Is Q Sciences A Scam? Legit But It Has A Couple Of Red Flags!

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Welcome to My Q Sciences Review!

If there’s one thing similar to most multi-level marketing programs, it’s their ability to make many people believe that their products and opportunities are the best. They know how to lure people to join their program so it’s important to check on their business first before you sign up.

So, if you’re here to know whether Q Sciences is a legit business opportunity or just another scam, then you’re in the right place.

Q Sciences Review Summary

Name: Q Sciences


Founders: Daren Hogge and Marc Wilson

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing 

Price:  $79.95 To Become An Ambassador | $125 to $435 For The Products

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Quick Summary: Q Science is an MLM company that promotes nutritional and weight loss supplements. They also have skincare and pet essentials. It looks like the usual MLM brands that help you become healthy and fit but once you know what it’s really about, I bet you’ll end up disappointed.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

First of all, I’m not affiliated with the company and I’m here to reveal the truth behind this MLM brand. Second, I’ll share with you the top recommended program that I (and many individuals) suggest when you want to make money online just in case you think Q Sciences won’t work on your part.

What Is Q Science About?

Q Sciences -- or Quintessential Biosciences -- is a multi-level marketing company that promotes weight, nutrition, and skincare essentials. 

Now, an MLM is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people are extremely hesitant about this kind of business and no one can blame them. Although legit, this kind of business model has left negative impressions on many individuals (including me) but before we go further, let me discuss what an MLM is about. 

Many people confuse MLM with a pyramid scheme because of one similarity they have -- the recruitment part. When you join a multi-level marketing company (also known as network marketing), you will be asked to invite new members to join your team so you can earn more commissions and incentives.

However, the main difference is that you will not be compensated directly for recruiting new people instead, you will receive bonuses when your team has reached a milestone or a certain amount of sales. Another difference is that you earn by promoting tangible products. 

With a pyramid scheme, you make money just by referring a new person. You have no products to sell, although some pyramid companies provide products to hide their real agenda. 

Q Sciences Founders

The founder of Q Sciences is Daren Hogge, a former member of various direct selling companies. Apparently, he was approached by a friend who knows a Canadian formulator selling products that reduce stress. 

darren hogge

He was convinced and after a couple of days discussing about it, the deal was closed and Hogge had the exclusive rights to promote the product. In December 2012, he launched Q Sciences along with Marc Wilson and Jimmy Kossert.

Now, like most MLM founders, Hogge has been involved in a few ruckus. For example, his former company, Genesis,  where he was assigned as the president, was sued by Texas AG for fraud. While he’s not directly involved with it, one thing that I’m concerned about is the claims that his previous companies make.

Most of the brands that Hogge has been with are in the health and wellness niche and most of them claim that they have found a miracle product. It’s good if it’s true but what I’m skeptical about is the fact that he leaves the company for another once the rave is over and then does it again -- several times.

Okay, that may not be much of an issue anymore since it’s over but here’s one alarming thing I found out. According to a source, a woman in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park is telling people that a certain supplement helps in dealing with ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, autism, and other mental conditions.

According to the woman, this all-natural supplement can cure “any mental illness”. She also claimed that “It’s a vitamin that you take instead of taking your prescription meds”. I’m not an expert but I know that it’s one dangerous claim to make.

While there are people claiming that their lives have been changed by their product -- EMPower Plus Q96 -- there are reports suggesting otherwise. For example, a 27-year-old schizophrenic man, Jordan Ramsay killed his father and seriously injured his mother. He claimed that they were aliens and that he has to kill them.

He’s pleaded not guilty though because his lawyer suggest that he has a mental illness. On top of this, Ramsay was off his medications because he was taking True Hope Empower Plus instead.

Another controversial issue that Q Sciences has been involved with is the “deceptive business practices”. Just like the woman at Salt Lake, many of their distributors act like they are doctors and instead of continuing prescribed medications, they tell people to take their supplements.

If this doesn’t convince you to stay away from the company, I don’t know what else will. But, for the sake of transparency and full review, I’ll give you a glimpse of their products.

Q Sciences Products

Q Sciences promotes supplements for weight loss and nutrition, including:

q sciences products
  • Q Sport
  • Q Max
  • Q 96
  • Q Max Berries & Banana
  • Q B12
  • Q C+
  • Q D3
  • Q Biotics
  • Q Cleanse
  • Q Mask
  • Q Lift
  • Q Day Cream
  • Q Night Cream

Q Sciences Compensation Plan

Like usual MLM companies, such as Team Beachbody, Thrive Life, Purium, and Market America, there are two ways to earn cash. One is by selling their products and two is by inviting new people to join the program.

