Is Internet Lifestyle Pros A Scam? Rehash of Automated Health Network?!

is internet lifestyle pros a scam

Welcome to My Internet Lifestyle Pros Review! 

We know there’s a bunch of online money-making opportunities out there and the dilemma is in choosing what is the best opportunity suited for you that will guarantee you the income you desire and of course, the first concern is knowing whether the opportunity is legit or not. 

Internet Lifestyle Pros Review Summary

Name: Internet Lifestyle Pros


Founders: Tim Chesonis

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $4.99 Fee Every Month

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Quick Summary: Internet Lifestyle Pros is more of an automated sales funnel for Power Lead System, which is a network marketing company that provides internet marketing tools and training for its users.

And apparently it's the rehash of the so-called free “make money online opportunity”- Automated Health Network.

Well, unlike Automated Health Network that is free joining, Internet Lifestyle Pros is transparent enough to claim that it will cost you some money for you to earn money. However, there's no refund once you sign for the membership.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Now, we will be discussing a claimed money-making opportunity called Internet Lifestyle Pros.  

Apparently, it is more of a sales funnel for other systems.  

So what are an automated sales funnel? It works by matching users to content that answers their questions throughout the funnel's various stages. These messages are delivered automatically, through platforms and technologies that you chose. So, how does the Internet Lifestyle Pros exactly work?  

Will this opportunity be worth the shot?  

Well, we’ll see more of Internet Lifestyle Pros in this review!

What Is Internet Lifestyle Pros About?

Internet Lifestyle Pros is the gatekeeper or a sales funnel like it’s predecessor Automated Health Network. All you do is promote the Internet Lifestyle Pros system itself and the people that you send into the funnel will be pushed to buy these other products or services such as the Power Lead System.  

Power Lead System is a network marketing company that provides Internet Marketing tools and training for its users and these include an autoresponder service, landing page builder, sales funnel builder, floating capture forms, and video postcards.  

And of course, it has an affiliate program that could let you earn commissions as you promote it.  

internet lifestyle pros product line

So this is how it works? You buy into Power Lead System through the Internet Lifestyle Pros sales funnel, then you go out and promote Internet Lifestyle Pros to other people who are also funneled into buying into the Power Lead System. 

So apparently, the Internet Lifestyle Pros is not a product itself but it’s simply an automated sales funnel that will lead you to become a member of Power Lead System. 

Tim Chesonis is the person behind Internet Lifestyle Pros and as well as Automated Wealth Network.  

It seemed that he had done away with the idea of a free online money-making opportunity when he rehashed Automated Wealth Network into Internet Lifestyle Pros.  

Compared with the latter, he now mentioned upfront that Internet Lifestyle Pros is gonna cost you some money to make money which unlike in the Automated Wealth Network where it’s claimed to be absolutely free to join, when in fact it is not. 

So what is included in joining Internet Lifestyle Pros? We could break in down into 3 parts as follows:

  1. System Setup
  2. Affiliate Tools
  3. FREE Training 
what is internet lifestyle pros about

1) System Set-up

  1. PLS Affiliate ID - When setting up the system you will have to place your affiliate ID for Power Lead System (PLS) into the Internet Lifestyle Pros (ILP) sales funnel. So that when you promote the system and someone joins PLS, you get credit and earn a commission.
  2. Autoresponder - After that you will have to connect your ILP funnel to an autoresponder. An autoresponder is an automated email service that allows you to blast out mass amounts of automated emails to your leads. Other than PLS, you can also choose to set up an account with a 3rd party autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse. Apparently, if you sign up for an account with Aweber or GetResponse through the system, Internet Lifestyle Pros will earn an affiliate commission.
  3. Buy Traffic - The last part of the system setup is buying traffic. So, you are referred to purchase traffic from The Clicks Agency or Internet Lifestyle Traffic. What you have to do is purchase a traffic package that will cost around $100 minimum and you will get approximately 100 clicks for this amount of money. The average cost per click is $1. Apparently, the cost per click gets cheaper as you buy a bigger traffic package. 

2) Affiliate Tools - This is where you get your affiliate links, can choose which lead capture page you want to promote, can use premade banner ads, and you’ll get 10 pre-written emails that you can send out to your leads via your autoresponder. 

