OneOpinion Review – Worth Your Time Or Just Another Survey Scam?

oneopinion review

Welcome to My OneOpinion Review! 

Getting paid after answering a survey and giving an opinion?

That sounds pretty great and enticing right? Well, it’s not anything new. In fact, taking paid online surveys has been around for many years, especially popular for those who are finding a way to make money online. 

OneOpinion Review Summary

Name: OneOpinion


Founders: Hugh Davis And Keith Price

Product Type: Paid Online Survey Platform

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: OneOpinion survey is a legit US-based online income opportunity that pays people for accomplishing questionnaires. However, like most survey websites, the income potential is limited. 

It can be a good side income but just like most survey platforms and other online opportunities, there are problems and issues to watch out for.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Here in Best Lifetime Income alone, we’ve reviewed more than a dozen of similar platforms, such as:

Some were outright scams while there are legit ones showing potential to make money online. It’s hard to tell just by looking at the website so if you’re here to check out an opportunity before signing up, I salute you. That’s one way to avoid being scammed.

what is oneopinion about

In this post, we’ll talk about a platform called OneOpinion to find out if this survey platform is worth your time.

What Is OneOpinion About?

OneOpinion is a paid survey website owned by the market research company Dynata, which was formally called Critical Mix, a company that is into market research big time. 

OneOpinion is based in the United States. 

As a member of this online earning opportunity, you can take part in surveys and product testing in return for earning points, which can then be accumulated and redeemed as money or gift cards. 

Apparently, it is an online community where the only opinion that matters is yours, as the name implies. It’s an avenue where you earn some extra cash by sharing your insights and experiences on a variety of products and services.

OneOpinion was founded by Hugh Davis and Keith Price and launched in July of 2011. 

OneOpinion founders Hugh Davis And Keith Price

 Hugh Davis co-founded OneOpinion with the vision of creating the best survey website while Keith Price comes to create an online survey company that members can trust. Aside from ensuring members are treated with respect and care, you'll often find him training for a triathlon while Keith Price is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience at OneOpinion.

Hugh Davis was the co-founder and the President of Dynata Solutions. According to his bio, he has over 2 decades of experience in developing internet-based businesses. His experience encompasses managing operations, strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

Davis helped create Greenfield Online in 1994 and played a big role in transforming business from a two-person start-up to a global, 600+ employee publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: SRVY). He was indeed instrumental in the sale of Greenfield Online to Microsoft in 2008. 

Meanwhile, Keith Price is the co-founder and Co-CEO of Dynata. Before his current role, Price served as the President of North America for Toluna PLC (AIM: TOL.L) and was responsible for the company’s North American business operations.

Before his role at Toluna, Price held the title of Executive Vice President at Greenfield Online, where he was responsible for global sales, operations, and marketing. 

Just like Davis, Price was part of the management team and played a significant role in building Greenfield Online into a global, 600+ employee publicly traded company.

OneOpinion Product Line

There’s no product or services offered in Opinion City but rather it offers an earning opportunity where one can earn some extra cash as they participate in answering surveys.

how oneopinion works

Is OneOpinion A Scam?

OneOpinion is not a scam. 

It seems to be a legitimate online survey platform that enables you to earn some extra income as you accomplish the surveys. Considering that it's been on the scene for almost a decade, it’s far from being called a scam. 

And also, their parent company, Dynata or Critical Mix is an established market research company that even has an A+ Better Bureau Business (BBB) rating. 

Their parent company has indeed earned a reputation in their industry as a highly regarded business specializing in data and market research services.

As for the reviews and comments about OneOpinion, it’s a mixture of positive and negative feedback. Mostly, it says that it’s a legit opportunity that you could earn income but on the downside, it only provides a low compensation. Therefore, if you are opting for a source of full-time income, definitely not recommend this one to you.

Is OneOpinion A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

OneOpinion is legit, though it doesn’t offer services or products it does offer a legit earning opportunity where you can gain some income. 

Also, there’s no recruitment hype here, just an online opportunity where you answer some surveys, gain some points, and redeem them through cash or gift cards. 

It’s NOT a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme but a good side income opportunity. 

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OneOpinion Compensation Plan

Getting paid in OneOpinion’s online income opportunity is basically through a point system. Most OneOpinion surveys last a maximum of 30 minutes and give you between 1,000 and 5,000 reward points.

 A 1,000-reward point is equivalent to a $1 pay; however, you can find longer surveys occasionally that will let you earn up to 15,000 rewards points. The number of points depends on how long the survey takes and how many questions they ask. 

