Is Fluorescent Sand Legit? Legitimate Investment Opportunity Or Another Scheme?

Welcome To My Fluorescent Sand Review!

Maybe you've heard about Fluorescent Sand as a way for you to earn passive income through participating in the anticipated global revolution of 5G technology that's yet to unfold.

While it sounds like a big thing, you might wonder whether this type of stock investment is a scam or not.

Before anything else, I'd like to commend you for doing your due diligence in figuring out the truth behind this supposed earning opportunity.

Fluorescent Sand Review Summary

Name: Fluorescent Sand


Founders:  Ian King, Banyan Hill

Product Type:  Stock Investment

Price:  $47 To $129 For The Subscription

Quick Summary:  Fluorescent Sand is a marketing campaign that promotes 5G technology stock investment and a subscription to a training program or newsletter called Automatic Fortunes.

The offer seems legit but it’s gaining tons of complaints and take note, not just ordinary complaints but alarming ones. Why? Let’s find out in this honest Fluorescent Sand review!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Since most people tend to take part in money-making opportunities similar to this without thinking carefully of the possible consequences, it only means that you are doing yourself a huge favor. 

Statistically, more than 90% of investors lose rather than gain money mostly because they failed to research what the opportunity is about.

That being said, I'm going to review Fluorescent Sand to help you make an informed decision.

Is it worth your time or not? Let’s find out!

What Is Fluorescent Sand About?

Fluorescent Sand is a new opportunity founded by cryptocurrency trader and expert named Ian King.

King himself claimed that there is a certain innovation that will power all the excellent technological discoveries of the century.

He also added that these prestigious publications like MIT Technology Review and Scientific American have stated that our lives will change through this specific technology. 

He even quoted former Special Assistant for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy advisor and current WIRED columnist Susan P. Crawford, saying that this will become one of the top priority technological innovations for this generation.

The problem is that we can't be able to verify Mr. King's claims because he doesn't give us the right articles or quotes. Also, another issue is that Fluorescent Sand is just an upfront act. 

Right after the long and tricky introduction, we are finally aware that Fluorescent Sand refers to fiber optic cables. Furthermore, what he truly wants to promote is a subscription to a newsletter that he constructed containing financial-related topics, also known as Automatic Fortunes.

Mr. King is the author of a book entitled "The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution." 

Those who are interested individuals who will subscribe to this newsletter will also have a copy of the said book for free. However, it's not fully true since you also have to pay first for the subscription to Automatic Fortunes.

There are corresponding benefits that come with subscribing to Automatic Fortunes including; 12-month newsletter, Access to members' area, Weekly updates, and Access to King's portfolio.

Hence, you might wonder who exactly is the man behind all of this?

Based on his bio, Ian King used to work as a former hedge fund manager with over 20 years of experience in the financial market. 

By clerking with Salomon Brothers he was able to cut his teeth in the financial market.

After some time, at Peahi Capital, he became the head trader. Currently, he is serving as the lead instructor of Investopedia Academy's Crypto Trading. Likewise, he is an editor of Banyan Hill Publishing's Crypto Profit Trader. He also made an appearance on various social media outlets like Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, Real Vision, Investopedia, and more.

So, we can somehow tell that he has the potential to help you earn, does he?

Fluorescent Sand Product Line

Fluorescent Sand is just a concept and not a product. It is considered as a mere marketing term to persuade people to subscribe to the Automatic Fortunes newsletter.

Here are the following features that are included in Automatic Fortunes:

  • Full Access to Ian King’s Portfolio

The content of his portfolio is his investments and how much he's earning from them. Likewise, you will discover about the $5 stock that you can invest in and how you can turn it a million times from its original value. Too good to be true, isn't it?

  • Community Updates

You'll receive weekly updates on what's happening in the financial and tech markets, most importantly with the most anticipated 5G revolution.

  • Monthly Subscription

Their main membership product is its monthly subscription that you are auto-renewed on. It presents an in-depth analysis of market trends and if you can invest in the available new stock investment opportunities.

In addition, you will receive several "free" bonuses such as:

  • The Driverless Car Race

  • Fintech Fortunes

  • Three free months to Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider

Fluorescent Sand is almost the same as these programs:

Is Fluorescent Sand A Scam?

Fluorescent Sand is not an outright scam. However, you can't be certain that it can surely meet your expectations. The information you will need might be nowhere to be found. The whole pitch is misleading that's why I somehow understand why some people regard it as a scam. 

The real deal is the subscription to Automatic Fortunes. However, do you need it? If you have a surplus from your income and are interested in investing, it would be better to learn about stocks on your own.  

Buying a subscription from Banyan Hill Publishing and being flooded with unnecessary information will not help at all. Not to mention that Banyan Hill Publishing's reputation got tarnished, therefore it might be a sign for you to not let your guard down.

Fluorescent Sand might have to earn potential, but it's better to pursue something that is not too risky as an alternative rather than this one.

Is Fluorescent Sand A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Although there's still a debate whether Fluorescent Sand is a scam or not, yet, for some reason, it seems like it is a Ponzi scheme.

For the sake of everyone's awareness, since this kind of scheme is common online, I will explain the nature of the Ponzi Scheme. 

A Ponzi scheme doesn't involve any product. It is a scam in which members invest money with the hope of a higher return. Recruitment of members is also possible. With this fraudulent strategy, fees from the newer members are used as payment for older members.

