How You Can Make Your Airbnb Feel More Luxurious

How You Can Make Your Airbnb Feel More Luxurious

If you’re struggling to secure bookings at your rental property, try comparing it to hospitality services in your area. Guests might be overlooking your Airbnb in favor of more luxurious hotel services. Don’t let nearby hotels and other competitors sway your audience—focus on ways you can replicate the luxurious hotel atmosphere. Consider implementing these three ways you can make your Airbnb feel more luxurious to customers.

Leave Welcome Gifts

Think of all the times you’ve stayed at a hotel—luxurious hotel services always offer some kind of welcome gift for their guests. Whether it’s free snacks, drinks, or personal items, there are many small items that hotels offer guests. Channel this welcoming approach into your Airbnb design. Consider leaving a small gift basket for your incoming guests along with a welcome note. You could include treats such as local specialties, samples from a local winery, and more. Thoughtful gifts like these will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive.

Upgrade Your Technology

Another way to make your Airbnb feel more luxurious is to upgrade your appliances. Many hotel chains upgrade their appliances regularly to promote a more familiar sense of home for their customers. Because many travelers expect updated amenities, they are often more likely to book stays in hotels or rentals that include these familiar appliances. Focus on appliances that will help your Airbnb appear more modern and can help secure more listings. Read up on smart TVs and how they work if you’re unfamiliar with this technology.

Replace Your Bathroom Amenities

Hotel bathrooms are famously luxurious, providing amenities that most guests don’t get at home. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to updating your Airbnb property, we recommend the bathroom. This area can often have the biggest return on investment for your renovations and help you secure more bookings. Outfit your updated bathroom with a luxurious bathtub or stand-up shower with optimal water pressure. The bathroom is also a smart place to leave welcome gifts such as novelty soaps and bath bombs.

Whether you’re looking for minor changes you can make to your Airbnb or complete renovations, you can try these tips to make your Airbnb feel more luxurious. Use these methods to boost your property’s atmosphere and secure more bookings for the upcoming summer season.

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