Kuvera Review – Legit Way To Financial Freedom Or Another Scam?

kuvera review

Welcome to My Kuvera Review! 

Millionaire, billionaire, philanthropist, business tycoon -- these are probably just some of the most coveted titles not only in the business world but also in normal society. After all, who would not want to be insanely rich?

Kuvera Review Summary

Name: Kuvera 

Website: www.kuveraglobal.com 

Founders: Ryan Smith, Chad Miller, Annette Raynor, And Mario Romano 

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing 

Price: $99 For The Crypto Mining Investment + $199.99 Monthly For The All-In Pack

what is kuvera about

Quick Summary: Kuvera is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on financial services. It provides economic awareness, financial training, investment plans, and opportunities. It is a rebrand of Wealth Generators founded by Ryan Smith, Chad Miller, Annette Raynor, and Mario Romano in 2013.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

This is where Kuvera enters -- a company that will guide, direct, and nurture one's finances.  

What an ingenious offer but what is the catch?  

Will it truly fulfill a client’s financial desires? 

Or is Kuvera just another scam? 

Do not panic, you are on the right path.  

This review will try to give out all important facts along with unbiased opinions about Kuvera.

What Is Kuvera About?

Kuvera is a rebrand of the multi-level marketing company Wealth Generators built by entrepreneurs Annette Raynor, Chad Miller, Mario Romano, and Ryan Smith. 

It offers the market everything in relation to financial growth and opportunities. The company provides trading alerts, stock market status, financial education, and most importantly a shot on cryptocurrency mining

Before Kuvera, there was Wealth Generators LLC founded in 2013 as a privately owned company. Then on March 31, 2017, Investview Inc., which is a publicly-traded company, bought Wealth Generators, relaunching it in March 2018 as Kuvera.  

The name was changed but their aims, mission, and vision remain the same up to date.  

One of the founders and Kuvera’s Ceo Ryan Smith has a good reputation in the business enterprise.  

Smith, preceding to being one of the minds of Kuvera, gave life to a brokerage firm first and with his 20 years of corporate and financial management experience decided to focus on educating those who are interested in business affairs on how to trade successfully.  

Many critics would say that with his knowledge and skills, Smith has brought Wall Street to Main Street.  

Kuvera Product Line 

Kuvera Global offers a wide range of products and services concerning having financial growth. Their main line of focus is the extraction of a digital asset called cryptocurrency. 

It's almost the same as Forsage, Mind.Capital, and Forrise.

The company calls the technique Crypto Mining, with this technology clients, are earning with just a one time visit. All they need to do is to subscribe to any of Kuvera’s services. 

It works as a Set-It and Forget-It program wherein the user does not need to check on their account hourly in order to gain, the mining will continue as long as the subscription is active. 

There are several packages an investor can choose from, Crypto mining which is $99 is the most basic. Availing it will enable the other mining packages that the company offers to be open.  

This includes CRYPTOone, FXOnE, Equity Pack, and Ryze Pack all for $149.99 per month each. So for the first month, a total of 698.96 dollars must be paid and 599.96 for the succeeding months. 

It is rather expensive to buy it in solo packs, that is why most of their customers get the All in Pack which costs 199.99 dollars per month. It includes all of the procurable products except for crypto mining. 

Is Kuvera A Scam?

The internet is crowded with different kinds of means and ways to make an investment and earn big is a freeway for scammers and their fraudulent acts. That is why to investigate thoroughly before joining is a must. 

Kuvera is a company that targets digital assets, specifically cryptocurrencies. Most companies that preceded or have attempted the same venture have proven themselves a fraud. Leaving several confusions, questions, and trust issues to possible Kuvera consumers. 

However, several articles, along with the company’s legal permits will prove that Kuvera is not a scam and rather legit. They are also accredited with BBB or the Better Business Bureau which is a private non-profit organization intended to ensure the credibility of businesses and business owners.    

what is kuvera about

Is Kuvera A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Aside from its mining system and training suites, the company also encourages its members to have the ability to create more fulfilling lives, rich with experiences. This is where associates will become distributors, so thus the process of inviting more people to join. 

As a multi-level company in which associates will get people to be members of their team, it will somewhat resemble a pyramid structure. 

Although, further research and another basis will prove that Kuvera is not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme because recruitment is not the source of their funds but rather an add-on for the affiliates’ earnings.

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Kuvera Compensation Plan

Kuvera clients have the freedom to choose to either just be a cryptocurrency miner or be a miner and distributor in one. 

Depending on what type of membership the affiliate will avail would be the amount of commission and fast start bonus they will be able to gain. For example, the most prestigious Elite package which costs 1,499.99 will render a 200 dollars fast bonus, which is also equivalent to 1000 profit value. 

