Is Ace Initiative A Scam – Educational Platform With Hidden Agenda?

is ace initiative a scam

Welcome to My Ace Initiative Review! 

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Ben Franklin

The Ace Initiative Review Summary

Name: The Ace Initiative


Founders: Travis Fox, Brandon Odom, And Bryan Hodgson 

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For The Membership Fee Every Month + $1,980 To $4,980 For Enagic Products

ace initiative logo

Quick Summary: The Ace Initiative offers and opens a great business opportunity for every aspiring entrepreneur.

As for their name, A.C.E implies “Architects Creating Entrepreneurs.” They help their associates to unleash their strong business potentials and use it as leverage to make money.

Apart from making money, Ace Initiative also empowers each member to go from “survival mode'' to “thrive mode” in every aspect of their lives. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Since the dawn of civilization, people are driven in the pursuit of knowledge. It is proven through time with the advancement of technology and discovery.  

Is it really the key to a successful life? Or some use it to take advantage of others who are lacking it? 

what is ace initiative

What Is Ace Initiative About?

The Ace Initiative is a business and education platform, which aims not only to educate individuals with their potential but also to guide them to discover what they are truly passionate about in their lives.  

With the help of their experienced coaches and mentors, the Ace members were pushed to be open to business opportunities across several vertical markets.  

The brain and co-founders behind this creative platform are Travis Fox, which they called “The Architects”, Brandon Odom, known as “The Mechanics” and lastly, Bryan Hodgson as “The Driver.” 

ace initiative founders Travis Fox, Brandon Odom, And Bryan Hodgson

These three successful entrepreneurs have joined forces to build The ACE (“Architects Creating Entrepreneurs”) Initiative program to help others to achieve their own life’s victory, regardless of their educational attainment, financial situation, technical background with a vision of “lead from the bottom up” leading them to endless opportunity.  

Furthermore, all three founders were also distributors and members of Enagic and Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ). And, this makes Ace Initiative an “automated sales funnel” to recruit people to Enagic, another multi-level marketing (MLM) company.  

In fact, GAZ is the pioneer for the automated sales funnel of Enagic, which later on, led to the creation of the Ace Initiative and Digital Genius Lab

Apparently, the above mentioned MLM companies are all interconnected, but we’re focusing more on Ace Initiative.  

Now, let’s dive deeper into the Ace Initiative program. To begin with Ace Initiative, an initial $99 is a prerequisite to be a member and to have your own “personalized” dashboard.   

Upon creating your own dashboard, you were introduced to four simple steps: 

  • Book Your Strategy Call
  • Onboarding Training
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Fast Start to Profitable Online Marketing  

Each step has its own components.  

Let us chunk it into pieces. 

To unlock Steps 2 to 4, you have to go through the “Book Your Strategy Call” first and choose your Coach. Then, you will now have access to all the programs.  

Members are suggested to finish the “Onboard Training” before moving to a strategy call with your coach. So you will have an overview of the whole process.  

During the Onboard Training, the Co-Founder Bryan Hodgson will educate you more about the “simplified stuff and the “Golden Formula” to earn six digits. 

As he mentioned from his instruction video, in his first 4 days his bank account grows from $200 to $15,000. Giving credit for learning the simplified stuff from Bryan Odom. They promised that the same results will happen to you.  

Here’s the list of the simplified stuff that you will learn with Ace Initiative: 

  • The skillset for you to start any online business;
  • You'll know how to turn your passion into a full-blown business;
  • Build your personal brand. 

After learning the simplified list above, you are now ready for the Golden Formula. 

Offer (High Ticket Offer - Enagic) + Conversion Process (You are in it - Ace Initiative Funnel) + Traffic (They'll Teach you) = $$$

Though Enagic was not mentioned particularly by Bryan Odom, you will bump into it as the training progresses. 

To gain profit, one should offer a High Ticket/program. Meaning through this program you will successfully earn at least a $500 commission when you sell it online.

But for you to sell this program, you need to create a vast audience or potential buyers. That’s why learning to build effective web traffic is vital. 

To make it all work, you’ll need an automated system that will do the selling and telling, in which the Conversion Process takes place. 

In reality, the concept of the Golden Formula is not new to the public, it already exists since the beginning of the “make money online” idea. 

Luckily, Ace Initiative will help you learn the two formulas.  

Hence, you will have more time to focus on how you will create your own traffic.  

Now we are done with the Onboard Training.  

Let’s jump into the third step, the “Complete your Profile.”  

In this step, you are required to input all your profile information and the links to all your social media accounts for tracking.  

Once everything is set, your newly recruited Ace Initiative member will get access to all your Social Media links seen in the member’s area. 

Moving on the “Fast Start to Online Marketing.” 

In this final step, you will learn how to create your Ace Initiative Business Profile.  

Here are the basic process:

  • Set up your Ace Initiative Profile
  • Build your Facebook Fan Page
  • Create "Quality" content on Your Facebook page
  • Brand Yourself
  • Create Video Ads
  • Run an ad on Facebook
  • Chat with people on Facebook Messenger
  • Expect money to roll in 

As you notice, Ace Initiative utilizes Facebook Ads.  

