Is Unity Network A Scam? High-Ticket Pyramid Scheme Affiliate Marketing Program?

is unity network a scam

Welcome to My Unity Network Review! 

There are a couple of affiliate marketing systems circulating online and perhaps you have come across an opportunity called “Unity Network.” on your feed. Well, it’s commonly seen online in the Philippines but in case you’re curious about it, here’s a detailed review of the brand.

Unity Network Review Summary

Name: Unity Network


Founders: Eduard Reformina

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $60 To $17,592 For The Membership Package

Quick Summary: Unity Network is a Philippine-based affiliate marketing training program that also comes with an income opportunity. This company offers digital products, such as education and training for aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs.

But apparently, it appears that the focus of training and courses offered are more on teaching people to promote the Unity Network itself and more on recruiting people to also join the company, making it more like a pyramid scheme than a training platform.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has even issued a warning against them.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Is Unity Network a scam or a legit training platform online?

What are its pros and cons?

Will it help you make decent money online? 

Find out everything you need to know in this honest Unity Network review.

What Is Unity Network About?

Unity Network is an SEC Registered Philippine Company and can be categorized as an affiliate marketing program. It was founded in 2016 by Eduard Reformina, who is also one of the co-founders of the Ignition Marketing System -- another similar platform that has been shut down. 

Unity Network claimed to have 40,000 customers and members that are entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Unity Network offers digital products, such as education and training. 

Their online training courses include modules, training videos, live event seminars, and Mastermind retreats. Live event seminars include several topics about sales, marketing, and promotion while Mastermind retreats cover different topics, such as business growth, scaling, investing, etc.  

Apparently, Unity Network targets individuals who don't have a business rather than those who have.  

Unity Network should be focused on teaching people all about affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate business model. However, it seems like the focus of training and courses offered here are more on teaching people to promote Unity Network itself and to recruit individuals in the platform.  

And from the looks of it, what it has set you up for is for you to invest a lot of money to be able to make money from their program, making it more like pyramid schemes, such as Digital Altitude and MOBE which was already shut down by the SEC (the Philippines’ counterpart for the Federal Trade Commission).  

And in fact, the SEC has already issued a warning against Unity Network! Perhaps, it will be just a matter of time when their fate will be like Digital Altitude and MOBE.  

what is unity network about

Unity Network Product Line 

Their digital products such as training and courses are packaged in different membership packages. Here are the following packages:

  • Basic Level - This gets you into the training program, a 30-day Traffic Implementation program, and access to the Ascending Profit System. It also gets you into a 1 on 1 coaching program. You also get access to the weekly group coachings and resell rights for the program. 
  • Gold Level - This covers the basic package plus the breakthrough vault (library of weekly coaching) and impact instrument. You also get access to a new tool called RocketPages. 
  • Titanium Level - This is a Gold package plus an additional ticket to the Titanium Inner Circle Seminar Live. You also have lifetime access to the Inner Circle Seminars (Titanium Vault) and Freedom Formula Course. 
  • Platinum Level - You get everything from Titanium Level and also, you can attend the Platinum Mastermind Retreat (which is a 3-day, 2-night retreat).  

Unity Network Ascending Profit System 

The title of their coaching program is called Ascending Profit System or the 10-Step Training Program It is the underlying training course and the income opportunity comes from Unity Network.  

You have to buy your way into the Ascending Profit System through Unity Network’s membership. 

Here’s a run-through of the 10-Step Training Program. 

  • Step 1- Secrets of the Internet Marketing Millionaires
  • Step 2- How to Shortcut Your Success by Leveraging a Proven Systems
  • Step 3 - What to Sell to Have a Profitable Business Online
  • Step 4 - What is the Most Important Income for Your Business
  • Step 5 - How to Earn Your First Million Much Faster
  • Step 6 - How to Properly Position Your Business for Future and Long-Term Success
  • Step 7 - How to Think Like a Millionaire Business Owners
  • Step 8 - How to Level Up your Business to Double or Triple Your Income Without Doing Any Additional Effort
  • Step 9 - How to Earn Php200,000.00- Php2,000,000.00 in 1 Year or Less With Ascending Profit System (APS) & Unity Network
  • Step 10 - 10-Step Training Program 

Steps 7 to 10 will cover different marketing schemes to help you attract new members and to encourage them to upgrade their membership plans. Higher membership plans mean higher commissions. 

