Is LifePoints Legit? Can You Make Substantial Income With This Survey Platform?

is lifepoints a scam

Welcome to My LifePoints Review!

You’ve probably heard of survey sites that help people make some money by giving their personal preferences and opinions. This is usually where you earn points then redeem them into cash or gift cards or whatsoever. 

LifePoints Review Summary

Name: LifePoints


Founders: Ethan Foy

Product Type: GPT (Get-Paid-To) Site

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: LifePoints is a legit GPT (Get-Paid-To) site or Online Survey Platform that is owned by a market research firm called Lightspeed, which has been around for decades.
Just like most online survey platforms, it offers you a supplementary income through paid survey opportunities or by accomplishing microtasks.

It also comes in handy with a mobile app, making it more convenient and accessible.

However, there are a few concerns, such as customer service, point cancellation, technical issues, and low-income potential.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

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how lifepoints work

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In this post, we have another one called LifePoints and if you are searching for LifePoints Survey reviews, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll provide all the necessary details you need so you can make an informative decision.

What Is LifePoints About?

LifePoints is a survey website that offers individuals income through paid survey opportunities and other similar tasks. It’s a Toronto-area startup that was founded in late-2016 by Ethan Foy who was then a neuroscience student. 

The company carries the goal of encouraging people to make more good lifestyle choices. LifePoints lets people collect points (which they refer to as LifePoints) for their good lifestyle choices, which they can then spend on rewards like discounts at vendors and gift cards.

LifePoints is now owned by Lightspeed, which has been around since 1946. 

Lightspeed is a market research firm that looks for basic consumer needs globally and caters to the same. It is known as the most extensive custom research and analysis provider in the world, serving more than 70 countries.

After acquiring, they launched LifePoints in 2020 but before that, it was known as the Global Test Market and was given its present name after its merger with MySurvey. That explains why they claim to have 5 million members since it’s a merger of two older survey sites, MySurvey and LightSpeed.

what is lifepoints about

LifePoints is accessible to users above 16 years old globally and along with that, there are many opportunities to win exclusive prizes, giveaways, competitions, and gift cards for LifePoints social media users. 

And unlike most survey platforms that are only available on a website, LifePoints comes in a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS users.

LifePoints Product Line

There are no retail products in LifePoints’ opportunity; what it offers instead is the income opportunity that comes with answering surveys or accomplishing similar tasks. 

They also advertise that they come in handy with a mobile app good for android and ios users. 

Is LifePoints A Scam?

Is LifePoints legit?

Yes, LifePoints appears to be a legit survey platform that comes with an opportunity to reward you with money, gift cards, and more. However, you can only gain a few dollars here, which is barely enough for a side hustle.

LifePoints may not be that long in the scene but its owner Lightspeed has been on the run for a couple of years but upon checking on the Better Bureau Business, considering that long, it’s still not BBB accredited but they do have a B+ rating and there are just so many complaints. 

Is LifePoints A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

LifePoints is not a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. It is legit! 

Though it doesn’t offer services or products, it provides a legit way to earn an income. 

There’s no recruitment hype here, just an online opportunity where you answer some surveys and accomplish some similar tasks, gain Life points and redeem them through cash or gift cards. 

But then again, it’s best as a side income opportunity. 

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LifePoints Compensation Plan

Just like most GPT and survey platforms, you earn points by accomplishing one.  

Points accumulated or what you call LifePoints in this opportunity can be redeemed through PayPal, gift cards, and can be as well donated for a good cause.


Here are some activities that you can go to earn money in LifePoints: 


  • Surveys - The most reliable way to earn money on this platform is by accomplishing our surveys. Companies create surveys so that they can target the needs of consumers. After that, companies like LifePoints connect their users to these surveys and pay them for giving out their opinions. Questions can include your favorite brands, your shopping interests, habits, and more.  
  • Daily Challenges - These are the short surveys you get every day when you become a regular user on the platform. These surveys are created by monitoring your regular answers, which means you can potentially earn more through these. With this, you can get monthly boosters for filling out the quick surveys and if you complete a challenge every day of the month, you’ll get bonus Lifepoints.  
  • Location-Based Surveys - LifePoints has an Earn-on-The-Go option that provides location-based surveys. This way, you can earn extra points depending on your current location. Using the Geo-Location services, the app gives you 50 points just for turning it on, and you’ll get 20 points monthly if you keep it on while you’re on the go. These surveys include questions about the places you’ve visited and your traveling habits. Also, through its location tracking, the app will invite you to other money-making activities depending on your current location.  
  • Claim bonus points by upgrading your profile, you get points for upgrading and adding more details to your profile. 


lifepoints payment options

With the LifePoints, some surveys offer more than 50 points, while some will only give you 10. But basically, the main factors that affect earnings on LifePoints are the times spent filling out the surveys and how many surveys were filled out. 


