Is The Ninja Networker A Scam? Solution To Your Network Marketing Struggles?!

is ninja networker a scam

Welcome to My Ninja Networker Review! 

We could probably say that most people are familiar with multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities or what they preferably call, network marketing.  

A lot of opportunities are sprouting in this kind of business and since recruitment is most of the time the name of the game in these opportunities, it becomes a burden to MLM goers. 

The Ninja Networker Review Summary

Name: The Ninja Networker 


Founders: Frazer Brookes And Vincenzo Sannipoli

Product Type: Online Training Platform For Networkers

Price: $67 Fee Every Month or $497 Every Year

the ninja networker logo

Quick Summary: Ninja Networker is a network marketing training platform established especially to help network marketers market their business online.

It provides substantial training to help them find and get prospects and leads using social media, Facebook rather than traditional methods.

Will this really be a great solution to your MLM problem?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

But here comes a program that offers a solution to that struggle, claiming to help you get the right quality of leads. 

The network marketing training platform calls itself “Ninja Networker.” 

Is it a legit training platform or another scam in disguise? 

Will the material provided in the training really help you solve your MLM struggles?  

How does it really work? 

Find out all the answers you need in this Ninja Networker review!

What Is The Ninja Networker About?

The Ninja Networker offers a training program that will help you grow your network marketing business especially for those who are:

  • Struggling to find a constant flow of prospects to your network marketing business.
  • Want to learn how others find prospects online and close them. 

It claims to help you find, close, and retain prospects and quality leads so that your network marketing business continues to grow and prosper.  

It was founded by Frazer Brookes and Vincenzo Sannipoli who are both adept and have made a name in the network marketing industry and are known for their methods of getting traffic from Facebook.  

the ninja networker founders Frazer Brookes And Vincenzo Sannipoli

Frazer Brookes is an expert in finding prospects and closing them using Facebook organic (free) traffic methods while Vincenzo Sannipoli is an expert in attracting prospects through Facebook ads. The founders claimed to have the answer to the top problem network marketers face, which is the lack of quality leads. 

Thus, Ninja Networker provides training especially when it comes to Network Marketing.  

The founders brought together a course that is made just for network marketers, helping them to find a way to attract prospects without actually speaking to them face-to-face just by learning how to automate the process so that they can get prospects without even actually meeting them. 

The Ninja Networker Product Line

Basically, Ninja Networker offers training programs and these are the list of training programs within Ninja Networker’s scope:

what is the ninja networker about
  • Free Facebook Strategy - Made by Frazer Brooke and this course consists of 7 modules, and in each module, there are several short lessons. The content in the course is highly focused and straight to the point. This includes the following modules:
    • Module 1 - Teaches you the fundamentals of Facebook, from branding for your personal Facebook Page to having a set of daily routines to find, communicate and follow up with your prospects offering a systematic way to find a constant flow of traffic, even when you are starting from zero.
    • Module 2 - Teaches you how to approach people in different situations, teaching you how to build strong relationships and connections with prospects.
    • Module 3 - Teaches you how to create content that will build trust and connection with your prospects and learn how to use the different functions of Facebook to engage with people so that people will be attracted to learn more about you.
    • Module 4 - Teaches about closing. It’s not so much about the sales talk but more about providing great value to people, so that they will allow you to listen to what you have to offer.
    • Module 5 - Teaches you about several techniques to find a constant stream of new prospects. It’s not just any prospects; they are people who welcome the concept of network marketing and are open to your business opportunity.
    • Module 6 - Teaches you how the top earners in the network marketing industry follow up with their prospects.
    • Module 7 - Teaches the thorough the process of building a personal brand with trust and credibility that will help you attract high-quality leads.
  • Facebook Ads - Created by Vincenzo Sannipoli. Apparently, this course can shorten your learning curve on Facebook ads but the truth of the matter is that it still can't guarantee one's success with Facebook ad campaigns. The Facebook Ads course lays the foundation for you to build the necessary elements of a successful Ad campaign and like the "Free Facebook Strategy Course", it also consists of 7 modules.
  • Network Marketing Training - Some of the biggest struggles of MLMs is the lack of leadership, training, and support. Now, with this Network Marketing Training by Ninja Networker, you no longer need to rely on your sponsor to guide you. You can actually learn from other successful marketers in this course.
  • How to Brand Yourself Online - Social Attraction Formula - This course is conducted in a boot camp style. Every 4 weeks you will be tasked to build your brand through actionable steps.
  • How to Create an Online Automated Sales Funnel - It helps you learn how to automate your business. Thus, you can prospect, people, even when you’re sleeping and can earn even while you’re traveling. With advanced technology, we can now create an automated sales experience which can build trust and credibility even virtually or not meeting that person. 
  • Other Social Media Training - Since YouTube is also one of the most lucrative ways to find highly targeted prospects. You'll also learn how to create YouTube videos that provide great content to people and at the same time attract them to your business.
  • Community - This is the brand’s community for network marketers.

