Is Planpromatrix A Scam – Make Millions In Just 6 Years?

is planpromatrix a scam

Welcome to My Planpromatrix Review! 

When everyone has access to the information, superhighway and smartphones are necessities. This makes network marketing almost effortless.

Planpromatrix Review Summary

Name: Planpromatrix


Founders: Mark George Naval

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $12 To 38 For The Accounts

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Quick Summary: Planpromatrix works as an income-generating platform that offers home-based work/business opportunities. It works like a 24 hours online office, which provides Data Entry and electronic reloading business.

It also encourages referrals for extra commissions.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Hence, some companies take advantage of these opportunities and use them as bait to lure others to invest in some suspicious deals.  

Hope this review will help you think before you click and join Planpromatrix.

What Is Planpromatrix About?

“Online Jobs, Online Business, Online Solutions - Planpromatrix.” 

Planpromatrix (PPM) is a growing online affiliate business that started in the Philippines last August 1, 2013.  

It was founded by Mark George Naval, who was also the Chief Executive Officer of the company.  

Also known as Bong Naval, the young entrepreneur used his expertise in computer programming, to create the PPM business program. Along with its Operations Manager, Junnel Millano, Planpromatrix marks its own history in networking marketing.  

Their dream is to provide an online income generating platform to all aspirants and open-minded individuals within the comfort of their home or elsewhere.   

Through their program called Planpromatrix Online Solutions. PPM provides home-based business/work opportunities, such as electronic reloading business and Data Entry. 

There are different ways to earn with PPM. Members were trained to utilize Facebook and other social media platforms as an avenue to entice new potential affiliates to join.  

Yes! Apart from the business solutions mentioned. They have also encouraged their members to make referrals or recruit other people to join the company.  

Through their referral program, affiliates were promised to receive unlimited income by just simply sharing the business and recruiting others.  

Sounds familiar? Just like A Lifelong, another network marketing with the same business model, Planpromatrix also focuses on the recruitment system. A system that is always tied to the pyramid scheme.  

It’s almost similar to Internet Lifestyle Pros and Power Lead System

Planpromatrix Product Line 

Planpromatrix’s main products and services are the Data Entry and electronic reloading Dealership, plus the Referral Incentive program.  

Data Entry is one of the most in-demand online jobs nowadays. To earn from PPM’s Data Entry, members are required to install the Planpromatrix Data Entry Software on their laptops or computers. Then, the software will generate CAPTCHA codes.  

planpromatrix review

The soonest the members start typing and encoding this so-called CAPTCHA, they will start to accumulate earnings, which they can withdraw anytime.  

However, to qualify for this program. An internet speed of at least 3 Mbps and typing skills of at least 25 words per minute is required.  

Also, to earn effectively, members should minimize or avoid making errors while typing the codes. This is to abide by the PPM’s clients Rules and Regulations. 

Moreover, for the E - Loading Dealership, members will gain profit on whether to become a dealer or a retailer at the same time.  

All you need is to activate a sim card to start the business. Using one sim card you are now ready to sell all different kinds of electronic reloading from online gaming to internet usage, and mobile usage in all networks.  

More than 400 prepaid products are available to the market, in a system of one sim, one phone, and one load wallet. 

Without regard, the most encouraging part of PPM’s program is their “Referral Incentives.”  

As promotionally advertised from their website:

“Be a Team Leader and build your own group. By sharing this opportunity with others you can earn unlimited incentives. By simply promoting our business through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM you could build your team without spending that much. Remember the success of your team is also your success.” 

Looks easy right?  

They encourage their affiliates to build a strong network through referral and earn in six (6) different ways.  

Hold your horses, we will dive into it later.

what is planpromatrix about

Is Planpromatrix Is A Scam?

I could not directly say that Planpromatrix is created to make gimmicks. They have an online business solution platform that benefited their members to earn a profit.  

With their Data Entry and E - Loading business at the front, it keeps them off the hook from the authorities.  

Although, there are some reports that some members were not paid for encoding Captcha.  

Also, don’t forget their so-called Referral Incentive Program. 

Definitely, it is the biggest checkmark to consider before enlisting with them. 

Is Planpromatrix A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Some of the Planpromatrix ads posted on Social Media look encouraging but there is something odd. 

What comes to your mind, if you will see someone holding a pile of money in their hands and smiling at you. 

Then, here comes a catchy caption, “Can you make your 600php to millions in just a few years? The answer is YES! Planpromatrix is an online marketing strategy to help you get out of your financial problem.” 

