Is CAbi Clothing A Scam? Can You Make Money With This High-Ticket MLM Company?

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Welcome to My CAbi Clothing Review!

Apparel businesses are all over the world and most women are fond of styling themselves with such clothing fashion from these establishments. 

And because of the technology made available these days, you can now as well go online shopping and search the latest fashion trends and choose an outfit of preference by just a click. 

CAbi Clothing Review Summary

Name: CAbi Clothing


Founders: Carol Anderson and Jan Janura

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $2750 Start-Up Fee + Shipping And Other Applicable Expenses

cabi clothing logo

Quick Summary: CAbi clothing is a legitimate direct-selling multi-level marketing (MLM) apparel company that markets and sells different styles of clothing, jewelry and accessories for women.

Offering an MLM opportunity, they identify their affiliates as CAbi “stylists” where just like most MLMs, they will get to earn commissions by marketing and selling the products and by having commissions whenever the team under them also makes a sale.

But despite being legit, they too have issues such as being too expensive. But for those who can’t afford the affiliate fees, they can opt to host a Fashion experience showcasing CAbi products. Being a host, they can benefit by earning discounts on clothing. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

And here comes CAbi Clothing, a business opportunity that allows you to not only pursue your fashion passion but as well gain income by joining their multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity. 

Is CAbi Clothing a scam? How does it work? Will it help you make money online?

Get all the answers you need in my CAbi Clothing review.

What Is CAbi Clothing About?

CAbi Clothing is a legit direct-sales clothing company that markets women's clothing (as well as seasonal or trendy clothing), jewelry and accessories. The name “CAbi” stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation.

Carol Anderson (with her husband Jan Janura) were the founders of CAbi. They established the company in 2002 with the partnership of Kimberly Inskeep (current President) and along with 10 other friends, which were all women whom they also refer as co-founders, namely:

  • Suzanne Eisenbrand
  • Cynthia Mertensmeyer
  • Maryjo Valder, Syd Ryan
  • Karen Kohlan
  • Susie Anderson
  •  Janet Hankinson
  • Anne Hunter
  • Kim Carpenter
  • Linda Nelson 
Carol Anderson and husband Jan Janura  cabi clothing

Long before the birth of CAbi clothing, Carol and her husband Jan already made their debut in the clothing business. It was in 1977 when they made their first sale to Nordstrom more than 4 decades ago. For 25 years Carol was successful in the field, selling to boutiques and department stores.

Along with Inskeep and 10 other women co-founders, they launched CAbi to maintain Carol Anderson's creative freedom, bring her loyal following of customers into a new convenient shopping experience filled with style and ideas, and an opportunity for women to be entrepreneurs in a career that would give them a lucrative income, flexibility of lifestyle and women empowerment through rich relationships with women in one accord.   

From Left to Right (Suzanne Eisenbrand, Cynthia Mertensmeyer, Maryjo Valder, Syd Ryan, Karen Kohlan, Susie Anderson, Janet Hankinson, Anne Hunter, Kim Carpenter, Linda Nelson)

With a firm foundation of success, and a new visionary CEO, Lynne Coté, CAbi is assured to spread their belief "affecting lives through relationship" even further — transforming the lives of women globally. 

Currently, CAbi operates in Canada, USA, and the UK, with annual revenue reaching 250 million (2016). 

CAbi Clothing Product Line 

CAbi is a brand with a variety of products, as you can see they have a lot to offer. You have a lot of choices to choose from depending on your preference in fashion and they have as well the latest trends. CAbi is an MLM company that markets products from accessories to dresses, jackets, sweaters, jeans, shoes and even plus size clothing for women.

CAbi Clothing product line
CAbi Clothing product line
CAbi Clothing product line

Does It Work?

Well, I don’t have first-hand experience with their products but below are some reviews I’ve found and most say that their products are good. Their products are made to be versatile and wearable.

It's not cheap but indeed it’s worth it since materials are not as well cheap. So, it would be safe to assume that the quality of their products is meeting expectations. But see the reviews below and be the judge yourself!

How To Make Money With CAbi Clothing?  

Just like the usual MLM structure, you can earn as a consultant through these options: 

  1. Personal Sales - Receive a 25% to 33% commission on items you sell.
  2. Team Sales - Receive an additional commission based on what your team sells.
  3. Inventory Sales - Recoup expenses and earn additional income when you sell your Seasonal Inventory at the end of each season.

