Legendary Marketer Review 2023 – Still Around Really?


Are you looking for the latest Legendary Marketer review 2023 and wondering: Is Legendary Marketer Legit? And why this high ticket business model gained so much popularity especially during the midst of 2020. 

Here is the thing: There are a ton of Legendary Marketer reviews online that are completely outdated as there are so many things that have changed for 2021. Most of the reviews cover information from 2018 -2019 before the major changes were rolled out in Legendary Marketer program. 

I will take a deep dive into Legendary Marketer as I have been promoting several program in Make Money Online niche and then decided to give Legendary Marketer also a chance. 

I will uncover some insider information about Legendary Marketer and Dave Sharpe whom I still remember from Empower Network

Excited? Let's jump in to this: 

Legendary Marketer Review Summary

Name: Legendary Marketer

Website: www.legendarymarketer.com

Founders: David Sharpe

Product Type: One-Level Affiliate Marketing

Price: Starting from $7 

legendary marketer logo

Quick Summary: Legendary Marketer is a High Ticket program that offers education to it's members in form of educational courses. They teach paid advertising, YouTube/Facebook/TikTok approach to promote either Legendary Marketer program or any other product. Want to know if Legendary Marketer is legit? And you can make $1000 commissions? Well I am here to bring it all down for you like no other review out there. 

Overall Rating: 8/10

Recommended: Yes

What Is Legendary Marketer About?

Legendary Marketer (LM) is an educational program on how to build successful online business by either promoting Legendary Marketer itself or any other product  with use of social media and paid ads - what they like to say: "We teach 1 Free and 1 Paid method".

Legendary Marketer got so much buzz online because being a high ticket program it offers high commission for it's own products or in general they suggest that high ticket products is the best way to go if you want to build highly profitable, sustainable online business and not just some hobby business. And I will explain more on that. 

If you decide you want to watch this review instead of reading here is the latest You Tube Video:

Who Is Dave Sharpe?

dave sharpe

I have already mentioned Empower Network above. Dave Sharpe was first known for being involved in Empower Network with David Wood. That was also high ticket program and had MLM element in it. 

Dave Sharpe and David Wood got in to some personal issues and their partnership fell apart. So many reviews may rate Legendary Marketer by Dave Sharpe's involvement in to Empower Network which eventually shut down. 

And the biggest fear for most people is whether Legendary Marketer following the same footprint as Empower Network where it would be a short-lived program which would eventually disappear. And that exactly brings us to the next point:

Legendary Marketer Compliance

With the birth of Legendary Marketer Dave Sharpe addressed compliance in the business right from Day 1. 

If you buy any of Legendary Mareketer's blueprints or become their affiliate the first section they are going to show you is their Compliance training which is very intense. Basically this is what it says:

  1. You can't use high income claims in any of the ads 
  2. Income disclaimers have to be used on all sales pages
  3. Legendary Marketer sells education in it's Business Blueprints
  4. You cannot show your income earnings in the marketing materials
  5. and so on...

Basically there is whole legal team that overlooks Legendary Marketer program and constantly screens it's affiliates to stay compliant. And this brings us to the main question:

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

After carefully evaluating this program I am happy to say that: Legendary Marketer is Legit and there is no Legendary Marketer Scam in any of their materials for the following Main Reasons:

  1. Legendary Marketer is fully compliant to ensure they don't get flagged by FTC
  2. No MLM aspect (can't be a pyramid scheme)
  3. Very strict with what affiliates use in their marketing materials
  4. No bogus high income claims
  5. Focused on Education 
  6. Lots of training material 
  7. Offers full support via email and over the phone

Now that we answered the main questions let's figure out what is Legendary Marketer is all about and why it stands by it's solid business approach.

Why Legendary Marketer Uses High Ticket Model?

Basically, Dave Sharpe is a big follower of Jay Abraham who is a business executive, coach, author and influencer. Jay Abraham have done lots of analysis in to all types of businesses and came up with these following 3 core principles for highly profitable business model:

jay abraham
  1. Get more customers
  2. Do repeat business with those same customers
  3. Sell high ticket product to existing customers

This explains why Legendary Marketer is so successful and why affiliates promoting Legendary Marketer have potential to make a lot of money. In fact below is a screenshot of what Dave Sharpe says what are the attributes of successful business:

legendary marketer high leverage

This answers questions for most other business models that are considered very hot right now. For example: 


You can basically sell lots of products and make very small margin, so you are constantly in this race to make a small profit.

