Colors That Attract People to Your Business

Colors That Attract People to Your Business

Color may appear to be a minor aspect of your business, but psychologists and marketing teams have proven its significance in customers’ decisions. Using the best colors that attract people to your business should positively affect your bottom line.

Gray Matters

Neutrality has its advantages and no color’s more middle-of-the-road than gray. When it comes to color psychology, those who choose gray want to shield themselves from the world around them, indicating that such individuals do not want to seem offensive. They manage their emotions to prevent emotional anguish.

More vibrant colors may be necessary for a logo and signage to garner an initial attraction since gray doesn’t pop. However, you can take a more neutral approach to the interior of your business. These feelings could be why Steve Jobs chose gray for Apple, considering he got into a 30-minute debate on the color.

Everything Is Blue for You

Blue is like gray with a touch of personality. Blue is a hue that exhibits trustworthiness and security, which all businesses hope to convey to the public. You’ll often see blue for banks and superstores because they want you to trust the people handling your money and selling you a TV. Blue is also prominent in medical settings, particularly in waiting rooms, to settle the nerves of nervous patients.

Go, Green

People associate green with cash, which causes us to spend more on goods and services. Seeing green may push you over the edge to make a hasty decision, as it establishes an impression of wealth and success. Banks also love green because it’s inviting for customers to take their “green” and invest it in the bank. Blue and green have many commonalities, but green is better for a call for action overall.

On Wednesday, We Used Pink

Pink is a soft color that packs a powerful punch. It works well on everyone to elicit emotions of passion and excitement. Generally, we associate pink with romance and femininity, leading to several women’s stores or beauty spas using it, but it’s also great for fragrance and lingerie shops.

Seeing Red

After learning everything you need to know about retail lighting, you’ll realize most businesses adore red. Red captures the feeling of power and urgency. Red can raise your heart rate, causing you to make swift decisions. There’s a reason why several retail stores take advantage of their red-light special sales. If you see something under the bright red lights, you are more prone to grab it before everyone else snatches it.

Learning the psychology behind the colors that attract people to your business can help you if you decide rebranding is in your future. Choose a color that best represents your business and match the feelings these colors represent to most people.

Dianne Pajo

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