As mentioned, you can redeem LifePoints through the following ways:

  • Gift Cards - When it comes to gift cards, the basic rule is, in 1000 LifePoints, you can get merchandise or services worth $10 or $15. These include Amazon eGift Cards and mobile top-up options. You can also go for free products at Starbucks and purchase apps on Google Play. 
  • PayPal - This is the payment option most people go for if they’re interested in earning hard cash. However, you’ll be disappointed to know that the earnings are not much when redeemed in money. Unlike in gift cards, you’ll only get about $10 in exchange for 1000-1200 points. 
  • Charity- As mentioned, your points can as well be donated for a good cause. LifePoints gives you a chance to donate your earnings to UNICEF. This way, deserving individuals can get the value for the money that you’ll probably spend on a meager item. 

How Much To Join LifePoints?

Just like most online survey platforms, joining LifePoints is totally free, you’ll just have to sign-up or download the app on your android and mobile phone to get started.

You just have to sign-up and give out your details including common data such as your full name and email.



Free Opportunity To Make Money

It’s great that joining the opportunity is free and with that, you could as well benefit from it by being compensated with gift cards or cash. But apparently, it will still cost you your effort, electricity, and as well as your cell phone battery when you're using the app. 


Minimum Limitations

You can access LifePoints from anywhere in the world, which means the surveys they provide are eligible for people located anywhere around the globe. Unlike other survey sites that are only limited to certain places. And also, their minimum age requirement of joining is 16 years old. 




Points Expire

Too bad LifePoints expire if you don’t use them as soon as possible. So, if you’re waiting to save up the right amount so you can get bigger cash, you better get it soon enough or yet lose it all. 


Disqualification And Cancellation

Companies only need a specific number of responses to their surveys. Once that’s completed, the rest of the users who filled out the survey get screened out.

Even though it’s not common, you might get disqualified from some surveys when you’re nearly at the end, and this can be annoying. Users also complain that their points are taken away for no reason.

While others report that their accounts were deactivated for no reason as well and without any chance to redeem their earnings.


Customer-Service And Technical Issues 

If you have problems with the app, you have no option but to check the FAQs for a solution. It would be hard to find and go talk to an actual person if you have queries or when you’re facing technical issues. There were complaints reported by users that there were issues while signing up for the app and there are also complaints about accounts getting suspended after the registration was complete. And as mentioned above, there are instances where points are taken away and the account deactivated for no reason. Guess, they still got a lot to work out with their technicalities. 


Difference From Points For Cash Redemption From Gift Card Redemption

I find it unfair that redeeming cash requires more points as compared with gift cards as compared to most survey sites that have similar points for both. And since redeeming cash requires a lot, users would probably opt for gift cards. 


Good As Side Income

As most GPT and Survey Platforms are, LifePoints is also only good as a side income opportunity. It’s not even the best side income opportunity. You’ll definitely have to answer a lot of surveys and spend a lot of time to gain a bigger income.

But it’s with no assurance because points even expire or at times you have technical issues, you could lose it for no reason. It’s indeed a low-income potential opportunity.

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Training Tools/Support

As mentioned, they lack customer service and technical support but if you have queries and would like to find answers, you can go check the FAQs. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

To sum up, LifePoints is an opportunity that enables you to earn income through paid survey opportunities. However, there are just technical issues that still need to be taken care of. Even a lot of users have already complained about it. 

It would also take a lot of effort and time to get the substantial income you would want, taking into consideration that your points could either expire or be gone for no reason. 

Yes, it’s a legit opportunity where you could earn some money but it’s far from being a full-time income opportunity. 

It's not even one of the best side hustles online so, if I were you better skip this platform and find way better ones. 

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Thank you for reading my LifePoints review.

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