8 Legit Ways To Make Money Online in 2021

In 2021, remote working is quickly booming in popularity. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the general appeal of working from home, people want to make money legitimately from the comfort of their couch. You get to make money while wearing your pajamas. Win-win!

Because so many people want to work from home, there are many scam sites and opportunities that waste your time and money. As a result, it is essential to find legit opportunities online. To make the process easier, we have come up with the top 8 legit ways to make money online in 2021.

Ways To Make Money Online: 8 Legit Ways

            1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commission while promoting other products or services. At the same time, you do not have to put in any extra work. In other words, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. Perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time for additional work!

You can make money through affiliate marketing on your blog, website, social media accounts, or just about any other online account. Simply work with another person or organization to promote their services on your site. Every time someone purchases their products through your site, you will get a piece of the commission.

            2. Take Online Surveys

Take legit surveys for money. Online surveys pay to hear your opinions about different products and services, allowing you to make extra money with no special knowledge, skills, or experience. Fill out surveys honestly and rack up on points.

Why online surveys pay to hear your opinions is that marketing agencies need to know what real customers are interested in. These surveys give the marketing agencies the information they need, which is why they are willing to pay you for your thoughts.

            3. Create An Online Course

If you have special education or experience with a particular topic, you can create an online course. How online courses work is that you create a course that people pay to take. 2021 is the perfect time to make an online course since most classes and courses are online anyways because of the pandemic.  

The downside of this opportunity is that it requires some money upfront. For example, you need to buy a camera, editing software, etc. You also need to spend quite a bit of time creating your online course. Once the course is finished, though, you can keep making money from the course.

           4. Freelance

Freelancing is when you sell your services through contracted services. Depending on your career, you can put this experience on your resume. If you generate enough clients, you could even make enough to work full-time via freelancing.

There are a variety of services you can offer out freelance style. For example, you can become a freelance writer, editor, designer, and a variety of other services. Simply find a freelance site online and start looking for clients. Sites like Upwork are a favorite for many freelancers. You can even find potential clients in your area.

            5. Tutor Online

Because of the pandemic, most classes and schools are offered online, not in person. Although this schooling option keeps everyone safe, it is leaving a gap in education. Many students are looking for online tutors to get that one-on-one help that they can’t get in an online school.

It’s beneficial to have a degree in the class you’re tutoring to be an online tutor, but it’s not necessary. If you have a lot of experience in a particular topic or subject, create an online tutor site and start looking for students. Most students will pay by the hour and be happy to get additional help!

            6. Test Websites And Apps

Another side effect of COVID-19 is that many companies and individuals are starting websites as a way to boost customers during social distancing measures. Because of this fact, many people need help learning about their websites and apps, creating opportunities to make money by testing out their online services.

To become a website or app tester, you need to find a website that connects you to sites that need testing. Some of the more popular testing options include User Testing and UTest. Keep in mind that you will need a computer, keyboard, mouse, and internet connection. You may also need a microphone and webcam.

            7. Become A Social Media Manager

Social media is becoming one of the most important tools of the 21st century. Though it started as a fun pastime for teenagers, companies and local shops boost their social media presence to reach more customers and followers. In fact, new sites and stores are less likely to succeed without a good social media campaign or presence.

If you have any experience using or managing social media, try to become a social media manager. A social media manager will create a posting schedule and respond to other posts and comments on their own page. This is an impressive way to make money. Plus, it can help boost your resume.

            8. Start A Blog

Finally, the last legit way to make money in 2021 is to make a blog. Blogs give you the opportunity to free-think and practice creativity, all while making passive income. Blogs bring you a passive income because they let you sell items, ideas, and other products through affiliate marketing.

With blogs, you will need a bit of time, experience, and skill, but it certainly can boost your passive income dramatically. Just make sure to select a niche that interests you and that you are excited to write about regularly. Remember, consistency is key with blogging!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few legit ways to make money online in 2021. From getting paid for your opinion to creating a blog, there are opportunities for just about everyone today! With that in mind, you should take advantage of the current climate of remote working and start working online. Though you might not be able to quit your day job, it is a great way to supplement your income from home. 

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