Is The Ninja Networker A Scam?

Well, it appears that Ninja Networker is not a scam. It seems to be a legitimate online training platform that could really help those who are into network marketing and would want to flourish their business.  

However, it doesn’t have a Better Bureau Business(BBB) profile or other stuff to prove its legitimacy.

Is The Ninja Networker A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Ninja Networker comes with products and services that could really help you as a network marketer; however, it’s really just a training platform and you don’t help them sell and in turn get commissions. 

You are also not obliged to recruit others to join the program.

I could say it’s a legit program; not a Pyramid nor a Ponzi Scheme. 

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The Ninja Networker Compensation Plan

Ninja Networker is basically an online training platform and it’s not a business that you could earn money from as you join. So, it’s not an earning opportunity but rather a program that will help you probably flourish your network marketing business and earn a heap of money from it.  

To learn more about Ninja Networker, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join The Ninja Networker?

At $67 monthly or $497 annually, you can get access to all the network marketing information Ninja Networker offers. However, if you want to buy the training programs separately, here's the cost: 

  • Free Facebook Strategy - $197
  • Facebook Ads Course - $297



Good Training Support And Platform

I could say that as an online training platform, Ninja Networker provides good training and support that are really beneficial to network marketers at a reasonable price.  

It’s also a community that supports the goal to help each other’s business by providing vital information and the right training. Even the reviews of people undergoing this program say they are satisfied with what they receive.  


At a reasonable price, you could already have access to the necessary training you’ll need that will not only pave a way to automate your business but also make way for a constant flow of highly targeted quality prospects. Thus, indeed a solution to your network marketing struggle of recruitment and finding the right leads.


Not An Earning Opportunity 

Well, no doubt that Ninja Networker is a great platform to learn from especially if you are into network marketing as it provides the strategies, good training, and support one needs to flourish their network marketing business. And that is good!  

However, it’s still not an earning opportunity. It can probably help you flourish your business but you don’t directly earn from Ninja Networker. 

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Training Tools/Support

Ninja Networker is an online training community that will give you substantial training and support especially if you are into network marketing. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

To conclude, I could say that Ninja Networker is a legitimate program and is not a scam. It’s also commendable that the founders are not using this platform to recruit people but rather with the purpose to really help networkers be informed and trained.  

Well, to answer our questions above if it can help solve MLM struggles, I could say it probably can. It’s also cost-effective. You could probably also flourish your business and earn lucrative income because of the training you acquired in Ninja Networker.  

As a training platform, I would recommend you to it especially if you’re someone who is into network marketing. However, if you’re someone who is looking for an earning opportunity, this is not the one for you because as I said, it’s not an earning opportunity. 

What’s Next?

But don’t worry, I have prepared a money-making opportunity that will not only give you the training but as well as the income you’ve been looking for. 

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Anyways, thank you for reading my Ninja Networker review! 

For questions or comments, please feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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