Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam? What Is This Automated Marketing Funnel System Really About?

is global affiliate zone a scam

Welcome to My Global Affiliate Zone Review! 

There may be a lot of online marketing learning platforms out there but oftentimes they’re more of an automated sales funnel that will lead you to another networking opportunity, like this one that we’re going to discuss in this review -- Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ). 

Global Affiliate Zone Review Summary

Name: Global Affiliate Zone


Founders: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Product Type: Online Marketing System

Price: $99 For The Monthly Fee + $495 To $2475 For The Upsells

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Quick Summary: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is a sales funnel that recruits its members to a multi-level marketing (MLM) business called Enagic.

It’s an online marketing learning platform that claims to offer training and education about how to make money as an affiliate marketer; however, what it truly teaches you is how to promote the Global Affiliate Zone itself.

With that scheme, it’s more of a shady opportunity including the thought that their website lacks transparency. Well, they may say that they can help you make money online but should you get involved in this opportunity? And one more thing, they had been rebranded and are now called Affiliate Institute.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Will the training really be substantial?  

Will it really help you earn money?  

It may give you some passive income but will it be sustainable?  

Well, you’ve probably encountered this GAZ somewhere over the world wide web and you’re curious if it’s legit or not, probably, why you’re on this page.  

That and the questions above and more, we will be discussing in this Global Affiliate Zone review. 

Well, with that said, let’s now delve deeper into Global Affiliate Zone and see what we can learn!

What Is Global Affiliate Zone About?

Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) is an online marketing learning platform that claims to provide training and education about how to make money as an affiliate marketer but apparently it’s more of an automated sales funnel that will lead you to Enagic, another networking company that manufactures and sells alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.  

And apparently, two programs are forerunners for the recruitment drive of Enagic.

One is GAZ and the other is Digital Genius Lab, both of which have a similar structure as an online marketing training program. 

Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) was founded by Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman. Both were also coaches in AWOL Academy, which is another affiliate opportunity, network marketing type of business where they get sales by having their own students promote their programs.  

They had built a training resource to teach students how to make money with affiliate marketing and had put other automation in place for students to utilize. 

Apparently, Global Affiliate Zone is based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.  

Though founded in 2016 and claimed that the system is working, it seems that the Global Affiliate Zone website is no longer accessible. I tried checking on their website domain but unfortunately, you will see no sign of GAZ but rather it will lead you to”.  

So, apparently Global Affiliate Zone has now been renamed to Affiliate Institute.  

global affiliate zone review

Global Affiliate Zone Product Line

Basically, their product is a membership to Global Affiliate Zone itself which is basically an internet marketing education program offering the following training and support:

  • Half-hour coaching call
  • 3-hour mentor training
  • Access to the private GAZ community
  • Team group chats
  • Weekly training
  • Capture pages
  • High converting offers (this is vague)
  • Auto-responders
  • Email leads
  • Coaching calls
  • Sales presentations and webinars for your leads

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Well, we can’t totally conclude that Global Affiliate Zone is a scam.  

Well, you can earn some money on this opportunity as it appears to be quite a legitimate business offering training to its members but beware, as I mentioned it’s quite shady. The setup is a little shady.  

global affiliate zone review scam

It may come with an offer to help you make money with its internet marketer training but apparently what they teach people is how to promote GAZ and that’s quite deceptive. They also lack transparency because other than the names of the founder, we don’t know the company's whereabouts or whatsoever.  

It’s also not Better Bureau Business (BBB) Accredited.

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Global Affiliate Zone may refer to themselves as affiliate marketing trainers but apparently, their training helps you sell their memberships and not other affiliate products.  

It simply shows that the focus of training offered is more on teaching people to promote the Global Affiliate Zone program and recruit individuals to also join the program.  

It’s most probable that the only way you can earn money here is through recruitment and if that’s the case, then Global Affiliate Zone is a pyramid scheme, which is fraudulent. 