In fact I am a perfect example of that because I sourced my own product on Amazon and I got outrun by competition as I ran out of money. 

Yes there are many sellers who are very successful on Amazon, but it requires a really good investment. Many sellers lose money on first few products before they find the one that works out finally.

Here is the philosophy behind Legendary Marketer: 

There are 3 Evergreen niches where traffic only continuous to grow and they are very hot all the time. And it's not really a secret:


  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Growth
  • Addiction
  • Diabetes


  • Make Money Opportunities
  • Investing
  • Trading Stocks
  • Software


  • Dating 
  • Marriage
  • Parenting

If you create your business around these Evergreen niches then you are tapping in to enormous traffic potential which is very long lasting as these niches are always hot topics. 

There are also 4 core business models that allow you to use "3 profit activators" we discussed above meaning these 4 business models allow us to get new customers, make business with repeat customers and introduce to them back-end high ticket up-sells:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Courses
  3. Coaching Courses
  4. Masterminds/Events

Obviously if you are new it makes sense to start with Affiliate Marketing and learn how to market other people's products to gain marketing experience before you move to other types of business models. Although this is not a hard rule, you can also start by creating your own course. 

Legendary Marketer Uses Sales Funnels

And this is what a typical Sales Funnel looks like taught inside LM:


You drive traffic from any of the sources listed on the left side in to the funnel. Whether it's Legendary Marketer product or anyone's else product this funnel will lead your prospects to product's sales page where they will get a chance to buy that product. 

And then you follow up with an Email series offering education and help, since most people will take 3-7 follow ups in order to make a decision on their purchase.

And this is why I also became a stronger supporter of switching my promotions from simple affiliate links to the Sales Funnels because most people just come to your offer and leave, but if you captured their email address then you can continue educating them and warming up for the purchase. 

Here is another question that popped up many times and in fact I was asked about this as well: 

Is It Ethical to Sell High Ticket Products?

The reason I want to bring this up - is because Legendary Marketer is criticized a lot for being a high ticket program. It all depends how you look at it. I can criticize them as well or I can give you another perspective. 

First let's get into some examples whether it's ethical to charge more $$$ for something you could get cheaper: 

Toyota Camry
  1. Why People buy Porsche Panamera for $80,000 when they could buy Toyota Camry for $25,000 here in United States
  2. Why buy and IPhone for $699 when you could get Samsung Galaxy A series for about $300
  3. Why would you buy a Windows Laptop for $500 or an Apple Macbook Pro for $2000

A list of such examples can go on and on. The simple answer is VALUE. And that value can be in any form. 


To many people it's more valuable to drive Porsche Panamera because it raises their social status. If a person is a Business owner and makes good money he wants to associate himself with luxury items to have high social status that portraits him as a successful person and ads to his authority. 

Or people want an IPhone or IMac which is 3 times more expensive than regular computer because it offers certain quality/value that people are ready to pay for. 

If you can offer value then you can have a business model where you can introduce up-sells.

A typical classic example is Apple. Here is something called a Value Ladder that is taught in Legendary Marketer and it uses Apple to illustrate how up-sells work in real life with high ticket products:

legendary marketer value ladder

First you would buy an IPhone, get hooked to it and then buy other more expensive products. This model is applicable to many companies and is used successfully.

In case of digital products we can't picture the same value ladder because we have natural belief that everything should be either FREE or offered at very little price like $49. 

Can You Promote Other Products with LM?

Yes Legendary Marketer will get you started first with promoting lower ticket programs just to get a feel for sales if you are completely new in this industry. They have a philosophy that you need to learn to start making money fast to get motivated and move to high ticket products.

I will talk more about new: "Decade in a Day" live webinar down below. 

So no it's not all only about promoting Legendary Marketer, you can promote other products. It's just promoting Legendary marketer is so rewarding that it simply makes sense to do so and here is why:

  • Multiple up-sells
  • High commissions
  • Full-time sales team to assist you close sales
  • Full-time support for your affiliates by LM

You literally drive people in to a Sales funnel and the rest is done for you. Am I saying it's super easy - No. You still need traffic whether it's Free or Paid and I will cover that in the Training section. 

How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost?

First of all is there Legendary Marketer Free entry point? The answer - is No but I will uncover all the low ticket options available to get in. 

