Is Cowboy Wealth A Scam? Legit MLM Or Another Scheme In Disguise?

Welcome to My Cowboy Wealth Review!

Someone might have offered you a “secret invitation” to join a business opportunity that involves no skills, no experience, no selling, and has nothing to do with MLM, pyramid schemes, or getting rich quickly in any way.

Cowboy Wealth Review Summary

Name:  Cowboy Wealth


Founders: Chris Sorensen And Cathy Sorensen

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $19 For The Membership Fee + $50 For The Monthly Fee + Other Fees For The Products

Quick Summary:  Cowboy Wealth is a networking company that lures people by offering health and wellness products as well as financial courses. Members can also recruit other people to earn extra commission. It sounds like a legit business model but there are subtle red flags. Does this mean that you should not trust Cowboy Wealth at all?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

And now, you're interested in learning more about it. However, you're unsure whether it's a scam or a genuine offer. If that describes you, you've arrived at the correct place that could answer your questions in mind.

Is Cowboy Wealth a legitimate way to generate money online, or is it a nightmare of a fraud that you should avoid at all costs?

That's precisely what you'll learn, so stick with me to learn the whole truth about Cowboy Wealth and why not everything is as it seems.

What Is Cowboy Wealth About?

Cowboy Wealth is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche.

It is a mystery though because the company's website provides no reliable information about its operations, history, background, or specific offers.

They do claim, however, that they assist people in living a healthy lifestyle by educating them on adequate nutrition. They also promote their "innovative technology" that will save people a lot of money.

But to me, it just sounds like a well-publicized marketing campaign. There are no clear indications as to how this business operates or what you will be doing to make money online.

The most extravagant claim they make is that they have already paid out over $5 billion in commission earnings.

To be honest, it's simply impossible, especially when you consider their website, which lacks any real "substance" to it.

Cowboy Wealth also collaborates with Melaleuca, a health and wellness e-commerce company.

Cowboy Wealth claims Melaleuca as their main business partner so, in essence, it’s a funnel for this other health and wellness program.

Melaleuca was created in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot as a health and wellness firm. Melaleuca, unlike Cowboy Wealth, is a legitimate firm. 

On their website, they have over 400 products ranging from: nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics.

Melaleuca is a multilevel marketing company that anyone may join and sell their products. You can also make extra money by referring others to the company and assisting them in joining.

So how are Cowboy Wealth and Melaleuca connected to each other?

Cowboy Wealth promises to provide solutions for improving health, wealth, the environment, and personal development in all aspects of life.

However, the Melaleuca website has the same "motto ."What exactly does this imply?

It simply indicates that Cowboy Wealth is posing as a separate company. In truth, it's set up to direct you to Melaleuca, where you'll be able to access items and sales methods.

Is Cowboy Wealth A Scam?

Yes, there's a tendency that this is a scam.

They don't provide a product or service; instead, they focus on creating buzz, and when you try to contact them, they don't respond.

There's not much I can say about this because I'm sure you're already convinced that this is a scam.

Cowboy Wealth Compensation Plan

Although it was not explicitly stated, it can be assumed that members can earn money by doing the following two things as follows:

Promote and sell the company's products and services.

Recruit new employees for the company.

However, there is no solid proof on their site to strengthen its credibility, it was just full of claims that are too absurd which raises a red flag in the first place.

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How Much To Join Cowboy Wealth?

In order to become an official member of Cowboy Wealth, all you need to pay is $19.

Yet, Cowboy Wealth also has a monthly fee of $50.

To ensure that you will stay as an active member, you must accumulate 50 PV per month.

This means that the expenses you'll have to budget for in your first year are $619.

However, marketing, training, travel, and other incidental expenses are not yet included.



Ignites Curiosity

Supposedly, it is not a pleasant thing to consider but I end up including it since they have done nice work in luring the imagination and curiosity of potential members.

Nonetheless, there's nothing to brag about this company as it will likely disappoint you at the end of the day.


No Transparency and Honesty

Cowboy Wealth's founders were notoriously secretive from the outset. The main page has no names linked with it. There is no information about us on the website. The video is a ruse that reveals nothing about the swindle.

Furthermore, all Cowboy Wealth reviews I've read are puzzled by it and agree with me that the scheme's creators might have done a better job.

To put it another way, Melaleuca is a reputable firm, so let them know right once that you're supporting it.

Shady Business Model

There is an absence of transparency in the company's structure. Also, their claimed partnership with Melaleuca remains meaningless due to the failure in showcasing any product.

Hidden Monthly Expenses

In order to stay active, members are required to sell 50 PV every month.

If they can't, it will make them inactive and unqualified in receiving any possible commission.

Nevertheless, there's no proof to indicate that Cowboy Wealth truly pays.

The idea that they don't have any compensation plan, income disclosure, clear rules, or requirements regarding the business opportunity that they are talking about makes it hard for you to trust your money with such a company.

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

If we are to consider all the shady vibe of this company, there's a good sign that Cowboy Wealth is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Something is indeed off with their system because they don't provide any clear description of how members earn money but they still mentioned recruitment on their site.

Downward Trend

There is a significant decrease in the popularity of Cowboy Wealth. Therefore, it only implies that people are not anymore that interested in this MLM company.

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Who Is It For?

It’s best for no one. Only the creators of Cowboy Wealth will likely benefit from this business. It is even evident in the design of their scheme, as they structured the income generation through recruiting people to Melaleuca.

Training Tools/Support

Cowboy Wealth displayed a particular number on their website which members can contact if they'll be needing more information. However, other members have tried contacting it but failed to do so because it was out of service. Some even decided to fill out the form on their site but right after signing up, there's no information that lies ahead of it. It clearly indicates that this company isn't genuine with their claim to assist you whenever you need help. All they do is to keep promising that they'll provide great training programs for their members, without even a single trace of evidence of some sort.

Final Opinion/Verdict

It is difficult to earn any money from Cowboy Wealth. Some members might successfully accumulate pay but it's not decent enough to support a living. It doesn't even compensate for the efforts you exerted, the expenses you've made, and the time you've spent.

Not to mention that they don't provide any income disclosure to prove that they absolutely do payouts for their members.

In dealing with MLM's, you can't get your hopes up even though there are lots of options to make money.

And with the case of Cowboy Wealth, has more disadvantages to offer like not showcasing any product, service, compensation plan, income disclosure, and even a decent website.

Cowboy Wealth is by far not the best option to consider, so do not be lured by their unrealistic claims. 

That being said, I don't recommend you to join Cowboy Wealth. The company is not the right fit for the real substance of business that you are actually seeking.

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Thank you for reading our Cowboy Wealth review. If you have questions or opinions, we would appreciate it if you share them below.

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