Is Genistar A Scam? What You Need To Know About This Financial Education MLM!

Welcome to my Genistar Review!

Financial Education is not new, it’s incorporated in insurance, courses, and now it’s also being offered with an affiliate program. 

For instance, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company called Genistar offers financial education and planning.

Well, Genistar is said to be a pyramid scheme in disguise but is it true? 

However, people are claiming that it’s a legit and well-established MLM that can help you make money online. So, which is which?

Genistar Review Summary

Name: Genistar


Founders:  Jeff Lestz

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $140 For The One-Time Fee

Quick Summary: Genistar is a multi-level marketing company that provides financial education and planning by selling courses and plans that claim to help customers achieve financial freedom. 

Being an MLM, they offer an affiliate program where members can earn commissions selling their expensive program but is it lucrative enough?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Well, to lift that load, rest assured your queries will be answered in this review as we will put into detail all the important things you need to know about Genistar. 

Is it legit or a scam? 

Would it help you make a decent income?

How does it work?

All that and more in this honest Genistar review!

What Is Genistar About?’

Genistar is a United Kingdom-based financial education and services firm that is also a multi-level marketing company founded in 2007. 

Being a company offering financial services, its mission is to teach people how money works by helping them gain the knowledge needed to make smarter and informed choices along the path towards their financial goals. 

It believes that proper financial management can improve the standard of living of people around the globe. 

Yes, its aim is financial freedom, and being an MLM, it offers an affiliate program where members can earn commissions as they sell Genistar’s services.

Genistar was founded by Jeff Lestz who also stands as the company’s current CEO. 

Jeff Lests apparently is an entrepreneur/ businessman who has a good grasp of business and financial management. Jeff Lestz has been in the financial services business ever since 1975.

Jeff Lestz has been a prominent voice in the field of financial management. Other than being the CEO of Genistar, he is an author and a public speaker who has been an advocate of financial freedom for years. He has been tirelessly working on this for years.

So, how does Genistar work? As mentioned, it sells financial education services to consumers in the form of financial management plans and courses. And being an MLM, you can earn commissions as an affiliate who sells their products.  

As to their products, Genistar divides their financial education services into 4 categories, namely:

  • Personal - Receive online and physical courses on how you can improve your finances. This teaches you how to save for the future and how you can budget your salary and expenses.

  • Finance - A more formal financial education course that focuses on financial management and how you can improve your financial literacy. This focuses on planning for future goals so that you can become financially independent later on in your life.

  • Finance PhD - An advanced financial education course that provides advanced and technical details on accounting and financial management. It provides you with a game plan that includes theoretical terms that you can apply to practical means.

  • Education - Professional one-on-one advice on how you can better improve your financial management skills.

Is Genistar A Scam?

Genistar has been in the financial services scene ever since 2007 and it has helped people change lives. So, Genistar is not a scam. In fact, it is indeed an established MLM that sells legit financial education services that advocate financial freedom. It’s also legit as it compensates its members with commissions.  

However, in platforms like this, members may soon realize that they just lose money due to the many miscellaneous expenses they have to incur and that they’re not making enough money to compensate for those losses. 

It’s also been said to be a pyramid scheme in hiding but apparently it’s not. It may have seemed that way to others probably because of the recruitment hype to get new affiliates. Yet, Genistar is NOT a SCAM and it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Genistar Compensation Plan

Basically, there are two main ways to make money in Genistar and that’s by selling their financial education services (retail sales) and being an MLM, recruiting others to also join and earn as they make a sale (residual rank). 

With the affiliate program, you can earn bonuses and commissions from the sales that your recruited downline made. 

Well, MLMs often have complicated compensation plans but to put it simply and clearly, here’s how things go with Genistar, as mentioned, there are 2 main ways to make money as an official member of Genistar- Retail Sales and Residual Rank. 

  • Retail Sales - Earn 25% commission for every sale of their financial education package service.

  • Residual Rank - Earn commission every time your downline member makes a sale. The percentage and amount depend on your level. You know, the typical MLM that has ranks where bonuses and commissions also rise as you climb up the ladder.

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How Much To Join Genistar?

To join Genistar, you’ll have to pay the one-time fee of $140 and this is for the subscription fee. It’s not that much but you’ll also have to do the following:

  • Undergo a 5-day affiliate membership training

  • Have 2 live client interviews

  • Take their multiple choice-style exams- But the important thing to take note of is that the exam has a 70% passing rate and you can take it up to 5 times and there’s also a 50-page manual guide you can study before taking the exam.

You may only have to pay $140 but take note that you’ll also have to shell out money for miscellaneous fees including training, fuel, marketing, and others. And as you know, their products are expensive. 

Also, since you’re also selling this, I think you’ll also have to undergo those expensive courses as you have to be well-informed and knowledgeable of what you’re selling, right? 

As belonging to a company that's been so devoted to advocating financial freedom, yes you should. 



Established Financial MLM Company And Firm

Well, it's good that Genistar has survived more than a decade of operations as most starting MLMs don’t survive for more than 5 years.Genistar had been operating for 14 years (as of the moment of this writing) which means that this company is thriving. With this, we could say that it is established. 

No Monthly Quota

It’s nice that Genistar doesn’t have a monthly quota, unlike most MLMs that require you to sell a certain bulk of products or services to stay active. This simply means that in Genistar, you’ll have lesser expenses. And it’s good that you don’t have to pressure yourself with regards to matters with quotas. 

Strong Dedication And Advocacy To Financial Freedom

I like their strong dedication and drive to promote Financial Freedom and help people obtain it. Well, it’s great that they train and reinforce people to exercise this mentality. 


Expensive Products

Well, the subscription fee of $140 may not be that much but compared to other financial management courses, they are way cheaper than that of Genistar.

We can say it’s a bit overpriced for an unnecessary expense and it’s impractical, knowing that they’re just materials you could also research online if you are eager and enthusiastic enough. 

Miscellaneous Fees May Overtake Earnings

Well, you could make income if you know what you are doing but you can’t avoid at times that in platforms like this, earnings may be overtaken by miscellaneous fees. 

No Income Disclosure

Apparently, Genistar doesn’t have a compensation plan and income disclosure. And this is a red flag. Companies especially MLMs should be transparent about information like this.

Pyramid Scheme In Hiding?

Because of the MLM recruitment hype that Genistar may be accused of being a Pyramid scheme but apparently, it’s legit and it pays.

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Who Is It For?

Genistar is best for those who are into advocating financial freedom and for those who are well adept with MLMs, as this company has incorporated an MLM platform.

Training Tools/Support

Genistar itself is a platform that offers financial education. They have training and courses especially circled this matter. Their page is also packed with FAQs which you can look into if you have common queries in mind. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

If you are currently looking for something to boost your knowledge of financial education, Genistar’s products and services can equip you. 

And with its income opportunity and affiliate program, it can also help you gain money and commissions. It’s indeed a legit and established company that has been running for more than a decade. 

It is not a scam. However, its products are a bit overpriced as compared to others. And as an MLM, here goes the recruitment hype again. Well, they’re definitely better earning opportunities than this. So my verdict is a no.

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Thank you for reading my Genistar Review! 

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