Power Lead System Review – Why You Should THINK TWICE About Joining This Program?

is power lead system a scam

Welcome to My Power Lead System Review!

Pop Up Ads that offer an easy way to make money are really common when opening a website domain, a video, or even online accounts. Power Lead System may have appeared to consumers in this kind of strategy as it is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on advertising tools. 

Power Lead System Review Summary

Name: Power Lead System

Website: www.powerleadsystem.com

Founders: Michael Price and Neil Guess

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $30 For The Membership Fee Every Month

power lead system logo

Quick Summary: Power Lead System is an online business helper that provides tools and services to improve and promote websites. It offers telemarketing both for other companies and for Power Lead itself. Moreover, associates of the companies will gain income by just simply promoting Power Lead. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

They also invite people to join by earning income as solely being an affiliate and promoting the company.  

Sounds fantastic, but is it really that simple?  

Is it a scam or a pyramiding scheme?  

Can one make a profit out of it? 

This review will try to help layout truths, facts, and unbiased opinions regarding PLS systems.

what is power lead system

What Is Power Lead System About?

Power Lead System is a combination of a multi-level marketing company and an affiliate marketing program. The focus of Power Lead is to provide tools and services that will enhance, innovate, and make online businesses fancy to the market.  

All that is needed by an online company to run and be advertised smoothly, less faulty, and perfectly. Online devices like Google hangout pages, lead capture pages, audio/video programs, and autoresponder tools are only some of what power lead may supply to consumers. 

The company was started by Michael Price and Neil Guess last 2013, they are both known entrepreneurs in the MLM industry.  

Neil Guess prior to co-founding Power Lead is already known by his affiliation as an internet marketer of Solavei, which is a multi-level company as well that markets contract-free mobile phone services.  

Michael Price, on the other hand, is a respected veteran of the MLM business. He is very good at making large sales, has won prestigious awards like Sales Rep of the Year given by Fortune 100 Company, and is said to be the former trainer of Tony Robbins of Robbins Research International. 

Power Lead System Product Line 

The company offers several packages an aspiring affiliate could avail of. There are three levels of membership, gold, diamond, and platinum.  

The only difference in the levels is the price an associate will pay because the add-ons and other tools are paid separately to be utilized. The usual or main product line of PLS is the gold membership which is $30 a month.  

power lead system product line

It is a website maker that comes with an autoresponder system. In the first seven days of availing, members will be able to enjoy a 7-day free trial of features the company has to offer. 

Other products of power lead, includes Free Ad Secrets for $147, which is a training module on how to bring about high-grade leads that can be used any time and season.  

Social Profit Academy, which costs $497 is a training course on how to manage and market through social networking sites, it goes into detail on how to advertise and use proficiently Facebook, Youtube ads, and others.  

Lead Lightning would be the cheapest of them amounting to $7 only because it is considered as a paid freebie, this is an additional income stream program that comes with a starter marketing funnel.  

The Master Traffic Institute for $1,497 is the most expensive for it gathers power lead’s top affiliates on a seminar where they share their secrets to success.  

All of these are paid on a one-time basis deal and are additional devices that can be included in the membership. 

Their offers might seem simple but in reality, when you visit power lead system’s domain site you will see that it is a bit confusing and hard to understand. I took the time to read and comprehend which is which comes with a certain bundle.

Is Power Lead System A Scam?

To determine whether it is a scam or not is very tricky. By definition alone of the word scam, power lead is not a scam. But to be sure and as stated that this review will render facts and unbiased opinions, I searched for another basis like reviews, articles, and testimonies regarding the company.  

There are about 7 out of 10 articles that state it is legit, although recommendations for it are very low in number.

Is Power Lead System A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The company has merchandise to generate sales and income. Also, commissions are earned by marketing the different systems offered by the power lead.  

Recruitment is not required for the associates to make money. Therefore, taking into account that pyramid and Ponzi schemes are those that rely on their funds by the addition of new investors in the company without the involvement of legit goods, PLS is not one of them. 

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Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Recruitment is not a must in becoming one of the company’s team and registering is strictly voluntary.  

Just like other MLM companies recruitment renders extra earnings for it gives off commission to the top management. 

In detail to PLS plans, when one becomes a member and has referred two or more people to join down their line, they will get a 50% matching bonus for every personal referral aside from the earnings they will gain on selling power lead products.  

However, it is important to know that to sell and make a commission out of the company’s merchandise, the affiliate must also subscribe to the same program. Also, they must maintain an active status in order to enjoy the perks of the plan.  

Moreover, a percentage of 4.97% will be subtracted from the sales as a merchant processing fee. This is to cover chargebacks and refund fees from all transactions.

How Much To Join Power Lead System?

The company doesn't force those who are interested to sign up immediately but in order to make use of and enjoy their accessories, they require a monthly subscription fee of 30 dollars per month.  

This fee enables utilization of the tools only, to be able to sell at the same time, an additional amount of 24 dollars is paid to be an affiliate of the company. 

 A total of a minimum of 54 dollars is needed monthly to be a part of the PLS system.

To learn more about Power Lead System, you can watch the video below:



Notable Creators

The main star advantage of power lead systems is their well-respected founders. 

Rare Company Type

The company is both an affiliate marketing program and a multi-level marketing company. This all in one deal is unique and has not yet crowded the market.  


Not For Beginners

Power Lead System offers a wide range of tools and services that is very commendable to make a certain company advertise nicely. Although starting businesses would not find them very helpful, what they provide is intended mostly for those who already have established their firm and only need bolstering to take their game up a notch. 

Too Much Sales Bang

The company promises too good to be true income returns with a little work needed to be achieved. It is not entirely wrong to project such high wage gains for it is not impossible but coaxing it that it will not require hard work would be the wrong move. 

If studied in-depth, affiliates need to sell double or triple every month in order to cope up with the losses. Unfortunately, a member will surely suffer a 24 dollars deduction due to the recurring monthly association fee in which if being considerate is not necessarily needed because all tools are sold separately and of a high price already. 

Compensation Plan

Aside from their plans are vague and are hard to be grasped by the common public. Making tons of money in an MLM program is not an easy sailing job. Besides, their terms and conditions that subscribed products are the ones you can market is a big put off for those aspiring to join.   

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Training Tools/Support

Power Lead System is a distributor of a business suite of advertising tools that are capable of providing enough, reliable, high-class, wide range and up to date seminars, courses, devices, and modules to their affiliates.  

However, it is pricey to keep up and avail of such services because they are not provided for free.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Power Lead System is indeed impressive and noteworthy with their founders as well as the service and compensation plans they have to offer. Yet, the company is not considered by numerous critics as a company recommendable to aspiring and or rising entrepreneurs.  

In my opinion, the major disadvantage of the company is that they are selective to the target market. It is supposed to be a helper but only for those who need improvement, not for those who are just starting to build their empires up.   

Moreover, the cost needed to be part of the association is expensive, as well as the maintenance to stay active. They also have terms that disbenefit their members in huge amounts of money which if considered or added to their monthly earnings might really contribute a lot to the success of every associate.  

Also, taking into account and concern that not all business beginners would have a huge capital to start would be a drawback for power lead systems.  

Hard work, perseverance, and passion are fundamental in order to succeed for instantly magical big returns and money while sleeping is far fetched in the real world.  

If making it big in no time with the minimum amount released is what you seek, think again before investing and going into the kind of venture that definitely will need hundreds of dollars spent for a couple more of it returned.

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