Fluorescent Sand Compensation Plan

Fluorescent Sand is an investment opportunity, not a business opportunity, therefore you can only earn from it but not get paid by it. If you want to earn from it, there's a need for you to buy its stocks and play by the stock market.

If you happen to be uninterested in being a stockholder or things like mentioned above, then it's recommended for you to try other opportunities instead, such as industries including affiliate marketing. Be reminded that investing is hard to fulfill and there's a possibility that you'll end up losing all your money.

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How Much To Join Fluorescent Sand?

There are three available subscriptions in Automatic Fortunes that interested individuals can check out to take part in the said newsletter. It includes the following as follows:

Standard Subscription

This is a digital-only subscription that costs $47.

Premium subscription

Except for the digital access, you will also receive printouts of the Automatic Fortunes newsletter mailed to your address which costs $79.

Deluxe Subscription

You'll receive digital access and there will be also hard copies of the materials mailed to you. But you need to spend $129 to avail it.

Take note, that all of these subscriptions will auto-renew yearly. So, if you don't want it anymore, make sure to cancel your subscription.



Informative Newsletter

Subscribing to Automatic Fortunes, which the Fluorescent Sand promotes, allows you access to an informative newsletter every month. 

Especially, the content includes Ian King’s model portfolio wherein the best stocks to invest in along with their recommended buying and selling price are being suggested.

Daily news and updates about the stock market and weekly webinars are made available to you.

Also, their information comes from a legitimate source which is a good representation that he knows what he's up to.

Earning Potential From 5G Investment

Even if 5G is still new, yet it's starting to make its name on the market. According to research, this technology contains promising investment opportunities. There's even an upward trend for 5G technology and that's a good sign.

Easy Subscription Access

Subscribing is straightforward. All you have to do is to visit Banyan Hill’s Automatic Fortunes site and then directly place your order which is indeed convenient.


Auto Subscription Renewal

The moment you subscribe to Automatic Fortunes, you should expect to get renewed automatically every year. So, it means that you'll pay for similar subscription fees once it expires without knowing it.

Deceptive Marketing

Fluorescent Sand seems like a scam in disguise because its main goal is to only market and promote the Automatic Fortunes newsletter. Simply, Fluorescent Sand is an upfront act of a deceptive marketing strategy.

You're likely to lose your money upon subscription without the assurance that you'll earn a big return.

No Income Disclosure

Unlike other stock investment newsletters that release an income disclosure of their subscriber's earnings, Fluorescent Sand, on the other hand, doesn't have one. There’s nothing to be found about the accumulated investment of their subscribers.

It's either they are hiding something or their subscribers aren’t just earning any money from their supposed effective investment tips.

No Real Stock Investment Training

You may be given various advice, tips, and techniques from the expert namely Ian King, who's a successful financial analyst and stockbroker. But, it wouldn't be enough to help you since you're just like reading a financial magazine. It isn't considered a formal stock investment training, it's just a plain reading session. However, it's still up to you on how you can apply your learnings and if you'll succeed, consider yourself one of the few lucky ones. Do remember that investment is like a gambling game, it's either you lose or win.

Information Overload-No Structure

Upon signing up for this newsletter, you'll notice that you are bombarded with emails and information with no structure at all.

Beneficial step-by-step methods to take are nowhere to be found.

But if you still want to pursue investing in the stock markets, then low fees index funds have been proven better than any investor strategy in the long run.

Publisher's Tarnished Reputation Among Customers

Banyan Hill Publishing has a tarnished reputation due to alarming complaints regarding how it conducted its business.

Some of the most common complaints include non-payment of refunds, unauthorized charges on customer bank accounts, unwillingness to remove customers from email lists, and other immoral activities.

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Training Tools/Support

Fluorescent Sand claims that they've formed a dedicated customer service team. Therefore, if you have questions or if you want any clarifications, you can contact Ian’s team, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time, at the specific number (866-584-4096), or via email: [email protected] for your concerns to be addressed.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Fluorescent Sand is mere marketing propaganda used as bait to trick people into subscribing to Ian King’s Automatic Fortune newsletters.

If you happen to prefer taking risks especially in 5G technology, then you can go invest in it. No one knows what the future holds for you so you might get lucky and make a good amount of earnings out of it.

But, based on most research and experience, newsletters aren't necessary. 

If you already have the money and if you want to pursue investing, then you can try and learn it on your own or you can join a stock investment and technology workshop.

Just gathering information isn't enough to help you earn a decent amount, let alone earning millions as Ian King claims.

If you were also to consider the lawsuits that Banyan Hill Publishing faces, you'll come to realize it's not worth the shot.

So, you, yourself should determine how small your chances are in terms of making money with this kind of stock investment newsletter subscription.

With that said, whether this is legit or not, I would advise you to think hard before investing in it. 

Again, I don't recommend joining Fluorescent Sand to everyone considering this is risky and downright sketchy. However, if you are still looking for opportunities to earn online, feel free to check out the top paying sites in your country instead.

What's Next?

If you're doubting your capability to handle a business, it's not because you can't do it. It is all because you're not that confident that you'll succeed. 

Confidence comes with assurance and in terms of business, assurance comes from having intact skills and knowledge. But, let us take your worries away. 

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  • One-on-one coaching

  • Comprehensive guide

  • And many more!

Thank you for reading our Fluorescent Sand review. If you have questions or opinions, we would appreciate it if you share them below.

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