Let's first start with 3 Legendary Marketer Products that can get you in to the program. So if you are curious about trying out 15 Days Business Builder Challenge I will show you all the ways you can enter it. This is Insider information not covered in any review. 

Legendary Marketer Entry Points  (Below images are clickable)



Copywriter's Playbook


15 seconds free leads

TikTok Course



Insider's Guide Ebook



15 Day Business Builder Challenge

These are 4 ways to get in to 15 days business builder challenge. It's not FREE but you pay as low as $1 to get good resources and enter 15 Days Business Builder Challenge.

I would choose Tiktok course for only $1 or an Ebook for $1.99. In fact all offer very good value and also give you access to 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

If you decide to invest in to education with Legendary Marketer below are the prices once you get inside:

Omni Branding Formula - 1 time payment - $67

This is what Dave Sharpe calls: " 7-days of content for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in 1-hour". He gives all information in this tutorial to get started onn social medial quickly. 

You get 5 modules of recorded video training. This is what modules include: 

  • Module 1: The Omni-Branding Formula Foundation 
  • Module 2: How To Find Your Million Dollar Message 
  • Module 3: The 5-Minute Topic Hack
  • Module 4: My Complete Equipment List
  • Module 5: How to Outsource Everything For Pennies On The Dollar! 

Marketer's Club -monthly subscription - $30.00

Marketer's club has a series of videos that teach how to build and grow online business. You will have examples from You Tubers like Nathan Lucas and lots of educational materials by Dave Sharpe and Matt (CMO). 

Every week there is new information updated as to what new strategies have been introduced in to LM and what works well. There is also weekly Q&A session to ask any questions. 


Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint - one time payment -$2500

 Business blueprints are the core products of Legendary Marketer and they give you access to all the educational materials. (This is most updated info) You get access to: 

  • "Decade in a Day" live workshop
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  • Digital Course Business Blueprint
  • Coaching Business Blueprint
  • Mastermind Business Blueprint
  • BONUS: 4 Done-For-You Campaigns (Ads,copy,product)
  • BONUS: Free Traffic to Daily Passive Commissions Youtube Secrets
  • BONUS: Private Business Blueprint Facebook Community
  • BONUS: The Million Dollar Marketer Mindset Audio
  • BONUS: New Business Consult with a Corporate Analyst

I will discuss Business Blueprint more in the training section. The newest additions are "Decade in a Day" and Traffic University. 

Traffic University - $1497 - one time payment

This is new addition in to the program. It is included in some Business Blueprints, but can also be purchased separately. Essentially it gives you all the Done-For-You Ad Copies. 

Basically all ads that LM uses on Facebook, Youtube, Google Ads - will be given to you. So it's kind of like copy/paste system. Traffic University is constantly being updated with latest marketing strategies. 

So let's say you already getting familiar with online marketing but you need some guidance in creating ads and writing effective Ad copies - you can just buy Traffic University and skip other products. 


There are so many things have changed with Masterminds. And this will debunk some of the myths you will find online about Masterminds in Legendary Marketer. 

  • Some Business Blueprints include 1 ticket to Mastermind events
  • You don't have to buy Mastermind if you don't want. If you become an affiliate of LM you can still get commission if someone buys a Mastermind even if you didn't buy it. 
  • Affiliates buy Masterminds if they already making money and simply want to meet Dave Sharpe and other top affiliates

So Masterminds are not part of the actual Education. They are completely optional and more to meet Dave Sharpe and other successful affiliates. Now let's talk about Training and Support.

Training Tools/Support

15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

I have outlined above all the ways you can get in to this challenge. You can literally spend $1 - get Copywriter's Playbook and watch 15 days of training by Dave Sharpe. This training is more than 15 hours of real marketing videos where you will learn about:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation
  • Mindset
  • Where Industry is Going
  • Earn $1000 without any marketing tools
  • Why other online opportunities are hard to succeed in

It's a lot to list. Hours and hours of real marketing education and all the feedback from people who bought Legendary Marketer. 

Decade in a Day

If you buy one of the Business Blueprints you will get an invitation to a Live workshop with Dave Sharpe and Matt called: "Decade in a Day". 

This is where all the knowledge and experience Dave Sharpe and Matt have will be shared with you in this coaching session. You will get 4 Done-For-You marketing campaigns. 

You will then build your first Sales Funnel and start promoting products from Clickbank. The idea is to start making commission fast, so that you get a taste for this business model. 

In fact Dave Sharpe says that if within a week I believe you won't get your first commission you will get intense coaching to the point until you get your first sale. 

