Stella And Dot Review – Legit Jewelry MLM Or Another Scam In Disguise?

is stella and dot a scam

Welcome to my Stella And Dot Review! 

Diamonds are a girl's best friends, as they say, that is why accessories of all sorts are so loved, admired, and wanted by women all around the world, especially those made in gold and silver not only for their aesthetic purpose but also because of the value it gives off as time passes by. 

Stella And Dot Review Summary

Name: Stella And Dot


Founders: Jessica Herin and Blythe Harris

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $199 To $699 For The Business Kits

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Quick Summary: Stella And Dot is an MLM company founded by mompreneurs Jessica Herin and Blythe Harris. It is an online jewelry shop that not only sells pieces of jewelry but also offers business packages for aspiring members.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

That being said, tons of companies have started to market such products because of the huge potential it has. One of which is called Stella And Dot, a brand that offers different types of jewelry online as well as business opportunities to its members.  

Another rare and unique type of multi-level marketing (MLM), right?  

So why not see first, facts and unbiased opinions to know more about Stella And Dot.

What Is Stella And Dot About?

Stella And Dot is a popular home-based MLM company that sells everything a girl must-have. The company’s main and starting product is their jewelry and they also have skincare products, bags, and clothes.  

In addition to this, the company offers lifestyle business packages to its members while they enjoy the perks of shopping and earning. 

An average associate receives 25% to 35% commission for every merchandise sold by them plus a chance to have added commission for the team sale if they invite more people to join.  

stella and dot founders Jessica Herin and Blythe Harris

Jessica Harris and Blythe Herrin, founders of Stella And Dot, are both former students of Stanford's MBA program. They are reunited in an alumni event wherein while catching up, had their eureka moment.  

The idea was prematurely conceptualized by Ms. Harris one time while riding on an elevator, from then they teamed up to bring about more power, innovation, and brilliance to the social-selling model company named after grandmothers, hence the name Stella And Dot.  

They launched the company last 2007, aiming to give women of all races and colors empowerment, especially mothers like them both, who are searching for a job that will not hinder their responsibilities in their households. 

Stella And Dot Product Line

stella and dot product line

As a fashion enterprise, Stella And Dot offer a diverse and wide range of merchandise. Their main product line is pieces of jewelry. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, charm jewelry, personalized, and engravable.  

The price depends on the style, material used, and actual value of the accessories. It usually ranges on an average of (a) earrings, $14.99 to $99 per pair, (b) rings, $32 to $64, (c) necklace, $30 to $200, (d) bracelets, $39 to $100.  

The engraving fee usually starts with $5 and the shipping fee $6.95, note that the price before check out does include the taxes to be paid. 

All types of skincare products, bags, watches, scarves, hats, different styles of tops, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses can also be found in their online shop. It is a one-stop-shop of everything girly and trendy.  

Moreover, Stella And Dot make it even more impressive being a part of highly known brands like Ever skincare and Keep Collective pieces of jewelry.  

They also conduct sales, give off free shipping and discount vouchers. Plus they attract aspiring members that by joining the club guarantees free shipping.

Is Stella And Dot A Scam?

Definitely, it is not a scam. They have actual goods to be sold and reliable partner brands.  

Also, the business is registered legally, has permitted, and other government requirements.  

Also, unlike other MLM companies that generate funds solely through recruitment, it works another way. Stella And Dot’s commission by recruitment is only a plus for they make money primarily by selling.  

Yet, issues of scam still arise because although the company vouch for all their members' trustworthiness and reliability, a chance that one out of a hundred of them is doing something fraudulent in order to recruit and conduct a sale is still possible.

Is Stella And Dot A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

A closer look at how Stella And Dot’s team is composed, it can be seen to have a pyramid type of structure since it starts with one person putting up several people down their line. However, take note that all multi-level companies have the same composition.  

Also by definition what makes a pyramid and Ponzi scheme deceptive is the word scheme, these schemes work by encouraging people to invest and invest in some imaginary goods and source out promised doubled funds through new investors. 

In addition, multi-level marketing companies are those who strategize on direct sales of products then add up more returns by inviting more people down the line.  

Ergo the bottom line, based on facts, legalities, and definitions per se, Stella And Dot is 100% a legit company. 

Stella And Dot are similar to Jewelry CandlesKeep Collective, and Sabika Jewelry.

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Stella And Dot Compensation Plan

Stella And Dot’s associates are called stylists. These stylists gain returns through commission sales of every merchandise they sold.  

