Is Princess House A Scam? 5 Decade Old Kitchenware MLM Revealed!

is princess house a scam

Welcome to My Princess House Review! 

As we know, there’s a lot of MLM companies out there, some may not survive a decade but there are also some long-standing MLMs that have even reached a century.  

Well, 50 years alone is a big achievement. 

Princess House Review Summary

Name: Princess House


Founders: Charles Collis

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $139 To Become Eligible + $585 For The Products

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Quick Summary: Princess House is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells high-quality home products primarily cookware. Being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program to whom they refer as independent consultants.

Apparently, just like most long-standing MLMs, affiliates still hardly earn money.

Being one of the older MLMs, Princess House still utilizes home parties for marketing and selling. Being a hostess of a home party enables one to have a chance to receive a hostess bonus. 

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Being that long makes you curious about what the company did to reach that time frame.  

Having said that, this made me also want to check on Princess House, which is a pretty much established MLM with 57 years of existence.  

What made it that far? Is it worth taking the shot if you’re looking for a business these days?  

These kinds of questions in mind and other important details about Princess House, we will tackle in this review!

what is princess house about

What Is Princess House About?

Princess House, Inc. is an MLM company that sells a variety of quality home products like cookware and glass storage containers, tools, and more. The company is based in Massachusetts and has been in business in the Taunton area for over 5 decades.  

It is a multicultural operation with more than 50 years of experience in the direct selling industry. 

Princess House was founded in 1963 by the late entrepreneur Charles Collis where it started with lovely hand-blown, cut-glass crystal ware, and collectibles.  

Today, the company has evolved to sell a diverse array of products. Collins began the idea of the business when he saw it as the best way to empower women both financially and personally in a culture of a few viable career options.  

Now, the company lives on to this legacy.  

The owner of the company is Ray Chambers. The previous President and CEO of Princess House were Connie Tang, who is the first-ever woman President/CEO for Princess House in the past decades.  

Connie Tang has over 20 years of experience, which started at the bottom and eventually worked her way up. But currently, Princess House is led by Lynne Cote, who was previously the CEO of CAbi, LLC, which is an MLM that markets and sells fashion clothing, jewelry, and accessories which we’ve previously reviewed.   

Princess House is privately owned and back in 2015 was rated one of the Top Women-Owned Businesses In MA. by the Boston Globe. 

The company’s state-of-the-art 210,000 square foot distribution center is located in Rural Hall, North Carolina. And Princess House not only operates in the United States but also in Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.   

Princess House Product Line  

Princess house product line offers a variety of home products primarily focused on kitchenware from cooking wares, such as pans, cutlery, dish collections, beautiful table settings, glass storage containers. 

Is Princess House A Scam?

Princess House had been around in the business for over 50 years to be considered a scam.  

In fact, it’s considered one of them older MLM companies. It is a legitimate company with a legit business opportunity you can earn from as an affiliate.  

It is also a member of the Direct Selling Association and it is a Better Bureau Business (BBB) Accredited company with an A+ rating.

princess house product line

Is Princess House A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Princess House comes with retailable products so it’s not a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi Scheme as it even comes with a legit business opportunity and real products where you can earn from as you sell it.  

But you still will have to opt to recruit to gain bigger commissions and bigger bonuses but recruitment is not the sole way to earn income here. 

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Princess House Compensation Plan

Basically as an MLM company, you will earn through sales and from recruitment commissions.  

Direct Sales

  • Home Parties - Princess House is one of those MLMs that still utilize home parties. As the company claims that the in-home party is the building block of a Princess House business because it’s where you’ll meet most of your future Hostesses and New Consultants. It’s also where you’ll make the most personal sales and profits as these home parties can be highly effective and it can pave the way to 500-dollar earnings a month.
  • Hostess Bonus - As a Princess House consultant, you will also have the opportunity to receive this bonus if you sell 350 dollars worth of products. This bonus will enable you to receive 85 dollars in free credits. It is possible to receive as much as 290 dollars in free credits if you make 1,000 dollars worth of sales. In addition, you can receive hostess products and specials for free after the event. 

Your base commission rate is at 25%, but it will increase to 30% if you sell products worth between $1,250 to $1,999 and it will increase to 35% if you sell products worth more than $1,999. Your commission rate will reset every month back to the base rate. Thus, if you want to earn more monthly, then sell more. 

