Is Infinity Profit System A Scam? A Pyramid Scheme To Debunk Right Away!

is infinity profit system a scam

Welcome to My Infinity Profit System Review!

There is a lot of online money making opportunities and it’s often incorporated with a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform. And when thinking about joining these networking opportunities, like the one we will be discussing in this review -- Infinity Profit System, we need to assess if the opportunity is legit or a scam. Probably, why you’ve landed on this page.

Infinity Profit System Review Summary

Name: Infinity Profit System


Founders: Dale Payner-Sizer

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $25 To $100 For The Membership Fee

Infinity Profit System logo

Quick Summary: Infinity Profit System is a platform that offers an affiliate program, claiming to provide training and education about how to make money as an internet marketer but apparently what it truly teaches is how to promote their program itself.

The products don’t have retailable value as it is geared towards promoting the Infinity Profit System. So, in short, you only make money by promoting the Infinity Profit System itself- making it a pyramid scheme!

Indeed a big recruitment scheme, a cash gifting pyramid scheme to be exact. In these schemes, you make direct payments to the person who recruited you with the intention of gaining the privilege to do the same.

Don’t be fooled by this 100% commission scam!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

One important aspect we should inspect in an MLM opportunity is the need of having retailable products. However, it looks like Infinity Profit System is more on promoting their system itself and if an opportunity is based on recruitment to make money, instead of selling a valuable product, it could be seen as a pyramid scheme.  

Is Infinity Profit System a Pyramid Scheme? That and more in this Infinity Profit System Review!

Infinity Profit System review

What Is Infinity Profit System About?

Infinity Profit System was created by Dale Payner-Sizer, who is also the CEO of the brand. 

Launched in November 2015, Infinity Profit System is headquartered in Pottstown PA, USA. Its website claims that their company is backed by Dps Marketing Group LLC., which is a debt free U.S. based company with thousands of clients worldwide.  

Dps Marketing Group LLC claims to change the way you do business forever with its software creation being the company’s core service. 

With regards to the founder, Payner-Sizer appears to have been part of some shady MLMs in the past including the ponzi scheme-1K All Day. 

Infinity Profit System calls itself a franchise business model. However, it seems more of a cash gifting pyramid scheme, where you pay direct payments to the one who recruited you with the motivation of also gaining the money from your downlines. Yet, you don’t receive payment for packages you have not purchased, even though you may make the sale. 

It may seem enticing with the additional gimmick of a 100% commission but the bottomline is that all cash gifting schemes are illegal. It also appears to be a recruitment scheme with recruitment being the sole source of income - it’s a Pyramid scheme which is definitely fraudulent! Infinity Profit System offers low value content. It may claim to provide rigorous  training but for me, it’s basically worthless if it’s just promoting their program alone.  

And it seems that they’ve already been shut down. Upon checking Infinity Profit System’s website domain, it’s no longer accessible. And also, checking on google would redirect you to it’s facebook site referring it now as Reverse Commissions, but checking on the domain “” would also leave you empty handed because it is as well inaccessible. 

Infinity Profit System Product Line 

Infinity Profit System claims that: 

“We Have the Tools, Training, Resources to Help Anyone Get On the Fast Track to Success!” 

So, basically what they offer are:

  • Marketing tools/software
    • Autoresponder
    • Capture Pages
    • Blogging System
    • Url shorteners
    • Team Link Rotators
    • Training/education video library, self-branding, business-automation 

These are the following packages they offer to affiliates:

Starter – ($25 A Month)

Personal Branding Ecourse & Blogging Platform

  • Be Who You Are
  • Create A Stronger You
  • Create Your Own Future
  • Sell Yourself High
  • Define Your Audience
  • SEO Blogging Platform
  • And Much More 

Basic – ($100 A Month)

Business Automation Ecourse & Email Marketing Platform

  • Making Your First Steps Toward Systemizing Your Business
  • Management Can Learn From Top Programmers
  • The Importance of Business Systemization
  • Powerful Flow Charts
  • Automation % Force
  • Marketing Platform via Email
  • And Much More 

They also have Corporate Partnerships at $997.00 (for 100 employees)

To get your employees trained by the best entrepreneurs in the world. 

Packages Include:

  • 100 Reseller Licenses
  • Reseller Training Program
  • Custom Built Software
  • Corporate Admin Panel
  • Company Business Manager Software
  • Data Importers 

This scheme is almost the same as Internet Lifestyle Pros and Planpromatrix

what is infinity profit system about

Is Infinity Profit System A Scam?

