Keep Collective Review – Is This Legit Or Another Jewelry MLM Scam?

keep collective review

Welcome to My Keep Collective Review!

Multi-level marketing opportunities are everywhere and one of the most popular niches is jewelry. So it would not come as much a surprise when you’d often encounter many companies running around the world wide web and selling such products.  

Now, we will be discussing a brand that fascinatingly offers jewelry, why? 

Keep Collective Review Summary

Name: Keep Collective (Of Stella & Dot)


Founders: Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $49 To $349 For The Starter Kits

keep collective review

Quick Summary: Keep Collective is an e-commerce multi-level marketing opportunity that markets and sells personalized jewelry and accessories to buyers and distributors. It's another brand from Stella and Dot Family of Brands.

Being an MLM opportunity, you will earn from your profits in selling as a Keep Collective designer and by recruiting someone to join the company as well.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Because you get to design your own personalized Keepsake jewelry and you could also enable others to design their accessories and make an earning opportunity through it. 

But is it legit or is Keep Collective a scam? Will you be able to make an income you desire or is this another low-quality program you have to watch out? What makes this networking company different from other similar brands?

These and more in this Keep Collective review!

What Is Keep Collective About?

Keep Collective is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets and sells personalized Keepsake jewelry specifically targeted towards women. 

Being an MLM opportunity, it offers an earning opportunity to independent contractors they term as “designers”. Keep Collective was part of the family brands of the company Stella & Dot (Stella & Dot, EVER Skincare). 

Stella & Dot was founded in 2007, wherein after dozens of trunk shows to refine the concept, Jessica DiLullo Herrin launched the jewelry business Stella & Dot with Blythe Harris. Blythe Harris had a background in luxury fashion while Herrin's passion was DIY pieces which eventually led her to add another arm of the brand, thus the birth of Keep Collective. 

keep collective founder Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris

It was in September 2014, when Stella & Dot's founders launched Keep Collective, a brand that allows women to create their own personalized Keepsake jewelry. 

Blythe Harris(left) and Jessica Herrin(right)

Keep Collective Product Line

Keep Collective’s main product lines are classified into two: Keepers and Charms. 

  • KeepERS - This is the base of the jewelry item, such as a bracelet, earring, bag, key fob, or necklace. These are made from either leather or silicone. The price ranges from $29 to $49. While the necklaces range from $19 to $79. On the other hand, the bags are in 3 sizes and they range from $29 to $79. FYI, the prices do not include the charms yet.
  • Charms - One that is added on the “Keepers”, it can be a specific charm like birthstones, engraved metal plates, lockets, timepieces, and more. Once you have selected your Keeper, you can purchase different charms and the prices range from $9 to $34.

Keep Collective jewelry

How To Make Money With Keep Collective?

MLM companies that promote jewelry are nothing new. In fact, we’ve reviewed more than a couple of similar brands in the past, such as Origami Owl Jewelry, Sabika Jewelry, and Plunder Design.

Of course, the designs are different but the way to make money with these companies are the same, and it includes:

  • Personal Sales Commissions 
  • Team Commissions (Recruitment)

Personal Sales Commissions - You can earn in the range of 25% to 35% commissions on personal sales.

The percentage of commission will depend on your Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV). PQV is determined by sales where 1 Qualifying Volume (QV) is amounting to $1 without tax, shipping or discounts included. 

Monthly Power Seller Bonus - You can earn this when your PQV is more than 1,500. This bonus is paid in the range of 5% to 10% commission depending on your QV. The Monthly Power Seller Bonus is paid in addition to your base commission percentage. 

Your base commission percentage is 25%. So, your total commission percentage would be your base commission percentage plus your Monthly Power Seller Bonus. When you have more than 6,000 QV, then you can earn a 35% commission on your personal sales. 

Team Commissions - You can earn Team Commissions on the Commissionable Volume of your team. Generally, the Commissionable Volume is equal to 65% of the retail value. You can start earning commissions from your team when you have a Qualified Leg and that will happen if you recruit or someone in his/her team will be able to generate 300 PQV in a month. 

You can keep adding more Qualified Legs to expand your team. The more you’ll have, the chances of higher earnings. But at the same time, you should also increase your personal sales and your Group Qualifying Volume to earn more by advancing in the ranks.

