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JustAnswer Review Summary

Name: JustAnswer


Founders: Andy Kurtzig

Product Type: Online Question-And-Answer Service

Price: Free For Experts and Partners; Paid For Members

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Quick Summary: JustAnswer is an online question-and-answer service website that connects users with experts in various subjects, including lawyers, doctors, vets, and many more. However, before talking to these experts, you have to create an account with a corresponding monthly fee. 

JustAnswer also offers an income opportunity to professionals and states you can earn anywhere between $2,000- $7,000 per month by answering questions asked by members. However, applying as an expert comes with the daunting process of providing credentials and more.  Stay tuned as we uncover everything in this review

Overall Rating: 6/10

Recommended: Yes

JustAnswer, an online question-and-answer service claims to pay you for your expert advice; however, it comes with a few drawbacks and limitations that you should consider. Thus, if you’re interested to find out the truth about this platform, be sure to read the entire JustAnswer review.

what is justanswer about

What Is JustAnswer About?

First things first, what is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is a website that offers a question-and-answer service, a platform where professionals in different fields earn money by answering questions or giving their expert advice to members according to their field of expertise.

It also offers an opportunity to “Partners” while helping their visitors find an expert.

JustAnswer was founded by Andy Kurtzig, who currently serves as the brand’s CEO. It was founded in San Francisco, California USA way back in 2003. 

The company was created with the vision to create answers to questions, which was firstly inspired by the founder - Andy Kurtzig. 

He had a lot of questions and had a hard time finding answers when his wife was pregnant with their first child. To cut the story short, he came to the idea of creating a website that could help people get their questions answered by professionals at any time. Thus, the birth of "ExpertAsk,'' which was later renamed JustAnswer in 2004. 

The brand established a headquarters in the basement of a chapel located in the Presidio of San Francisco. 

Later on, JustAnswer was rebranded as but was back to being JustAnswer again.

After a few years, the company had offices in multiple countries and offered services in multiple languages. In 2012, it received an additional $25 million in funding from Glynn Capital and Charles Schwab, who also joined the company's board of directors. 

How JustAnswer Works?

JustAnswer lets you sign up as a Visitor and place a good faith deposit in the amount of choice (depending on question/field), which may be paid to the expert who will answer the question. Upon sending your question, you are also asked to categorize and rate the question’s level of urgency.

how justanswer works

You can also join as an Expert, answer questions, and earn an income. However, you can’t just address a concern and get paid right away. Visitors or users should provide a positive rating first so you can receive a portion of the deposit as determined by JustAnswer's current Terms of Service and "Experts Agreement".

In case the user is not satisfied, they have the option to seek another expert’s answer and refund payment. 

Meanwhile, if the user fails to provide a positive rating and requests a refund within 30 days, the respondent will receive nothing for the answer and apparently, JustAnswer will take all the pay.

On the other hand, you could join as a Partner and earn money by helping visitors. 

When it comes to the turnaround time of the response, it will depend on how fair Experts believe the offered price is as compared to the complexity of the question and speed required. 

JustAnswer Product Line

As mentioned, JustAnswer offers a question-and-answer service where experts provide answers to users.

On the website, you’ll find verified professionals in the following fields:

  • Law- Lawyers
  • Medicine- Doctors
  • Veterinary medicine- Vets
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics, phones
  • Computers, software
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Taxes, financial issues- Tax Accountants 
  • Home improvement
  • Appraisals

There’s also a “General” category where you can connect one-on-one with an Expert who will answer your question. 

The website covers relationships, entertainment, jobs, etiquette, dream interpretation, clock repair, genealogy, and more.

JustAnswer website also comes as a mobile app and live chat support.

Is JustAnswer A Scam?

Apparently, JustAnswer is a legitimate company. 

It’s been running for around 18 years and has been running long enough to be considered a scam. 

They offer legit question and answer services to users by helping them find expert answers from professionals.

Experts from JustAnswer take a lot of screening to comply and documents to submit to ensure that they are really professionals from their field.

That being said, I believe it’s just fair to pay for their answers since again, these are experts sharing their knowledge on their expertise. The drawback, however, is that there’s a chance for the professional to not get compensated in case the member is not satisfied with their answer.

So if you’re asking: is JustAnswer free? The answer is no but at least, your concerns will be handled by an expert.

To learn more about JustAnswer, you can watch the video below:

Is JustAnswer A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

JustAnswer is legit. It offers a legit question and answer service where users are responded to by experts or professionals. 