Starting stylists earn an average of 25%, and if they persevere and make a sale amounting to $2500 at the very least, their commission will automatically rise to 30%.  

An increase in credit depends on the volume of products they get out of the company. For example a $5000 or $10,000 monthly revenue makes 32% and 35% commission respectively.  

That is based alone on personal sales, this is where the importance of recruitment follows. Having other stylists down the line generates an additional 12% commission on team sales. 

In detail, commission rates are based on Personal Qualifying Volume or PQV.  

The base commission is 25% but if an associate is tenacious with doing a sale, the company gives monthly power seller bonuses.  

For instance, a $10,000 PQV has a 10% bonus plus the base 25% base commission is equal to 35% total commission.  

Whereas, the additional team sales commission is based on the GQV or Group Qualifying Volume, Commissionable Volume, and the rank.  

All are computed the same as the PQV, but an important reminder to all stylists is that a $500 PQV must be maintained to be marked as active.  

Inability to reach the quota will automatically convert the account to a referral one which earns rewards by sharing the website.   

To learn more about Stella And Dot, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Stella And Dot?

The company has three options to join.  

All of these include a personal website, 50% off on the first 30 days, Dottie, which is Stella And Dot’s mobile application, digital and printing marketing materials, online and in-person training, new stylist workbook, and launch guides, and Mimi the company’s mobile digital assistant. 

The only difference between the three categories is the amount of Stella And Dot jewelry and accessories the stylist can initially have as a material.  

The cheapest is the Essential Kit which costs $199 and it includes $350-worth of products as a start out.  

Next is the More To Love Kit, which costs $499 and comes with $1000-worth of merchandise.  

Lastly, the Ultimate Kit amounting to $699, which comes with commodities amounting to $1500.  

Personal websites are provided to every stylist, although they encourage and highly recommend conducting trunk shows.  

Trunk shows are home parties intended to make a sale and invite people to join, wherein the goods are displayed for the guests to see and the host promotes and advertises the exhibits.  

Stella And Dot commendably provide everything a stylist may need from high-end kits and instruments to trunk show tools to succeed, but aspiring members should keep in mind that extra expenses like fuel and dining from trunk shows will definitely be in line.




Since Stella And Dot is an online shop it is very accessible to all kinds of consumers. Moreover, since it is more of home-based work, determined mompreneurs are very welcome to join.  

Besides, transactions are done online making it easy for those interested to make an appointment. 

High-End And Notable Products

Founders who have a background in making fashionable accessories use it to their advantage to make sure they have world-class, trendy, and exceptional merchandise. Also, their partnership with known brands is what makes them like and loved by buyers. 

Company Supervision

Stylists are well managed and supported by the company. Aside from having the right and correct tools, they also help by contacting them asking for updates. 

Trust and Reliability

Stella And Dot make it to a point to be clear and transparent on everything about the firm. Especially on their compensation plans, which they make readily accessible and easy to understand for everyone. 

Not Sales Restrictive

Stylists are not required to sell several products to gain commissions. Even a single sale in a year that reaches the quota will still make it. Also concerning this, they are not responsible for keeping goods in stock for inventory.  

Everything is managed and readily available online. 


Costs A Fortune

Unlike other MLM ventures, to be a part of Stella And Dot is a bit expensive. Not all are capable of starting a business with a couple of hundred dollars. Also to maintain and conduct trunk shows would require a little bit more capital. 

Low-Income Returns

Since sales talk has never been easy, immediate, and sure success is not guaranteed. Although the merchandise offered is at a reasonable price and seems to be a must-have, not all who are invited and posed will definitely buy, rendering extra hard work on members. 

Sales Quota

The firm requires a certain quota to stylists to maintain their active status and enjoy the perks. Inability to attain this will render the member commission to the next eligible one. 

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Training Tools/Support

As one of the good qualities of Stella And Dot, tools like mobile applications, mobile virtual assistants, trunk show tools, workbooks, and guides are provided to stylists. Also online and personal training are established on their website. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In general, based on facts, other reviews, and the creator's reputation, Stella And Dot is a credible and decent company. 

Its offers are also ingenious for those who want to make extra income even at the comforts of their home. Reviews regarding their products are also commendable. Yet, attributes like strong socialization, powerful persuasion skills, wits, and perseverance must be possessed by an aspiring stylist. 

After all, selling is never an easy and smooth sailing job. So if you have what it takes to make it big with just a few sweet words, joining Stella And Dot’s team would be a good platform. 

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Thank you for reading our Stella And Dot review.

We hope that we have enlightened you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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