But unlike many network marketing companies, CAbi does not have arbitrary milestones and titles such as “Copper”, “Bronze”, “Silver", “Gold” or other ranks, stylists simply earn a commission on their own sales, (which ranges from 20%-33%) and as well as commission on their downline’s sales.

Downline Commissions

  • 1st Tier Downline – 3% (additional 5% if you qualify for the Team Builder Bonus explained below)
  • 2nd Tier Downline – 5%
  • 3rd Tier Downline – 3%
  • 4th Tier Downline – 2%

Your personal commission (based on your own sales) starts at 20%. However, if you can sell $2500 per month it increases by 5% (for a total of 25%).

Team Builder Bonus

  • An additional 8% will be added to your personal commission rate (bringing it to 33%) when you and your 1st Tier Downline sell $24,000 in a single month. And...
  • You also earn an additional 5% on your 1st Tier sales (bringing that rate to 8%).

Learn more about CAbi Clothing’s opportunity by watching the video below:

 If you can’t go with the CAbi stylist affiliate program, you have another option -- hosting a fashion experience opportunity. If joining the affiliate program is too pricey, you can try hosting a home party or what they call a fashion experience.  

In this event, you will host the party at home and bring an audience, such as friends. Meanwhile, a CAbi stylist will bring the clothes and they’ll work hand in hand to help define the personal style of each attendee.  

Being a host of this hosting party lets you earn discounts on clothing. For example, 50% off for every $250 sale and bigger discounts for higher sales.

Is CAbi Clothing A Scam? 

No. It’s not a scam.  

CAbi Clothing is a legitimate clothing MLM company that’s been already running since 2002. With a company like this, you can be assured and confident that they operate lawfully and are legally not a pyramid scheme, although the organization you build and the way money is distributed is similar to a pyramid. 

They have been reliable when it comes to stylized clothing but still, I would not recommend you joining this MLM opportunity.


The cost to get started with the CAbi stylist opportunity is $2570, which gets you a complete seasonal line of inventory samples. The starter kit includes 80 to 120 pieces of CAbi products. 

On top of this, you have to handle the shipping fee and other applicable expenses.

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Reliable Company And Wonderful Product

The company has been already operating and selling these brands of apparel for more or less 18 years now and that makes them reliable since buyers still support their brand up to this day.  

CAbi clothing is made to be versatile and wearable. It's not cheap but it's also not cheap in quality or style. It's simple pieces to make a woman's life more stylish yet not more complicated. Even most reviews say that their products are great. 

Women Empowerment

I like the idea that this company encourages women empowerment through the strengthening of bonds and relationships. I think that’s pretty noble, as well as their advocacy to donate for a cause. 


Being A Member “Cabi Stylist” Is Expensive

This MLM opportunity is not for all. Why? Because it takes to be financially well-off to start as a stylist. It would cost you more than $2570 to be a member. 

In addition, you have to pay for the additional fees, such as shipping, training, etc. that being said, the cost of joining is probably one of the major issues of this MLM opportunity. 


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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity intended for those who have skills in sales and are good at recruitment and finding the right leads. And also it is for those who are wanting a part-time job and it is also for those who have the passion for fashion and styling in which women are the majority since the company as well upholds women empowerment.

It is also for those who are quite well-off financially since the cost of joining is pricey!

Final Opinion/Verdict

To cap it off, CAbi clothing is a legitimate MLM company. Yes, it’s definitely not a scam. They also have hosting parties that will help promote and endorse the products and as well as give opportunities to non-stylists to gain income. 

Yet, one major pet peeve is that joining their affiliate program is pretty expensive. Perhaps, only those who are financially-capable can join.  

On the other hand, their compensation plan is simple and the products are great though quite expensive. It can be a part-time job and maybe can give you a lucrative income if you really work hard triple times. 

I’m not a fan of MLM companies but I must admit, I like CAbi Clothing. It is expensive but if you like their products and you believe in it (and you have the necessary skills and expertise needed for sales and marketing), you can consider this option.

Otherwise, you can try my alternative.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my CAbi Clothing review and if you have any questions or comments or if you want to share your personal story, please feel free to do so in the comment box below.

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