What Is Silver Icing – Strong Retail Focus But Is It Worth Your Time?

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Welcome to My Silver Icing Review!

Amidst the negative feedback about network marketing companies, there are still people who believe that this program can help them make a profit online. It could be true. After all, multi-level marketing (MLM) is a legit business model that offers products you can sell and make money from.

Silver Icing Review Summary

Name: Silver Icing

Website: www.silvericing.com

Founders: Christina Marcano

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $75 For The Membership Fee

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Quick Summary: Silver Icing is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on selling clothes, accessories, and other fashion products. It also offers an opportunity to make money through retail sales and by growing their team.

According to the reviews online, their products are well-loved and although there are complaints, there are members who are happy to be a part of their brand.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

We’ve reviewed more than a hundred MLM opportunities and I must say, there are good companies that can help you make an income. The challenge, however, is finding the right one.

In this post, we’ll talk about Silver Icing, fashion-related networking that promotes clothes and ways to make money at home.

It seems legit but before you sign up, be sure to read the entire Silver Icing review to know what it’s really about.

What Is Silver Icing About?

Launched in 2011 by Christina Marcano, Silver Icing is an online clothing shop that offers trendy, affordable clothes. It follows a multi-level marketing structure, which lets Independent Stylists (distributors) earn an income through retail sales and recruitment.

silvericing founder christina marcano

It’s almost similar to MLM companies, such as LuLaRoe, Agnes & Dora, and Stella and Dot.

Just a bit about the founder, Christina has solid experience in the fashion industry.

According to their website, she wanted to create a work-life balance and to build something more, thus the birth of Silver Icing.

For almost 9 years, the brand has received various recognitions and awards, such as: YWCA Women Of Distinction Award 2000 Finalist, Business In Vancouver Forty Under 40 Winner 2019, Finalist EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Pacific Program, Surrey Business Excellence Awards "Corporate Social Responsibility Winner", Silver Icing Inc. (2018), and Surrey Business Excellence Awards "41+ Employee Winner", Silver Icing Inc. (2018).

silver icing awards and recognitions

Silver Icing has partnered with several brands, such as Exclusives, Kenzley, BAE, Pepper & Zoe, Sparrow Cove, Ada Casey, GLOW, and Kick Bath.

Silver Icing Product Line

The goal of Silver Icing is to create “an online social selling company where women of all shapes and sizes could find fashionable pieces that complement their busy lives.”

Their products consist of shoes, accessories, sleepwear, tops, bottoms, activewear, dresses, rompers, denim, and more.

As for the reviews, users seem to enjoy the quality and pricing of their products. There are complaints though but mostly it’s because of their shipping and lack of stocks. Feedback like this is inevitable, especially for online businesses.

Nonetheless, I commend Silver Icing for its quality products and focus on retail, unlike most MLM companies.

Below are some reviews from their Facebook account:

silver icing product line

Is Silver Icing A Scam?

Silver Icing is not a scam. In fact, it’s received various recognitions over the years and the number of positive reviews about their products is enough to tell that there’s really an opportunity in their retail sales. 

Speaking of their products, they have tangible clothing and accessories to sell and make money from so recruitment is not the sole source of income.

Independent Stylists are encouraged to grow their team so they get more commissions but it doesn’t go against Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines. 

So far, I can’t tell that there’s a red flag, making it a scam but there are a few complaints that you should consider before buying or joining Silver Icing.

silver icing negative reviews

For example, I’ve seen a complaint about their orders being lost and being hoarded by their own distributors.

Is Silver Icing A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Some people confuse MLM as a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme but in reality, network marketing is a legit business model.

In case you’re not familiar with it, MLM has tangible products you can make money from although sometimes, some companies sell digital services. Nonetheless, a legit networking company lets you make money by selling a valuable product.

MLM also comes with recruitment but instead of paying you directly for your invites, you are compensated only when your downline makes a sale.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, has no products to sell. The only way to make money here is by recruiting another person. The investment made by your member will be used to pay you.

There’s no retail opportunity here, making the program unstable. There’s no telling when a pyramid scheme will close its operation and worse, it’s illegal.

Meanwhile, a Ponzi scheme has no retail sales, too. It won’t require recruitment but you have to invest a certain amount so you can earn an ROI. The problem is since there are no products, the money you get probably comes from new members, too.

Like a pyramid scheme, it’s illegal and is bound to close anytime. Also, it might put your name and reputation at risk so if I were you, I wouldn't join such a program at all cost.

Luckily, Silver Icing isn’t a scam and might still help you make a good income.


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Silver Icing Compensation Plan

As multi-level marketing, Silver Icing offers two main ways to make money.

The first one is by selling their products, which by the way, is their focus. The brand has strong retail sales and Independent Stylists can earn from 10% to 25%, depending on the products and their rank. 

Meanwhile, they also get a 50% commission on a single item the next month for every $200 retail sale made.

However, the distributor should be active to be qualified; meaning, they should have at least $250 sales each month.

Like typical MLM companies, Silver Icing has residual commissions. This lets their distributors earn 5% commissions from every sale that their downline makes.

To learn more about Silver Icing, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Silver Icing?

To become an Independent Stylist, you have to pay $75 for the membership fee. 

Becoming a stylist gives you access to their online community of women, a website that comes with a full-service ordering system that receives a 50% off discount every month, and a $100 Gift Card.



Strong Retail Focus

The main goal of the brand is to produce affordable clothes for women and you can see from the reviews online that they are true to their words. Unlike some clothing MLM companies I’ve seen before, Silver Icing aims to produce and improve the quality of their essentials.

Wide Product Selection

Silver Icing is not limited to women only; they also cater to men, offering watches, undergarments, hoodies, and more.

It can be an advantage since your target market is not limited.


Fashion Is Subjective

As mentioned, there are many products to choose from and you can offer these to both women and men. However, every person’s fashion choice is different. Though there are people who like their products, there are also those who are not interested in them.

Expensive Products

Maybe not as expensive as most MLM companies but still, there are cheaper alternatives in the marketplace. Some well-known brands with the same or better quality may even offer a much more affordable selection than Silver Icing so as a distributor, this is another challenge to take.

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Training Tools/Support

As an Independent Stylist, Silver Icing offers training resources that are accessible online. This gives their members additional knowledge about their products and marketing strategies. Members will also receive mentorship from their upline.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Silver Icing, although with several complaints, is still a good kind of MLM. The main focus is retail, which should be the case at all times.

The thing is, if networking companies focus on their products and retail sales, there’s not much of a hassle or pressure to invite people.

As for their products, it seems that their consumers like them. It’s affordable but still, you can find cheaper alternatives online so it’s pretty much subjective.

Unless you patronize the clothing brand, it’s better to find a cheaper alternative or use the program only as a side hustle.

What's Next?

Wondering if you can make legit money without worrying about your inventory? Well, the answer is yes!

Our top-recommended program gives you access not only to a legitimate opportunity but to all the business tools and support you need, such as:

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If you have questions or clarifications, I am more than willing to answer and help you.

Thank you for reading our Silver Icing review!

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