Building a Team of Consultants - Being an MLM, Princess House also comes in Affiliate Ranks. As you sell and build a team, you can get promoted and these are the following tiers a Princess House affiliate can get promoted to: 

  • Advanced Consultant - It must have a single “active leg”(an individual that a consultant brought to the company and is actively maintaining a personal retail volume of 200 dollars or more). In addition, advanced consultants must maintain a personal retail volume of at least 200 dollars.
  • Senior Consultant - It must have at least 2 “active legs”, and they must maintain a personal retail volume of at least 300 dollars.
  • Lead Consultant - It should have at least 2 “active legs”, and they must maintain a personal retail volume of 400 dollars. Their team must maintain an active retail volume of 1,500 dollars.
  • Senior Lead Consultant - It must have at least 3 “active legs”, and one of them must be an advanced consultant. They must have an active retail volume of 500 dollars, and their team must maintain a retail volume of 3,000 dollars.
  • Premier Consultant - You are considered a manager rather than a consultant. To become a premier consultant, it is necessary to have four “active legs”. Two of these individuals must be senior consultants. Premier consultants must maintain an active retail volume of 600 dollars, and their team must maintain a retail volume of 5,000 dollars.
  • Team Manager - It is the highest position that you can achieve with the company, and it is necessary to have 5 “active legs”. Two of these “active legs” must be lead consultants, and team managers must maintain an active retail volume of 700 dollars. Their team must maintain an active retail volume of 8,000 dollars.

How Much To Join Princess House?

The cost to join as a Princess House Independent consultant and have a chance to avail of the company’s compensation plan will cost you $139.  

This comes along with a kit that comes along with business supplies that you'll need to host your home party. It is inclusive of $585 worth of products.  

Princess House provides each of its consultants with free training and a free website.  

To learn more about Princess House, you can watch the video below: 



Established MLM 

One thing I could commend Princess House for is that they are pretty established. In fact, it’s one of the older MLMs. Imagine, 50 years in the business. That’s a great achievement!  

It’s indeed a pretty good record.  

Great Consultant Training And Support

Though the company often complained of poor customer service brought about by consultants' misdealings with their customers, Princess House, however, provides pretty good support and training when it comes to their affiliates.  

They even have monthly Princess House mailings with updates on new programs and incentives and even have bilingual support. 


Customer Support Rely On Consultant 

Yes, Princess House promises a lifetime warranty to its customers. However, in reality, it doesn't seem to exist because the consultants are the ones assigned to cater to these matters and unfortunately, consultants became uncontactable or rude when it comes to customer support. They may offer free training to their consultants but it would be a waste if they won’t know how to deal with matters like this especially customer support or service which is vital in any business. 

Product Expensive And Not That Unique 

Princess House products are expensive compared to the same product lines on other MLMs.  

Well, they claim that the cost is because of the materials used and craftsmen but probably, it’s because they are in the MLM industry and need to raise the price to adjust the amount that they can pay their affiliate members.  

And also thinking about it, the same kind of product lines are even available on Amazon or other social platforms and are even cheaper. These products are even as well available on the homestore in the mall near you.  

So, why buy something that’s expensive? And why join in a business selling products that are not that unique?  

Home Party Hassle 

As the company says, in-home parties are the building block of a Princess House business. Well, it can give you a big income if you’re good at it. However, it will take a lot. And also, your success in these depends highly on your ability to convince your audience to buy the products.  

Well, you’ll definitely earn well if you do well and if you have the skills and guts but for beginners and for people who are not into these marketing strategies, it’ll definitely be a hassle.  

MLM Challenge 

The truth of the matter prevails, MLM is hard. So, it’s gonna be a challenge. Not only, you’ll worry about increasing your sales but you’ll also have to work on a team that basically does the same thing. So, basically, you’ll still opt to recruit to earn bigger. 

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Training Tools/Support

As an Independent Consultant in Princess House, you will get free training and support from your leader, free online training plus monthly Princess House mailings with updates on new programs and incentives.  

You’ll also have our own free personal Princess House website which is an easy and professional way to introduce Princess House products to customers and the business opportunity to potential affiliates. 

And because the majority of their independent sales force or consultants are Spanish-speaking, Princess House also offers bilingual support for Spanish-speaking consultants, hosts, and customers.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, I still wonder why Princess House stood the test of time and reached over 50 years in the business. But maybe because their sales are still rocketing up to this time.  

But how?  

Well, maybe they had the right people to do the business. You know, consultants who are adept with MLM talks, good in sales and recruitment probably because of the training the company provides.  

Yes, Princess House is a legit company with a legit business. Well, to the right person, probably you could earn big but that would still definitely require a lot of work. For me, it’ll only be still good as a side income. So, my verdict is NO if you’re looking for a stable earning job. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my review! 

I hope that this has helped you decide whether you should join this opportunity program or not. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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