Is OnPassive a Scam? The TRUTH About This AI-Based MLM Exposed!

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Perhaps you’re one of those people who are currently looking for an opportunity to work from the comforts of your home.

If yes, you may have heard of OnPassive and now you’re questioning if it is really legit or not. 

You may have done your part of the research but still, you have questions left unanswered.

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OnPassive Review Summary

Name: OnPassive


Founders:  Ash Mufareh

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Price:  $97 For The Subscription Fee + $25 To $500 Every Month + Other Expenses

Quick Summary: OnPassive is a multi-level marketing company that has an AI platform that is said to augment the profit of businesses. They claim that this AI automates business processes; however, there’s no evidence to prove that. 

It markets itself as an MLM but because of its claims and approach, it sounds more like a pyramid scheme but still, that’s what we have to know in this honest OnPassive review.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

In this honest OnPassive review, we’ll figure out if it’s a legit business model or not, how it works, and if it’s worth your money and time.

So if you want to know if this is the opportunity for you, be sure to read the entire review I’ve prepared for you!

What Is OnPassive About?

There are many booming business platforms online and it seems like OnPassive is one of them. It is an advertising and marketing industry operation, by which Artificial Intelligence is being used hand-in-hand with Human Intelligence.

That being said, the brand aims to bring innovative ways of helping business owners, maximizing its business potentially with great impact but lesser effort.

OnPassive’s mission is to be able to outreach places of their target and possibly to do the worldwide operation. The company has a credible track record with its unbuilt I.T Solutions. With the company’s globally acknowledged standards and groundbreaking technology trends, business owners big or small can leverage the platform, in attaining their business goals. Therefore, OnPassive is a real-time good-paying legal company.

OnPassive was founded by Ash Mufareh in 2018. 

Not much is known about Ash Mufareh but other than being an Indian and the founder and CEO of OnPassive, he was also the founder and CEO of other marketing companies such as GFI Fusion and AshMax. And just like OnPassive, what’s common with these two is that they also revolve around passive income models as their business system.

So, how does their platform work? Well, according to them, it is by advertising their own internet marketing platform that is powered by AI which is then said to automate the whole business process where you don’t have to manually work and make decisions. This is then said to boost the profitability of businesses. 

These are the products/ services that OnPassive offers:

  • O-Cademy - Digital course platform for learners worldwide

  • O-Staff - Automates resource management

  • O-Counting - Designed financial management and inventory

  • O-Wallet - Digital wallet for OnPassive products

  • O-Capture - Screen recording tool for online events

  • O-Desk - An AI-powered tool for better engagement

  • O-Dit - Social media tools for your customers

  • O-Domain - Web hosting service and website builder

  • O-Peer - Tool designed for office communication

  • And many more

They may have advertised this AI-powered automated platform for businesses and all these products and services but apparently, there’s really no actual product. There is even no price indicated. And as an affiliate in their MLM program, you only get to earn if you recruit someone to also join the program. 

OnPassive is almost the same as:

Is OnPassive A Scam?

The red flags point to OnPassive as a SCAM because apparently, the only way that members can make money in this opportunity is through recruitment. 

Yes, they pay members but platforms like this that appear to be a Pyramid Scheme are always bound to fail. If there are no more recruited members, it will collapse.

The pre-launching time of the company also took so long. And I’ve seen a lot of testimonials and reviews online saying that this opportunity is a SCAM! 

So, if I were you don’t be deceived and be lured into a scam you might get drowned off.

OnPassive Compensation Plan

Most MLMs basically have 2 ways of earning money for their members, retail sales and recruitment but it seems like that in OnPassive, it is only through recruiting members. Let’s discuss more that below!

Well, OnPassive has a 3x10 matrix business structure which means members can earn commissions directly or indirectly from their recruits. 

So as the one who recruited your downlines, you will be on top of a matrix that consists of 3 branches or positions beneath you and these 3 positions form the matrix’s first level. Split 1 position into 3 more branches and you get the second level and this then expands outwards the more people you recruit.

OnPassive Members can gain commissions every time the matrix is filled fully and this occurs when recruits pay their chosen matrix bundle which costs from $25 - $500. And here are the respective commissions:

  • $25 Matrix ($25) - Earn $1 for every filled position on level 10

  • $125 Matrix ($125) - Earn $2 for every filled position on level 10

  • $250 Matrix ($250) - Earn $8 for every filled position on level 10

  • $500 Matrix ($500) - Earn $10 for every filled position on level 10

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How Much To Join OnPassive?

To join as a member in OnPassive, you must pay $97 and this serves as the subscription fee and there are no details that entail what this is specifically for or where it is used. 

On top of that, you also have to shell out $25 to $500 a month as you must maintain a 25 PV monthly or recruit enough members for you to earn. So basically it will cost you around $397 to $6,097 annually. But other than that, you’ll also have to pay other costs such as miscellaneous, training and marketing. 



Almost Unique

Well incorporating AI in a business is something unusual. So, it’ll probably capture people’s attention because it is something new. An AI-powered marketing platform that automates various business processes. 

No doubt that this is unique and interesting. Well, this could be something good because it will make people curious and make them try a business opportunity but upon knowing that OnPassive is deceptive, I am not recommending this program. You might get scammed. Well, you could probably make use of its features and products as they say you’ll find it useful especially for a business-oriented person. 

However, if it’s a scam, what’s the use of it? It might be the company’s agenda to lure you to a scam that it is. 


Prolonged Pre Launching

I’ve seen in comments and reviews online that from 2018 it took 2 years and more than OnPassive is still in its pre-launching phase. Well, what went wrong? I think this record will somehow stain the company’s integrity and credibility. If they can’t establish a company in its beginning phase, how much more in the future?

Not Transparent

As always, if a company lacks vital information, think twice before jumping in because when it’s not transparent, it might be hiding something that will ruin your business or career. OnPassive may entice you of its catchy AI platform and features but they don’t even mention how exactly it works or how much are the costs of its products. 

Hidden Monthly Expenses

Other than not being transparent on a couple of things, you might as well get shocked when you have to pay other hidden expenses. Yes, it will be costly. It might even cost you $6,097 annually.

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

You may be amused by all of its products but apparently there are no real products.

What they are really marketing is their MLM program in which you can only earn money through recruitment and with this we could say that it’s a Pyramid Scheme, which is clearly a scam. 

If you doubt this, then look again and really check what their product is. They use big words like AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deceive people but as I said, there is really no actual product, which means there’s no other source of income than recruitment.

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Who Is It For?

They say that it’s of great use for techy and business-oriented people looking for ways to boost and market their businesses. And being an MLM, it’s probably designed for those who are adept with MLMs. 

Training Tools/Support

Well, there are no details on training if you're already an affiliate of OnPassive but as to their support, you can contact them through email as what is posted on their webpage. 

Their addresses are also placed there, posting offices in the US and as well as India. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, the idea of AI automating business processes is edgy and interesting, and OnPassive is still considered a legal company as its operations are tolerated by the government even if they are all about recruitment.

However, with all the red flags mentioned above, we could come up with an obvious decision, and that is to get rid of OnPassive.

There’s no actual product and what is promoted here is the affiliate membership itself which clearly shows that it is a pyramid scheme. The only way you can make money here is through recruitment, and nothing more! 

And as we know, these schemes are bound to fail and collapse. So, it’s not good to join in such opportunities. If I were you, better skip this platform as there are a lot of legit and profitable legal income opportunities out there. 

What’s Next

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Anyways, thank you for reading my OnPassive Review! You probably now know that it’s not gonna be worth the shot. So, I do hope you try what I recommended. 


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