from the best
  4. Step by Step guidance 

The key is to put in dedication and hard work and by following the right blueprint you will achieve success. Stop chasing Get Quick Reach schemes and invest your time in the right training. 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think in comments below: 

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