The longer the survey takes and the numerous questions you answer, the higher the points gained. 

Apparently, you can redeem your points and gift card, after earning 25,000 points. (Well, that would probably take a lot of surveys and times spent right?) You can redeem the $25 pay in cash via PayPal, Amazon, and Visa gift cards or get a Visa gift card via USPS, which can take about 10 days to arrive instead.

To learn more about OneOpinion, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join OneOpinion?

Just like most online survey platforms, joining OneOpinion is totally free. You can create an account just by clicking “Apply Now” on OneOpinion’s landing page and you can sign up using your Facebook or Instagram account. 

After that, you need to verify your email address. Once you’re verified and received a confirmation email, you’ll take a short quiz to determine your survey account profile.

Something unique about them is that they allow multiple accounts from one household which means your spouse, kids or other family members can also take the surveys if you’d allow them to. Just take note that you need to be honest with your opinions. As your account may be suspended for a few days with no access if you answer an obvious question incorrectly. 

Once you’re registered you can log in. For security purposes, OneOpinion has a two-step authentication process, where they text a member to verify phone numbers. 

Also, upon joining, you’ll answer a bunch of questionnaires, as OneOpinion uses these to prequalify people for online surveys that match your profile and interests just like what most survey platforms do. 



It’s Free And Easy To Sign Up

Well, it’s good to find an earning opportunity that you could join for free. 

It’s great that you could sign up as easily as 1-2-3 in OneOpinion as you can even connect your Facebook or Instagram account. 

Unique Feature

As mentioned, they allow multiple accounts from one household to answer surveys. And for me, this is a pro because not only you’ll not bear the surveys alone but you could as well earn bigger points as many could answer the surveys. 

2-Step Verification

Though answering questionnaires and finishing the signing up process may be quite tedious as you have to go through verifications but I believe it's the best way to ensure one’s security and ensure the appropriate surveys for you. 

Remember, you have to share details about yourself so brands can determine whether your demographics fit their questionnaire or not. Others may see this process as a con but I believe it’s helpful for one especially when it comes to security and proper channeling of surveys. 

It’s great that OneOpinion has a two-step authentication process, not only you’ll verify through email but also they’ll text a member to verify phone numbers.


I’d also like to commend that their website is informative and user-friendly. Plus their customer service staff are responsive 24/7 and happy to address concerns through their Virtual Assistant, Emily. Their founders are as well presented and are well-known when it comes to this industry. 



Yes, joining is free but for me, it is costly when it comes to your time and effort. Imagine how much of a survey you need to take to receive your payout. Plus, it’s literally not free as it will cost you not only your time but also your internet and electric bills since you’re going to use a connection and some gadgets to do this for hours.

Frequent Rejections

Yes, the survey site will try to match people with surveys they qualify for and the truth is that people will get rejected sometimes. And this can be annoying and discouraging at times.

Surveys Aren’t Always Available

If they don’t have clients looking for feedback, you’ll get no surveys. So, if there are no surveys, you’ll don’t have points earned and in short no extra income. 

Threshold To Payout

Imagine, you need to have 25000 points to finally redeem or cash out your points. With each survey paying less than $5, that $25 pay definitely takes long hours of answering surveys to be finally paid out. It’s time-consuming and would definitely take a lot of your effort.

Low Income Potential

$1 for $1000 points. It’s not a ton of money. You’ll definitely have to answer a lot of surveys and spend a lot of time to gain a bigger income. But then again, it’s only good as a side income. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining as a member is free, once joined you’ll have access to their portal and be directed to surveys. Their website is also informative and they have a 24/7 Virtual Assistant named Emily, who is available anytime to help you with concerns and queries. 

OneOpinion’s Virtual Assistant, Emily was started in 2019, it’s basically a chatbot to help speed up survey panel enrollment. The chatbot leads you through account sign-up. She also acts as a FAQ and customer service for any information about their program.

Final Opinion/Verdict

After deliberately checking on OneOpinion and what it can offer, I can say that it is a legit opportunity but I definitely would not be recommending it, especially to those who are looking for a full-time source of income. 

We’ve already reviewed a couple of survey hubs and most of the time, they are only good as a side hustle, which is also true with OneOpinion. 

Surveys aren’t usually worth the amount of time you spend because often it’s tedious and really time-consuming and you’ll only get paid a little amount for a lot of effort. Well, if you don’t care about that and are happy and content to earn some money online, then OneOpinion can be an option. But there are definitely way better bigger paying income opportunities online. 

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Thank you for reading my OneOpinion Review!

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