But then again, this is an indication that it’s a high-ticket program!

Is Unity Network A Scam?

We may not have definite evidence but to what it’s like, Unity Network appears to be a scam. It comes by with a deception pitching the 10-Step Training Program but it’s actually a sales funnel that leads people into buying their higher ticket products.  

In schemes like what Unity Network is, the more the money you pay, the higher your income will be but investing expensive memberships in this opportunity won’t even guarantee your money back.  

It’s also a pay to play program where you'll have to own the product first to earn money from the product sales.  

And also, the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC)had already issued a warning against them. Definitely, not recommending this program to you. 

To spot a pyramid scheme, you can watch the video below:

Is Unity Network A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

As mentioned, it appears that the focus of training and courses offered are more on teaching people to promote the Unity Network program and recruit individuals to join the program.  

So basically, the only way you can earn is by means of recruitment. And if that’s the case, Unity Network is a Pyramid Scheme, which is fraudulent.  

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Unity Network Compensation Plan

Basically, the only way that you can earn money from Unity Network’s program is by these means:

  • Leveraging from other people.
  • Driving traffic into Unity Network’s program and making people join. 

And here’s what you’re gonna get with the membership packages sold:

  • Basic Level - you’ll get Php 1000 or $20 for every referral.
  • Gold Level - the resell rights get you Php 3,000 or $60 per referral.
  • Titanium Level - the resell rights get you Php 7,000 or $140 per referral.
  • Platinum Level - the resell rights get you Php11,000 or $220 per referral.

How Much To Join Unity Network?

To join, you must purchase a membership package. Apparently, these membership packages are not sold separately.  

is unity network legit

You just can’t buy your way to the top. You’ll have to start from the basic level and work your way up.  

Here are the following Membership Packages and their costs:

  • Basic Level - Php 2,990 (Approx $60) 
  • Titanium Level - Php 48,880 (Approx $977) 
  • Platinum Level - Php 87,960 (Approx $17,592) 
  • Titanium Level - Php 48,880 (Approx $977)



There’s nothing to like about this opportunity. 


No ROI Guaranteed

Even if you purchase their expensive packages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gonna be successful. At the Basic membership, you’d need to sell 3 memberships to get your money back. You’ll only earn the commission for the membership you’re signed up for.  

Expensive Yet Worthless 

The membership packages are pretty expensive. It could cost you even up to 129,930 Php (about USD 2,480). I could say it’s impractical to invest in training that would cost this big sum of money.  

You could even find these kinds of training online for free. Well, no wonder, it’s just another deceptive tactic to really lure you to a Pyramid Scheme that it is! 

SEC Issued A Warning

Though Unity Network is SEC-registered, that doesn’t mean that they approve of it. In fact, as mentioned, they have already been issued by the SEC with a warning. This alone is one big reason to avoid this program! 

More Of A Pyramid Scheme

It seems like recruitment is the only way you can earn in Unity Network, making it more like a pyramid scheme in disguise. That’s fraudulent!  

It’s also a pay to play and high ticket scheme, so, it’s best that you avoid schemes like this!

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Training Tools/Support

Purchasing the membership packages, affiliates will have access to training and courses including modules, training videos, live event seminars, and Mastermind retreats that are packaged on the purchased membership package. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

There are a handful of legit affiliate marketing programs out there but unfortunately, I can’t consider Unity Network to be one.  

It’s a shady opportunity that can be considered a scam. 

It is supposed to be a sales and marketing training company but turns out to be a deceptive facade to lure people to buy in the program, which solely focuses and relies on recruitment for its income.  

It’s also pretty costly!  

So it's nothing but a scam that takes away your money! It’s a matter of time before the Philippines SEC might shut them down too. 

So don’t be deceived! Better skip this platform. 

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Thank you for reading my Unity Network review!

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