It also offers a legit earning opportunity where you can gain some income as an Expert or as a Partner.

There’s no recruitment hype here as it’s just an online website that provides answers to your questions.

It won’t also ask you to pay money to get an ROI, thus not a pyramid or a Ponzi Scheme.

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JustAnswer Compensation Plan

As with the income opportunity offered by JustAnswer to its qualified Experts, for starters, they’ll make 20% of the cost of the answer. Over time, they can work their way up to 50%.

is justanswer free

Apparently, most questions pay between $2 and $5 but this depends on the field of expertise and the question itself. 

Once you make $20 or more, you can request payment via PayPal. 

Take note, however, that you can’t get your payment if the user hasn’t submitted a good rating for your answer. 

As mentioned, questions, where users are not happy, can be subjected to nullification and the pay will be refunded to the user. 

In case the user failed to provide a positive rating and a request for a refund within 30 days, the expert will receive nothing for the answer, and apparently, the company will take the money.

So, there's simply no telling how much money you can make in their income opportunity. 

Meanwhile, you can earn about $15 per sale or service as a Partner.

How Much To Join JustAnswer?

There are different ways to take part in JustAnswer; you can either be the one who asks the questions or answer them.

With the User Membership, the best way to begin is by signing up for a week-long trial, with prices varying from $1 and $5. During that week-long trial, users can have the liberty to refund the payment if JustAnswer fails to deliver satisfactory results but if they do not cancel the trial after that time, they will be charged a full monthly membership fee. 

With the earning opportunity, you can join by signing up as an Expert. This means creating an account providing your name and email address. 

Once you have verified your email, you need to open your account and select a category of your field of expertise, including the fields mentioned in their services above. The platform has over 175 professional categories to choose from. 

After choosing a category, you have to validate your level of expertise and that is done by submitting necessary documents including your:

  • Resume
  • Educational and professional licenses
  • Certificates
  • Employer details and an ID
  • A recent photo

There was no mention of how much it cost to join as an Expert or a Partner but I believe it’s probably FREE. 



An Avenue To Share Expertise

For professionals who want to earn some extra income online, this can be an option for you. You can share your knowledge by answering queries and get paid at home. It’s a good way to reach out to people, even without a face-to-face consultation.

Legit Experts / Legit Service

Experts have to go through a hard validation and that is to ensure they are legit professionals so the company can thereby give a legit service through the expert advice of these professionals. JustAnswer is also Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited with an A+ rating.


Tedious Process To Register As An Expert

It’s hard to register as an expert. Some experts have even complained that the registration process is too long and tedious while others had issues with sharing personal information and documents online. 

But then again, submitting such important data is mandatory. Their objective is to make sure that only legitimate experts answer the questions published by clients. However, I also get the point of those people who aired complaints because it’s indeed hard to entrust certain documents to be shared online. 

Low Income Potential

As an earning opportunity, it may not be the best income opportunity for professionals. I believe it's only good as a side hustle.

What’s the probability of one expert gaining a question to answer? Imagine, if the site is already packed with experts, there’s little to no chance for you to get paid at all. Also, if the users are not satisfied with your answers, you won’t earn anything, too. I don’t think it’s fair and I hope that there’s a way for the experts to get compensated for their efforts.

Not so Good Refund Policy

The Refund Policy is not beneficial for both Users and Experts.

To Users, the Trial Period is only for 7 days and if they don’t cancel the trial within a week, they will be charged with a full monthly membership fee. 

As for the Experts, you won’t get paid if the User is not satisfied with your answer or if they failed to provide a positive rating.

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Training Tools/Support

Once you're admitted as an Expert, JustAnswer will give you the tools you needed to start answering questions and earning cash in their opportunity.

Support is also made available to not only Members and Customers but as well as Experts.

Final Opinion/Verdict

JustAnswer is a legitimate company. It also offers legit services by providing a question-and-answer platform for users and an earning opportunity for professionals to make some extra money online. 

But that’s the pet peeve, take note that it only gives you some money. So, as a full-time income opportunity, I am definitely not recommending you to this one. However, if you are an expert in a chosen field, this site can serve as a platform to put that knowledge to good use and help others and earn as well. 

There are a few drawbacks though such as the tedious process of verification, the fact that you might not receive any pay at all, and your effort is wasted. However, if you want to put that knowledge into good practice then this opportunity can be an option. 

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