I guess you will jump out and without a doubt, click and join them. 

In my idea, the basic weapon to entice more people is to show them fancy things, like tons of money, expensive pieces of jewelry, properties, and luxury cars.  

All that is shining and glamorous is pleasing to the eyes. 

But the million-dollar question is, How can you get that? 

Money can be earned through the PPM business solution program but the bulk of its profits were gained through recruitment.  

One should have a long list of potential members to make a strong network. Making your 2x1 matrix or simply the left and right. Until you create a bigger tree. Your members should continue recruiting new members as well to make the whole thing work and profitable.  

But, if there is no movement inside your network, the whole thing crumbles. Thus, a domino effect is expected to take place.  

On the other hand, new members also thought that they invested their money to become a data encoder or an electronic reloading dealer. What they did not know is PPM works through referral.  

Planpromatrix relies on the new money from the incoming investors to make the cash flow. More recruits, more profits. If no recruits, no money will flow. 

Hence, Planpromatrix can be considered either a Pyramid or a Ponzi Scheme. 

To learn more about pyramid schemes, you can watch the video below:

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Planpromatrix Compensation Plan

For every referral a member makes, an incentive is given. There are 6 ways.  

Indirect Referral 

For every new member that will join your team, you will earn 5php or $0.11.  

2x1 Matrix or Follow Me Matrix

You will pay 600 as a joining fee. Then, you bring in two people, and they will pay 600 each. From them, you will earn $17.77. The $17.77 will be divided into $6.66 or 300php. Which you can cash out anytime and then the $11.11 remaining will be for reentry and profit-sharing.  

For every new cycle, there is a reentry. You will get paid continuously for every reentry when your downline is active. This is where the Cycle to Infinity takes place. 

Another example, when you bring in one person, then that person below you recruit another one, that person brings two more people. There is a Domino Effect because the last person able to bring two more people. Hence, everybody will get paid, and reentry again.  

Binary Gen

For every active binary code in your group, a member will earn through overspill. 

Profit-Sharing Bonus

When you invite 5 people within 5 months you are qualified for profit-sharing.

Unilevel Bonus

For every new member that will join under your network, you will earn $.11 / 5php. This can reach up to the 10th level. 

Pass 3 Unli (Pass up Unlimited)

You will earn from the 1st, 3rd, and 5th directs that will be passed up to your upline.  

Aside from the Referral Incentives, a member will also gain profit through E-Rebates as an electronic reloading dealer or retailer. A 1% commission is given.

How Much To Join Planpromatrix?

The basic joining fee starts from $12 and you may upgrade to $38.



A Home-Based Business/ Work Opportunity

It enables you to earn even at the comfort of your home or elsewhere. As long as you have an internet connection, laptop, or computer for Data Entry and a smartphone for electronic reloading dealerships. 


Low-Income Potential

A member can only produce 70 cents ($0.015) per 1,000 images in Captcha coding and a maximum of 84 cents (0.017) per 1,000 images through clicking images for Captcha. 

Heavy Recruitment

A big percentage of profit could only earn through referral incentives and because of this, most members promote the brand by using bold claims. They make earning at home sound like an easy thing to do like they can make thousands of dollars just by simply joining the program and because of this, it makes PPM sound more like a scam than a legit program.

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Training Tools/Support

Members are entitled to download 22 Free Ebooks for personal development and online marketing. Tutorial videos were also provided online. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In my opinion, Planpromatrix is not the best business solution nor the best online job to consider. Though the starting fee is cheaper, the promotional ads look convincing and encouraging, it's still NOT a good way to invest your time and money.  

The PPM proposed online opportunity is limited. I could not see its international potential. Given the products and services they offer, which can only be in demand or applied locally.  

For example, the electronic reloading dealership. Apparently, selling prepaid products is only marketable in the Philippines. In highly developed industrialized countries, postpaid is predominantly common and high-speed internet was used and provided even in public areas. 

Moreover, the profit in encoding Captcha is also not much. Compared to other basic online jobs, where you are paid on an hourly basis.   

Recruiting people and promising high-income returns is a bigger issue with Planpromatrix. Their 2x1 or Pyramid referral system is a clear example of a shady scheme. There is a greater chance that your investment will go to waste.  

If I were you, I would just save my money until I found the best business that is worth investing in. Don’t get me wrong, I am open to online opportunities, but it would still be best to be vigilant in choosing one. 

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Thank you for reading our Planpromatrix review. 

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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