There are four membership levels, namely choice, select, premium, and elite. The only difference between these is the amount the member will have to pay and the corresponding commission that comes along with it. The higher the capital, the larger the returns. 

Moreover, upgrades from one level to another are permitted as long as the member is willing to pay the additional fee. For instance, Select to Elite will cost 1,200 dollars more. This upgrade comes with a 75 dollars bonus and 800 profit value. 

In terms of commission, they follow a binary system wherein every second person down the line of every personal referral will be directed to the top management. 

Kuvera bonuses do not stop there, for they also have what they call the Rapid Fire Bonus in which associates will receive a 25 dollars extra payout every time their personally referred distributor will renew their subscription. 

Other bonuses include the x4 bonus in which members that upgrade to the elite package will have a quadruple bonus after purchase or have an accumulated personal volume amounting to a thousand PV. Another is the Generational Match Bonus, given to those distributors ranked globally as a global executive.  

According to the website they still have more additional ways to be paid more, all are disclosed in a PDF file free to be downloaded. 

To learn more about Kuvera, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Kuvera?

To be able to enjoy Kuvera’s financial perks like Crypto mining, a member will have to pay a one-time fee of 99 dollars. However, monthly fees amounting to 149.99 dollars for each additional service are to be paid separately. 

If a member decides and or wants to earn more while mining at the same time they can register to be a distributor and get commissions by recruitment. The company offers different membership packages. Each level is different in terms of the amount and gain commission. 

The most expensive of plans is for the elite amounting to 1,499.99 dollars. Meanwhile, the cheapest is the choice package which costs 99.99 dollars only. Next to this is Select for 299.99 dollars, then the premium package for 599.99 dollars. 



Good Reputation

The company is a rebrand of an already known financial advisor company. This gives Kuvera an added jump to start with, having former customers that trust and rely on the Wealth Generator company. 

Also the noise one of the founders made in the business society gave them added likes and shares to the public as something they can put their trust and funds in. 

Fresh And Somehow Unique Concept 

Digital money is still a fresh concept to almost every person just starting to enter the online business and or online investment ventures. Might as well also to those entrepreneurs just starting to widen out their horizons technically. 

The company being able to offer not only to support those beginners but also a means to satisfy their needs would be a great opportunity to both ends of the bargain. 

Accessibility And Availability

At present where the world is now being consumed by technology, innovating ways on how people can do investments wherever they are and in the easiest way possible is what everybody needs and wants. 

Companies like Kuvera which offer that and more are like gourmet foods that exist in the market for the hungry consumer to grab on.   


Issue With Rebrand

Some critics view the rebranding of companies as something to cover up or simply undo the failure of the prior launched name. 

About Kuvera there are reviews that state that the former Wealth Generators Company was not that successful in terms of the services they are supposed to deliver. 

Prices Of Products

The company’s merchandise is rather expensive than affordable. Opposite of what they aim to help clients achieve the wealth of their dreams. Also, some of the products have been given out for free by other competitor brands. 

Risk Over Potential

Innovation is really what lies ahead in the future. Owning digital riches this early is something of a good investment. Although risking large sums of money to buy tools and or be able to have online currencies to raise, is not only risky for there isn't a hundred percent guarantee it will work but also outweighs the potential of the said venture. 

Questionable Sustainability

Affiliates join multi-level marketing companies in hopes of gaining extra more of what they already have. Being able to sustain life in the smoothest way possible. 

Kuvera’s promising wealth and life in balance are a bit over the top. First, their products and membership fees are expensive and recurring. Second associates of the company lose huge amounts or capital first before being able to earn half of the total. Lastly, survey results show that members gain less instead of gaining more when one’s network becomes bigger. 

It is either the system is not effective or failing. 

Refund Policy Is A Trap 

The company has what they call the “Risk-Free, Triple Guarantee” assurance to their members in case the tides are not favorable for them while they subscribe for six months. 

The company does not have a refund policy. The guarantee only applies to those determined by the company that fulfills all the predicaments to succeed but fails otherwise.

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Training Tools/Support

Kuvera being a financial advisor provides training and different types of tools to achieve their financial desires and goals into reality. 

The catch is that all of it is paid and not given out for free.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Everyone just wants a raise, especially in their finances but as Warren Buffet has said “to become rich closed doors, be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”, being extra vigilant and careful when it comes to investing is the secret. 

Kuvera’s cryptocurrency mining and other marketable products are not bad but rather decent. However, several disadvantages regarding the company and its services transcend what potential and opportunity they have.

What’s Next?

There are tons of money-making opportunities online; the question is finding not only the legit but the right one that will fit your lifestyle. 

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I hope our Kuvera review has helped you. 

If you have any questions or comments, you can drop them below. 

Thank you!

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