As a consultant, you can buy their products at a wholesale price, sell it at a retail price, and earn through profit sales. Another way is by recruiting new people. While you can’t earn directly by referring individuals, your rank will increase when you have more downline and this can increase your commissions, incentives, and bonuses.

Here’s an outline of Q Sciences Rank:

  • Builder Rank
  • Pro Rank
  • Executive Rank
  • Elite Rank
  • Bronze Rank
  • Silver Rank
  • Gold Rank
  • Platinum Rank
  • Ruby Rank
  • Emerald Rank
  • Diamond Rank
  • Blue Diamond Rank
  • Black Diamond Rank
  • Royal Diamond Rank
  • Presidential Diamond Rank
  • Crown Diamond Rank

To learn more about Q Sciences Compensation Plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Q Science A Scam?

Is Q Sciences legit or another pyramid scheme in disguise?

From what it looks like, I cannot directly say that Q Sciences is a scam. However, this is the type of MLM company that you should watch out for. The issues they’ve been involved with is not easy to shake off. I mean, someone has died because of the bold claims that their distributors make.

Also, if you rely on Better Business Bureau, you’ll find out three RED FLAGS:

  • It is not accredited.
  • It has received an F rating.
  • It has unanswered complaints.

q sciences bbb rating

Often, I see negative feedback from various MLM companies on BBB but their customer support are consistent enough in answering their concerns. 

Some complaints involved charged credit cards even without receiving the products, poor customer support, and charged credit cards without consent.

q sciences customer complaints
q sciences updated reviews

If you expected Q Sciences to be a good company but turned out disappointed, don’t worry. I got a better solution!

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Is Q Sciences A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

MLMs are commonly referred as a pyramid scheme but in reality, these are two different things.

The business model itself is legit for network marketing companies because 1.) they have products, tangible or digital, to sell and 2.) the compensation plan does not rely on the recruitment alone.

Also, when an MLM distributor recruits another person, they don’t earn directly from referring another person rather, from the sales that their downline or team makes.

As for pyramid schemes, the only source of income is the money from new referrals. A portion of it will be used to pay you for inviting a new person and while it may work for a short time, if they run out of new recruits, there will be no more source of cash.

Ponzi schemes, on the other hand, work by asking investors to invest a huge amount of cash so they can get a big return in the future. 

Now since there are no products to sell and make money from nor legit stocks or similar programs to invest in, it’s unstable and is considered as a scam.

Q Sciences, despite all the lawsuits they’ve been through, follows a legit MLM business model so it’s not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme.

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To become an affiliate of Q Sciences, you have to pay $79.95. But this doesn’t include the products that you need to sell yet. As an affiliate, you can choose from any of their packages with rates ranging from $125 to $435.

Compared to other MLM companies, this is the least expensive but even so, their brand has been involved with alarming issues so I don’t think that it’s a good investment.



To be honest, I don’t see any pros about this company anymore. Mental health matters to me a lot and considering how their distributors act like they know how to cure it is disappointing.


Unethical Business Practices

For the sake of gaining sales, most of their distributors are doing unethical business practices. As mentioned above, one woman who’s selling their supplement claimed that their products can replace prescribed medications. 

One news has proven why it’s dangerous to use their supplements alone and disregard medical prescriptions. I don’t see any point why they are doing this except for making a sale.

No Income Disclosure Statement

I browsed their site and looked for it online but I wasn’t able to find an income disclosure statement of Q Science. This is important for anyone who wants to become their ambassador/consultant. Too bad the brand did not provide a copy of it. Are they hiding anything?

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Final Opinion/Verdict

You may find this review biased because I’ve said little to nothing good about the company but I have a good reason for that.

Bold claims are rampant in MLM companies when inviting new people but most of the time, it’s with their income. However, with Q Science, I believe they went beyond their limitations. They provided false claims, such as using their supplements to cure mental conditions, to trick people. That’s one thing that I don’t like about this company.

As a mental health advocate, I believe that the stigma with mental illness should end. In line with this, I hope that everyone takes mental condition seriously and avoid recommending products or methods that would only make the situation worse.

What’s Next?

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