The amount of Team Commissions that you earn depends on your rank as well as the volume generated by your team. You can earn Team Commissions in the range of 1% to 12% up to four levels or lines deep.

There are other requirements that you have to meet like no more than 50% of the GQV can come from one leg. Thereby, you need to recruit more people and that they should also recruit other people who’ll also do the same. 

There are other ways of earning like the Start Team Bonus.

To learn more about Keep Collective, you can watch the video below:

Is Keep Collective A Scam?

Keep Collective is not a scam. It is an established company that’s been in the business for almost 6 years and it’s part of Stella & Dot Family of Brands. And as you know, Stella and Dot LLC is a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited company with an A+ rating at BBB. 

So it’s legit! 

Keep Collective is a real business selling real tangible personalized Keepsake jewelry. However, being an MLM, there’s too much recruitment hype that would even let you strive more in recruitment than in sales. 


Being an MLM, Keep Collective offers an affiliate program and they refer to their associates as “designers”. 

You can officially become a Keep Collective jewelry designer if you first purchase a starter kit, which comes in Digital, Basics, Essentials and Business Builder Kit and prices are at $49, $99, $149 and $349 respectively. 

  • Digital Kit - Provides a personal website, training, and support but actual products to sell are not included. 
  • Basics Kit - Includes everything in the first kit plus $300 worth of Keepers and Charms
  • Essentials Kit - Includes everything in the digital kit plus $500 worth of Keepers and Charms, a display tray, and a leather swatch ring.
  • Business Builder Kit - Includes everything in the Digital Kit plus $1,000 worth of Keepers and Charms, a display tray, and a leather swatch ring as well as a foldable neck display, 3 display pillows and 5 gift bags.

Once any of the kits are purchased, the Keep Collective designers can now start her marketing and selling. Most designers use social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook to market their products and they can also host parties in their homes or online. 

Basically, just like most MLM companies, as a designer, you will earn through retail sales and your recruitment commissions. 

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Unique Products

For me, one thing I like is their products. Having unique and quality personalized Keepsake jewelry is a good thing right? Plus add the fact that you could also have an earning opportunity through it. 


Compensation Could Have Been Better

The compensation plan is fine but it is not any better as compared with others. Take into consideration its percentage of Retail Commission, it is not that high. 

Keep Collective does pay up to 12% Team Commissions but it could have been better and you could have earned more if they paid up to 7 levels deep as most MLMs pay Team Commissions up to 7 levels deep.

Heavy Attention On Recruitment

Not to mention the fact that this niche is crowded and you’d probably have a hard time with your sales because there’s a lot of competition in the market but you’ll also have to keep up with the demands to recruit more people into the program. And you’ll probably opt to recruit more because you could earn more through it. 

Low Success Rate, Low Income Potential

Even their Income Disclosure statement states that most members are not earning well. Yes, they offer some helpful ways on how you can earn from their compensation plan but apparently most people will fail to earn much through this opportunity. 

With that record of low earnings and failure to earn, what can make you think that you can gain remunerative income? 


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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity intended for those who are fond of jewelry items, especially DIY, personalized Keepsake jewelry. This business also specifically targets women. And being an MLM business opportunity, it’s basically intended for those who have skills in sales and are good at recruitment. 

Training Tools/Support

Being a Keep Collective designer and purchasing a kit, you’ll be provided with a personal website, access to back-office, training, and support. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, I could say that Keep Collective is a legitimate MLM opportunity that can give a fairly decent income opportunity but nothing makes it stand out compared to other MLM compensation plans. 

It’s a legit business selling tangible products and I loved their personalized keepsake jewelries. 

However, as a business opportunity, it's still an MLM that is emphasizing recruitment. It’s also a saturated niche so you would have to work hard to boost sales. So the struggle is not only with sales but also in recruitment and building your team who builds their own team as well. 

You know, typical MLM challenge. And as in their income disclosure statement, it’s of low-income potential and it’s of high failure rate. That alone can already be a definitive signal not to jump into this business. So definitely not recommending you joining this opportunity.  

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Thank you for reading our Keep Collective Review! Hope it has answered your queries. If you have additional inquiries, comments, and suggestions, please feel free to place it in the comment box below.

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