Infinity Profit System appears to be a scam. From the part that it has no retailable services or physical products makes it already fraudulent. 

They may offer training and whatsoever but apparently it’s not valuable. They claim that you can earn money with their 100% commission promise but apparently, things don’t happen that way. And most probably, your income in Infinity Profit System will definitely come from recruitment alone.  

And that’s already a big red flag! The website is already inaccessible and it’s probably because the program has already shut down! 

To learn more about Infinity Profit System, you can watch below:

Is Infinity Profit System A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Facts and details point to Infinity Profit System to be a Pyramid Scheme, as it is geared  towards promoting their program itself.  

Yes, it’s more on recruitment.  

And since there are no real retailable products, your earnings will really come from your downlines. So, it simply means that you benefit from those under you.  

It’s just another recruitment. It’s also a cash gifting scheme which is definitely illegal! Pyramid schemes take place when recruitment becomes the only way to make money and apparently, this is what is happening in Infinity Profit System.

It’s also like a Ponzi Scheme, though there’s no investment term in their scope but it’s like that what you purchase as an affiliate is like an investment and you as well benefit from the money of those under you. The early members most likely generate more income than the latter. 

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Infinity Profit System Compensation Plan

Apparently, there are 3 ways to earn money with Infinity Profit System 

1. Direct Sales

2. 2nd and 4th sale from your downline

3. Roll Up Sales - this is when someone in your downline doesn’t have the package purchased

  • Starter – $25 monthly – 100% commission
  • Basic – $100 monthly – 100% commission

Your 2nd and 4th sale will get rolled up to your sponsor. 

Infinity Profit System  claims to pay members 100% commissions when they find people to buy their $25 and $100 packages. But apparently, this is not how things are going! Let me elaborate that further below. 

Well, in order to qualify for payments, you have to be at the level of your downlines. This means, if you purchase a $25 per month membership package and recruit somebody in the $100 a month package, you only receive $25. So, if you want to receive $100 commission, you must also subscribe to a $100 membership. 

Well, the claim that the company pays you 100% commissions, is basically not true. Infinity Profit System uses a 1UP system that means you end up passing your 2nd and 4th commissions to their sponsors. This means that you are only getting 70% or less which is basically a classic set-up for a SCAM! 

They may claim that you can earn from sales but basically it’s from your recruit still. 

How Much To Join Infinity Profit System?

Joining Infinity Profit System is tied to either a $25 or $100 membership. 

  1. Starter – $25 A Month
  2. Basic – $100 A Month



It’s good that you can have an opportunity that provides you with training and as well as an earning opportunity. Yet, if it’s just all about promoting the program itself without any substantial training outside from the program, will it be any good? The thought itself that it’s a Pyramid Scheme is enough reason to flee from such platforms. 

Well, I could say that there’s not much to like about Infinity Profit System and what it offers.


Unsubstantial Training

Yes, they may provide training but it’s worthless outside Infinity Profit System because as I discussed, the training is solely just about marketing the Infinity Profit System itself.   

Recruitment Scheme

It appears that what is really offered in Infinity Profit System is the membership itself. Thus, it’s sole focus is more on recruitment and it’s most likely that income will come from that. It’s definitely one big recruitment scheme which is a Pyramid Scheme which is definitely fraudulent.  

Founder’s Bad Record

Also, another red flag is with Payner-Sizer’s involvement with some shady MLMs such as with 1K All Day which is a definite ponzi scheme. It’s not to disdain him but with such bad records, would you entrust your future income with his lead?  

Apparently, Has Already Shutdown! 

As mentioned, Infinity Profit System’s website is already inaccessible which depicts that the program has most likely ceased to exist. Well, it’s not surprising because such scams with fraudulent schemes are bound to fail. 

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Training Tools/Support

They may claim to offer support and other online marketing stuff but it’s geared toward marketing the Infinity Profit System itself. Their member support is also said to be that bad. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, pretending to be a franchise is nothing new for online scams, and Infinity Profit System itself calls their company a franchise business model. 

Wanting you to believe that you’re buying into a proven model of success but as discussed, what you’re really buying is just another recruiting scam that does not offer the true benefits of a franchise! 

And in contrary with its name -- Infinity Profit System, gaining profit is not infinite because when a program relies on recruitment alone, it will be unsustainable and will most likely fail when recruitment ceases.  

Unfortunately, it seems like the program has now been shut down. So my verdict, obviously not going to recommend this program.

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Anyways, thank you for reading my Infinity Profit System Review!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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