They are more focused on creating paid ads to attract the target market and to increase traffic, rather than maximizing the tools to produce organic audiences. 

Remember FB ads are not free. You need to spend money to make the dice rolling.  

Not mentioning the analytics behind the FB Ads that you should understand, to realize if you are using it effectively or you just losing tons of money through it. 

Are these “proposed” and “recommended” training enough for you to become successful in this line of business?

Ace Initiative Product Line 

Ace Initiative offers and educates members through the use of their cutting edge digital marketing, social media, advertising, branding, and sales comprehensive training program. 

Their platform molds you to become a successful affiliate marketer by selling and promoting the Ace Initiative program and by building your network through high ticket referrals to gain commissions on Ace software subscriptions. 

Is Ace Initiative A Scam?

Giving a glimpse through the looking glass inside Ace Initiative profile. I can simply say it is a snow job.  

Yes! Imagine yourself holding a grain of sand on your palm. The sand continuously fell off until nothing left.  

In comparison to Ace Initiative, you just keep on investing $99 per month in some online training that provides you only surface knowledge until you lose all your funds. 

For example, they will teach you how to create and run ads.  

But they did not explain to you the analytics behind it. How would you know if you are making an effective marketing campaign, or just wasting money?  

They will train you on how to make quality content by making fancy quotes or by boosting unbelievable testimonials.  

Are those making significance to others? 

They will teach you to make your own branding.  

But do you really know what you want to portray or what you want others to see you? 

These are only a few holes I could see.  

Indeed, the training materials and presentation are superb.  

However, I think it is not useful enough to harness all your abilities for you to succeed and be profitable.

Is Ace Initiative A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

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Ace Initiative Compensation Plan

In my view, Ace Initiative is somewhat in the middle of what they called the Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme.  


It heavily focuses on investing money solely for an extensive online training program as they claimed.  

In fact, it is specifically made to promote Enagic. It is not an actual educational platform that will create you into a billion-dollar entrepreneur just by using all your potentials.  

No products, only a membership fee in exchange for training materials, which makes it look like a Ponzi Scheme.  

Well truthfully, it is a self-recruitment system. That makes it falls under the Pyramid Scheme.  

Moreover, Ace Initiative is only a fraction of the other three MLM companies that co-exist.  

They are only using Ace Initiative as an automated sales funnel for the other bigger MLM companies like Enagic, Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ), and Digital Genius Lab

You can simply say that Ace Initiative has no authenticity. It is only a complete replica of those mentioned MLM companies. 

Ace Initiative Compensation Plan

Since Ace Initiative is associated with Enagic, the same compensation plan as the latter has been used.  

They refer to their compensation plan as the 8 - point business model. This business model is patented to Enagic alone. 

Enagic pays you on a daily basis for every sale you make.  

There are 6 business levels; each level requires a sales quota depending on your level. 

To understand how Ace Initiative’s compensation plan works, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Ace Initiative?

To become a certified Ace Initiative member you need to shell out 99 dollars per month. With that amount, you are now ready to launch your Ace Initiative business platform by creating your own dashboard.  

Aside from the monthly fee, you are also required to purchase products from its partner company, Enagic.   

Enagic is an MLM company that markets high-end water filtration systems. Well, the cheapest water machine costs about $1,980.  

The most expensive one, the top of the line K8 which cost $4,980. 

These are the numbers to be considered if you want to join the Ace Initiative program. 



Learn From The Experts

The co-founders are known to be successful entrepreneurs in each of their chosen fields. They have proven themselves in the world of business. 

Innovative Learning Materials And Training 

Through the help of cutting edge technology, Ace Initiative gives an MLM Company a new face in the digital world where they focus most on digital advertising, branding, sales, and effectively utilize social media platforms for marketing.  


Expensive and Confusing Opportunity

Aside from the monthly 99 dollars membership fee to access all the training materials. Members are also forced to purchase Enagic products. Their products range from $1,980 as the cheapest up to $4,980.  

You are required to purchase Enagic products to make the whole system work.  

Misleading Business Profile

What makes it complicated? Ace Initiative is only used as a front to recruit members to join Enagic. Yes, it is only a sales funnel to attract more clients to introduce and promote Enagic.  

Constraint To Market Enagic

As promised, Ace Initiative should mold you on how to become an outstanding online marketer and maximize your potentials in your chosen craft.  

Unfortunately, they will train you to look for people who require the Enagic Water Filtration System, instead.

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Training Tools/Support

The complete training material was provided through online videos and a personal coaching session. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

There is nothing wrong with investing in education. It is one of the essential aspects of survival. Every day, we have encountered new learning experiences. New learnings that we could apply to have a better life.  

However, not all learning curves are good and not all teachers are the best mentors, especially if you fall into another shady business like Ace Initiative. I suggest you do your research first and don’t fall for promises that will later break your pocket.  

Joining an MLM company is not bad at all but be vigilant in choosing one. 

What’s Next?

If you don’t want to get yourself involved in scam-like programs, I suggest that you join our #1 recommended program now.

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Thank you for reading our Ace Initiative review.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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