3) Free Training - The free training covers the fundamentals of Internet marketing and includes the following modules:

  • Internet Marketing 101
  • Traffic Basics
  • Capture Pages and Lead Magnets
  • List building and Autoresponders
  • Sales Pages
  • Online Automation 

Internet Lifestyle Pros Product Line 

Apparently, you are not purchasing any service or product here but what you are paying for is an automated recruiting platform. You'll be able to make use of the Internet Lifestyle Pros sales funnel to recruit people into the Power Lead System.

Is Internet Lifestyle Pros A Scam?

Well, we can’t totally conclude that Internet Lifestyle Pros is a scam. Well, you can earn some money in this opportunity but if it seems to be like a pyramid scheme, then it is fraudulent.  

Be vigilant.  

Don’t take captive of the idea that it’s a simple system to help you earn money because in reality, making money online is never easy. 

Is Internet Lifestyle Pros A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Well, we can’t totally prove that it’s a Pyramid Scheme but I personally think that it is more of a pyramid scheme. 

The fact that it lacks retail sales and what you are paying for is an automated recruiting platform is already a red flag. 

Also, it’s most likely that you only earn through recruitment.  

And other than Automated Health Network(AHN) who apparently shut down, the founder Tim Chesonis was also involved in The Alchemy System, which is also similar to Automated Health Network and Internet Lifestyle Pros.  

But just like AHN, it is now gone.  

The Alchemy System was a sales funnel that led people into a program called Digital Altitude. However, Digital Altitude was forced to shut down by the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) for running a pyramid scheme. Can you see the pattern? Probably, it will also happen with ILP. So beware.

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Internet Lifestyle Pros Compensation Plan

internet lifestyle pros review

As you funnel people to the Power lead system through Internet Lifestyle Pros, you will earn commissions. And also, if you sign up for an account with Aweber or GetResponse through the system, Internet Lifestyle Pros will earn an affiliate commission. 

And since, ILP is just a sales funnel that’s been designed to help promote The Power Lead System, which is basically a multi-level marketing opportunity. Its members make money more likely by getting others to sign up for the program. Thus more of a recruitment scheme, indeed!  

To learn more about Internet Lifestyle Pros, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Internet Lifestyle Pros?

Joining Internet Lifestyle Pros will cost you $4.99 a month. 



Other than the thought that they are honest enough to tell that it will cost money to also earn money in their opportunity, I don’t think there are other reasons to like about Internet Lifestyle Pros and what it can offer. 


Predecessors’ Bad Records

The same automated sales funnel created by the same person behind Internet Lifestyle Pros, Automated Health Network, and The Alchemy System.  

Unfortunately, ILP’s predecessors have both shutdown and the program funneled by The Alchemy System was even considered as a Pyramid Scheme and shut down by the FTC.  

And with the founder’s and predecessors’ past track records, there is definitely a high chance of Internet Lifestyle Pros closing too.  

Needless Training

Yes, they may provide training but it isn't enough because, in fact, this is information that can easily be accessed online for free. And apparently what they incorporate in their training is something geared towards helping you promote the Power Lead System itself. 

Recruitment Scheme

As discussed, there are no retail sales in Internet Lifestyle Pros, so it’s most likely that you only earn through recruitment because what you are paying for is an automated recruiting platform. Other than promoting the system itself, there’s no other way for you to earn money.  

So, it’s most likely to be a pyramid scheme.

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Training Tools/Support

As discussed, joining this program will allow members access to the following:

  • System Setup
  • Affiliate Tools
  • FREE Training

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, it’s good that you could earn some money through these sales funnels. However, you should never rely on a system or a program to help you generate money because it’ll be hard to stand your ground when it shuts down.  

Better safe than sorry right?  

Even Internet Lifestyle Pros Founder Tim Chesonis' past programs like Automated Wealth Network and The Alchemy System had even shut down. So, there’s a great possibility that Internet Lifestyle Pros will also follow.  

We don’t know but it is probably just a matter of time. We can’t totally conclude that it’s a scam but it can be a Pyramid Scheme and if proven so, it is definitely fraudulent.  

Why wait for a program to be truly labeled a Scam when in the first place it already has the feels of it. So if I were you, better skip this platform.

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Thank you for reading our Internet Lifestyle Pros review. 

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