Linxium Review – Legit PTC Website Or A Scam?

is linxium a scam

Welcome to My Linxium Review!

Can you earn from watching ads? Yes! Marketers and online businesses need a lot of traffic fast; therefore, they spend money for people to visit their websites. They use PTC sites to do that.

PTC sites, or paid-to-click sites, reward you a small amount of money for watching ads on your web browser. 

Linxium Review Summary

Name: Linxium


Founders:  Undisclosed

Product Type: Paid-to-Click (PTC) Site

Price:    $0 To $1,280 For The Membership Fee

Quick Summary:  Linxium is a PTC website that offers to pay you for viewing advertisements and performing other tasks. It was launched in June 2020, but since August 2020, members cannot access the site anymore. The site will show an error message stating that hosting has expired, maybe because the founders did not pay the fees.

Does this mean that Linxium has already shut down? 

Is it still worth your time?

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

You can work on these sites because it does not demand any particular skills. Anyone with a basic knowledge of how to use computers can earn from PTC sites. 

What Is Linxium About?

Linxium is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site where you can earn several ways: watching ads, doing paid offers, and referring people. You will be rewarded based on what kind of task you did and how many activities you completed.

Linxium Product Line

 Here are the different earning opportunities that the site offers:

View Ads

The most common earning opportunity in PTC sites is by viewing ads. Like other PTC sites, you will earn money per ad you view. 

Linxium offers three types of advertisements: fixed, flash, and daily. Fixed and flash ads will both pay you $0.01 per ad. Daily ads, on the other hand, will pay you $0.02. In general, you must watch the ads for at least 10 seconds before closing them. 

It offers rates higher than the majority of ads on PTC sites. Still, you won't earn that much. There are only a few ads that you can view, and it will most likely take you a lot of hours to make a decent amount. 

Paid Offers  

Paid offers are usually found on Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites. However, it is also commonly available on PTC sites. You can complete paid offers by visiting their offer walls. 

The offers vary from answering surveys, playing games, signing up to a site, or answering quizzes. Compared to viewing paid ads, doing paid offers pay more. 

A disadvantage of this, however, is there's no assurance that you'll qualify for every survey available on the website. People are selected to answer the survey based on demographics, gender, age, hobbies, etc. 

The site has pre-survey questions to determine if you are qualified for a survey. Also, it takes time to qualify for a survey, so you need to be patient.  

To have a better chance of qualifying, make sure you fill it out completely. If you ever qualify, you must ensure that you follow the directions provided. Otherwise, you will not be able to finish it and will not receive the reward.  

Finally, participating in a survey means that you will be disclosing personal information. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t join a survey.


Linxium also has a referral program where you can win extra prizes. However, their referral program is structured differently where you only earn a commission if your referral deposits in the site. 

There are two ways to make a deposit. The first method is by transferring your account balance to your purchasing balance. The second way is by depositing an actual amount to your purchase balance using a payment method. 

Linxium has a three-tiered referral program. You can share your referral link and if someone signs up using it, you'll earn a percentage of their income for life. 

Your level 1 referral will be the person you invited. If they refer someone, they will be your level 2 referral. If your level 2 referral then invites someone to join the site, that person will become your level 3 referral after they sign up. 

Each time they make a deposit or click on an ad, you'll get a 10% commission for level 1 referrals. The commission for level 2 will be 2%. It will be 1% for level 3.

Is Linxium A Scam?

Yes, it is a scam. Aside from their sketchy offers, the suspension of their website strengthens the fact that it is a scam. 

Watch out if this website will be back again. 

It will be out to scam more people. It's simply too dangerous to sign up for the website once it appears. 

Who knows if it will shut down unexpectedly once more. 

What is going to happen to your income?

Is Linxium A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Linxium is a pyramid scheme. The people behind Linxium persuade members to recruit more people by giving them an “opportunity” to make more money. With their clever tactics, they get commissions up to their third level of referrals. 

It is not a Ponzi scheme because they do not require an investment to join. But if you get inside the group, a lot of upselling will happen. If you’re not wise, you will be compelled to pay for a very expensive paid membership.

To understand what a Ponzi scheme means, you can watch the video below:

Linxium Compensation Plan

PTC sites aren't known for their high-earning potential. Linxium is not an exception.

While some of the paid ads on this website pay higher than those on other PTC sites, the site's overall earning potential is still limited.

You can find surveys that pay $1, but you should keep in mind that qualifying for them isn't easy. Completing one will require some time and patience.

If you want to make a reasonable amount of money on this site, you'll have to dedicate a lot of time and effort.

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How Much To Join Linxium?

You can join Linxium for free, but you can also upgrade to a paid membership which can be as high as $1280 for 30 days. A paid membership will allow you to receive several perks.  

I don't recommend opting in to be a paid member because the payment is quite expensive for what is supposed to be advantages. You may potentially lose more money on the website than you have gained.



None. There is no benefit to this website, especially now that it is no longer available. Many members who have upgraded their membership were unable to withdraw their earnings.

The site has shut down abruptly leading to members losing money.


Inaccessible Website

The website suddenly shuts down, leaving the members without access even if they have paid memberships. Worse, they cannot withdraw their earnings.

Complicated Payment Method

It's more challenging to get paid with this site than to sign up or earn money with it. Unlike other PTC sites, the site does not allow you to withdraw your money through different payment channels. 

Before you may withdraw, you must first purchase a profit pack for every $1. Profit packs are purchased at the cost of $0.01 each day. It will set you back $0.70 for a pack.

So, if you want to withdraw $2, you'll need to buy a profit pack worth $1.4. The only PTC site where you have to pay to receive your money is Linxium.

Adding to the complicated process, you'll have to wait 70 days after buying the profit packs before withdrawing! That is certainly not a good option.

I can say, if earning money is hard in Linxium, withdrawing the money is a lot worse!

Overpriced Membership Upgrade

Paid membership can cost you as much as $1280 per month. It might be greater than the amount you will earn even if you watch ads and do offers for 24 hours a day. 

Very Low Earning Potential

Even if you spend all day checking offers on the website, you will not make a good amount of money. There are very few tasks that you can do. Also, Linxium deducts your earnings when you buy a profit pack which is the only way you can withdraw your money.

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Training Tools/Support

Linxium had a sound customer service system in place when they were still active. They have a FAQ page that covers a variety of issues. They also offer a contact page where you may send your questions.

Their forum will be of great assistance if you have issues with the site. You can browse their forums to assist you in resolving any troubles you may be having with the site.

On their forum, you may also find ideas to assist you in maximizing your earnings on the site. Overall, I believe they provide adequate help to their members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The sudden shutdown of Linxium's website is a clear indication that it is a scam. Aside from that, it was generally a bad PTC site. Although they pay higher rates in viewing ads than other PTC sites, that is their only advantage. 

If you calculate your earnings minus the payment for profit packs, the returns are low. The paid membership is also a waste of money.

The site is no longer accessible. But if ever the founders retrieve the website, you should stay away from it.

I also advise against joining opportunities that offer higher earning potential in exchange for a higher membership fee. Keep in mind that legitimate businesses require hard work and effort.

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