5 Strategies for Creating a Memorable Business Card

5 Strategies for Creating a Memorable Business Card

Whether you’re new to running your own business or are giving your existing venture a refresh, creating a memorable business card is essential to making a positive first impression. Don’t let your card get lost in the shuffle; use these strategies to design a card that stands out and displays your brand values with visual flair.

Keep It Clear

Avoid cluttering your business card with non-essential information. Stick to the basics: your business’s name, what you do, and your professional contact info. The more unnecessary text you add, the less impactful your card will be on the whole.

Use Quality Cardstock

When choosing a material for your business cards, use cardstock with some heft to it. Cheaply printed business cards on thin stock give off a lackluster impression and are less likely to be remembered. And while a glossy card may look stylish at first glance, matte cardstock will make text easier to read.

Pro Tip:

Consider using an unconventional material for your business cards! Metal, plastic, and cork can also work well, depending on the industry you’re in.

Add Some Color

While black text on white cardstock is simple and classic, it’s also been done millions of times. Why not inject some bright color into your business card design? For example, if you’ve started a landscaping company, use shades of green to make your card stand out.

Include Your Face

Want to make an extra-memorable first impression at your next networking event or business conference? Add a professional headshot of yourself, taken by a personal branding photographer who specializes in business photography. Encourage potential clients or business partners to remember your face.

Keep It Professional

As you carefully choose the text you’ll use on your business card, avoid adding any personal contact information or social media accounts. Potential customers don’t need access to your personal Instagram account; if you want to add social media to your card, make sure they’re your business accounts.

A business card is a powerful tool for any entrepreneur to make new professional connections and reach out to potential customers. With these strategies for creating a memorable business card on your side, your card won’t get lost in the shuffle.

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