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Global Affiliate Zone Compensation Plan

If you’re a Global Affiliate Zone member, earning income is tied to selling memberships. Everytime you sell a GAZ membership, you’ll earn a 30% commission. Since membership is at $99 per month, you’ll earn 30% from that and that would amount to about $29.70 per month for as long as the customer stays active.

To learn more about Global Affiliate Zone, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone’s affiliate membership will cost you $99 monthly and what is inclusive of this are the following: 

Six-Figure Marketing Team

  • Hand You a High-Converting Offer
  • Build Your Capture Pages.
  • Email Leads on Your Behalf
  • Handle Your Coaching Calls for YOU!
  • Handle Sales Representation/ Webinars
  • Close Sales for YOU!

Join Right Now Bonuses

  • Half-Hour Calling Call
  • 3-Hour Coaching Mentor Training
  • Team Group Chats, Weekly Trainings
  • Continued Mentorship to build a successful online business
  • Facebook ads Membership Site 

Other than the $99 in joining the program, they also have upsells for $495 to get the step by step process to make 6 figures and another upsell for $2475 to do the work for you. And that’s a big sum of money!



Well, it’s good that you can have an online training opportunity and as well as an opportunity to gain commissions.  

Yes, the thought that you can gain access to an online marketing training claiming to help you gain income can be exciting but if it turns out to be more of just promoting the program itself, will it be any good? Well, I could say that there’s not much to like about this program. 


Lack Of Transparency With Shady Founders 

As I said, they lack transparency because other than the names of the founder, we don’t know the company's whereabouts or whatsoever. And as you know, transparency is a must in any business! 

So for me, this can already be a red flag! And other than this, though the names of the founders were stipulated, googling their names will leave your mind-boggling as you can't find a single website owned by them.  

As always, if an MLM company does not openly disclose vital information, think long and hard before joining.  

It Can Cost You Thousand Of Dollars 

For me, the 99 dollar monthly membership is already too much for that not so substantial training but what is alarming is that it would also cost thousands of dollars for the upsells. That’s unreasonable for a training that I could say you could as well found over the internet for free.

Good As Side Income

Well, it’s nice that one can have a side earning opportunity if they sell the Global Affiliate Zone membership. In fact a 30% commission is pretty good but it would probably take you a lot of recruits and convincing powers to land at an income you desire.  

More Of Like A Pyramid Scheme

It seems like recruitment is the only way you can earn in Global Affiliate Zone. Yes, it revolves around recruitment! Which makes it a Pyramid Scheme! And that’s fraudulent!  

Global Affiliate Zone No Longer Exists

A simple click on Global Affiliates’ website domain will already show to you that it’s no longer existent as it is now named as Affiliate Institute. Well, what caused the rebranding?  

Had they already made a move to avoid governing bodies since they kinda operate like a pyramid scheme? Well, whatever their gimmick, I could say there must have been something wrong that they had decided to revamp. 

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Training Tools/Support

Being a part of Global Affiliate Zone will give you access to the training discussed above. You will also have a personal coach and support from their community of GAZ members. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, there are a handful of legit online marketing training and learning platforms out there that are beneficial and even come out free for the public. Well, Global Affiliate Zone may offer a training platform but unfortunately it’s not that substantial. 

The opportunity set up is also quite shady that it can be considered a scam and a pyramid scheme!  

It is supposed to be an online marketing training platform but turns out more of a training to promote Global Affiliate Zone, which means that what they truly market and sell is the membership itself and with that, we could say that it focuses and relies on recruitment for its income.  

It can also be pretty costly that would even cost thousands of dollars for something unsubstantial. So don’t be deceived!  

Such platforms should be averted! Well, you could probably earn some income in their opportunity but there are definitely better options out there. And why jump into a program that’s name is no longer existing to operate?

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my Global Affiliate Zone review! If you have queries, clarifications, comments, and testimonials, please feel free to place them below.

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