Personal Advisers

When you get in to 15 -Days Business Builder Challenge you have an option to get a personal adviser who will connect with you on the phone and help you with your business plan. 

Obviously they will promote Business Blueprints, but they tend to be not pushy at all and more in a way to answer all your questions especially if you are completely new and just starting out. 

Private Facebook Group

There are few private groups for members who purchased Business Blueprints and Dave Sharpe with his team share new ideas on how to promote products including Legendary itself.

There is also a separate private group for affiliates. So there are daily coaching sessions from Monday-Friday on Facebook and they really share real marketing. I mean I have been in the industry for some time and I appreciate the fact that you get to learn new ideas, strategies and real implementation of it, not some bogus theories. 

"Wake up Legendary" Shows (Priceless Value)

Legendary Marketer has a daily show (Monday-Friday) where they interview their affiliates who are seeing success with affiliate marketing and literally ask them to share their strategies. I was personally features on the show twice:

1st time when I started promoting Legendary Marketer and got my 1st High Ticket Sale and 2nd time where I shared my TikTok strategy. Every video in it's own can become a product as affiliates share real results. 

Email Support

I included this because you can email Legendary Marketer Support, but I would say 99% of all questions will be answered inside Facebook private group by Matt or other members. 



  • Very rewarding opportunity
  • Offers real education
  • Ton of support
  • Lots of new ideas
  • Many Done-For-You campaigns

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing has become a big trend among affiliates and newbies. I personally saw a huge value after spending years of promoting products that pay very little commissions. As long as real VALUE offered along with ongoing support - there is no reason why you wouldn't want to promote high ticket products. 


  • Pricey if you are on a tight budget
  • Requires Investment in to other tools

Basically, despite buying a program you will also need a ClickFunnels website or a similar platform and an auto responder in order to run your marketing campaigns. You will need to spend money on ads, but because of Done-For-You campaigns costs can be significantly optimized. 

And there are also Free ways to get traffic which is super powerful. It's just Free traffic requires some work to build a brand. 

Ready to Explore the Value Behind Legendary Marketer?

You Can Spend as Low as $1 to Get TikTok Course and 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Who Is It For?

Legendary Marketer is for those who are serious to start online business. It's for people who want solid online business and are ready to invest some money and time. 

It will work for both newbies and experienced marketers who've been looking for rewarding opportunity. When I fully discovered LM I already had traffic on my website and I started getting sales from LM almost immediately. 

If you are on a really tight budget and you are OK to take some time to build your business then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as it's a cheaper alternative where you can create a blog similar to mine and work your way to get Free traffic. 

But quite honestly I am finding out now more and more that building online business is faster with social media. You are able to show yourself more and create a huge following which sells better. Blogging should be supplemental to the social media. This is just my take on it. 

Final Take on Legendary Marketer

As you can see I have uncovered what Legendary Marketer is All About. This review is very different than most reviews that you read online. 

You can call me bias for showing the good side of LM, but the fact is I promote close to 5 programs that cover different segments of Online Businesses and Legendary Marketer is at the top of my list for work-reward ratio. 

Yes Legendary Marketer is a high ticket program, but you can either walk away from this or use them to your own advantage. It's really just an option. 

Remember how much money you are not making by not taking action. 

Do you want to make $$$ or $. I say all this because I have been through many hoops and realized that at the end of the day your efforts need to be compensated well or else you will struggle online and simply quit. 

Let me know in the comments what you think about Legendary Marketer and if you have any experience with them. I know that in early days Legendary Marketer had less features and overall looked like of a lesser value than it is now, so it got lots of criticism in the past. But looking at it in 2020 and gaining insider access I can see why people want to invest into this program. 

There are lots of people who are seeing success with the program, especially now when social media just exploded after recent events in the world. 

Legendary Marketer FAQ

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

No Legendary Marketer is not a Pyramid Scheme since they don't have MLM aspect in their business model. It's an educational program on how to become a digital freelancer.

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It?

Based on What I know now - yes it's worth it as it offers very rewarding opportunity and very solid Business Blueprint

Is Legendary Marketer Free?

No. But it costs only $1 to get in through Copywriters Playbook

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you enjoyed my Legendary Marketer review. Please note that some of the links you find in this article are affiliate links to Legendary Marketer. I am an affiliate and may be compensated for promoting Legendary Marketer. Thanks for your time.

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