How to Prepare Your Website For Search Engine Optimization

When you create a website it is very important to optimize your website properly in order to get indexed by major search engines and earn high page ranking. Your goal is to have your website show in organic searches on the 1st page.

Website Rankings + Targeted Traffic = Revenue!

Your goal is to make website live and appear in al 3 BIG search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I use WordPress for my website just because it is SEO friendly and eliminates any headache with building the right structure and making sure you have all necessary SEO plugins. WordPress has All in One SEO Pack which will index every single page or post you write. You can read more about WordPress here:

Here is also SEO Check List CheetSheet video which talks about everything you need to know to make your website SEO Ready.

And here are the most Important factors to consider when building a website!

1. Proper URL Structure. When you build a website you want to makegooglelogo
sure it has clear descriptive urls without any special characters. It is recommended to use dashes for longer URLs versus special characters or underscores. WordPress automatically takes care of that with it built-in URL structure, but if you build a website on your own you will face this problem. Here is an example:

Good URL:

Don’t use other characters like: /%%/with/wordpress?!

2. Easy Navigation. You have to ensure your website is easy to follow by your visitors which makes it easy for them to navigate through the pages and for search engines to index pages accurately. It is advisable to put navigation yahoologomenu either at the top or right or left sides and in clear text format. Be careful with pop-up menus and any hidden navigation menus as they can cause problems for both visitors and search engines.

3. Valuable Content is the Key! When you write a content for the website make sure to give valuable information to your visitors. You want your visitors to come back to the website because they found something interesting. Google ranks websites high when people find your web page through their search results and especially if they leave comments. Avoid copying other’s content as duplicate information always gets low ranking. Also if you advertise a product don’t just blindly put affiliate links on the page. Pages with many affiliate links are not good for high rankings. Instead write good personal review, share your story and then insert links.

4. Low Completion Keywords. I have written 2 articles on keywords and how important they are in building websites. Most people don’t know that when they use high competition keywords and expect their website to appear on the first page of search engine – that may never happen. Instead search for lower competition keywords which have good traffic but less competing sites. Here is a link on review for free keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate. And binglogohere is another link to review of a tool called Jaaxy. You can also create free account there. Using good keywords is a shortcut for new websites to gain traffic fast.

5. Good Website Experience. Did you know that Google also measures how fast your website responds to clicks. Websites with slower responses are ranked lower since Google constantly working on delivering good user experience. I use WordPress which is hosted on SiteRubix. They have blazing fast speed. Whatever hosting provider you chose make sure speed of response to clicks is optimal.

6. Clean Readable Web Design. Another important aspect of SEO is when Google can easily read your web pages for indexing. Try to use clean design with less of custom graphics, pop-up menus and have easy navigation. If you have a blog you should have user-friendly design so that visitors could read information that is easy on eyes and properly formatted.

7. Social Media. In modern society everything is discussed in social media, therefore it is important that your website has links from social media sites facebooklogolike: Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, You Tube. You can create enormous traffic from social networks and it will directly help SEO as your website gains popularity.

8. Backlinks. Backlinks from popular websites, blogs will certainly help your website to gain ranking. Most important is not the quantity but the quality of backlinks. If you have great content on the website and some high ranked website covers it – this will give you a huge boost in ranking.

9. PPC Campain. If you can setup good Pay per Click (PPC) campaign using the right keywords this will help with SEO. You can experiment either with both low competition keywords or even target higher competition keywords since PPC gives you that advantage to be on the first page.

If you would like to learn more about how to setup successful business online and follow step by step guide developed by Wealthy Affiliate Community you can create a Free lifetime account here.

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