Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam? Here’s What They Are NOT Telling You!

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Welcome to My Auto Chat Profits Review!

I’ve done reviews about different programs and I realized that no matter how advanced or automated the platform or software is, it won’t generate instant cash. Also, experience and skills are highly required when you want to earn massive income online. 

Auto Chat Profits Review Summary

Name: Auto Chat Profits


Founders: Undisclosed

Product Type: Software 

Price: $37 + Upsells

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Quick Summary: Auto Chat Profits is a software that claims to help you make more than $400 a day. It claims that it’s newbie-friendly and you can generate income daily and consistently using a chatbot. However, it has a lot of red flags that I’ll expose below.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

 That being said, any opportunity that claims to help you earn cash without expertise using an autopilot system is either a scam or a low-quality program. 

So when I bumped into software called “Auto Chat Profits”, I knew what it’s already about. However, it’s too early to assume so instead of categorizing it as a scam, I did a lot of digging, and I’ll share every single thing that I found out.

What Is Auto Chat Profits About?

Auto Chat Profits is a ClickBank product that claims to help you earn $423.67 a day. On their sales page, you won’t really find out what it’s all about despite chatting with a “bot” that explains a lot of things. 

Anyway, when I first checked their website, I found “Jenny”, a success coach and she’ll be asking a few questions to know if I’m qualified for their free offer. I gave it a go and answer the inquiries to know more about the program. 

According to them, if I’m qualified, I’ll be able to get a free license that would help me make income consistently every day. It also says that this software is “completely NEW and unseen” and that it’s ideal for people with or without experience. According to Jenny, I can use it today and earn an income “in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks” – and all it takes is 23 minutes a day.

is auto chat profits a scam

Apparently, this done-for-you system has a chatbot that will communicate with your visitor and every time they purchase a product on your site, you will get 75% commission. 

Sound like a real deal, huh? Wait until you found out what Auto Chat Profits is really about. 

How Does Auto Chat Profits Really Work? 

Before anything else, I’m not an affiliate of Auto Chat Profits so I won’t convince you to purchase this program or tell you that this software is amazing when I know that it’s really not. 

From I understand, you will earn commissions through a business model called affiliate marketing, which is legit by the way. This method is used by many individuals, especially marketers and it has given an income opportunity online. It is legit, however, making money using this platform is easy, unlike what Auto Chat Profits is telling you. 

Anyway, on their sales page, they will tell you that you’ll receive a free license and that you can have a 14-day free trial but once you get started, you’ll pay a certain amount which could be as high as $100 if you do not ignore the upsells.

 To start earning, you need to set up a website and generate traffic to it. Then, their software will provide a chatbot that will talk to your visitors and answer questions so they can find a ClickBank product that fits whatever it is they’re looking for. In addition, this chatbot will ask for your visitor’s email address so you can send them offers. 

At first glance, this looks like a feasible method but I realized that it’s not as easy as it sounds. The fact that you’ll be creating a website is challenging enough; generating traffic to it is another issue and if you’re not skilled or you don’t have the right knowledge about what you’re doing, earning $400+ a day, let alone a dollar is impossible. 

If you want to crash affiliate marketing and you want to learn how it really works, I suggest you take my step-by-step guide now. It’s free and it has everything you need to get started.

Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam?

It depends on how you describe a scam. Basically, a product or program is called a scam if you pay for it and you get nothing in return. However, most people think that it’s a sham if it only has bold claims and no results.

As with Auto Chat Profits, it clearly has bold claims and other red flags that you should be aware of. For one, it says that you will make $423.67 every day but sadly, this is not possible. It’s not easy to make a huge amount online especially if you don’t have any experience generating traffic to your website.

Second, the first time you open their site, you’ll see a fake person/bot talking to you. Jenny, their success coach, is not a real person. The image used was even stolen and you can see the proof below:

auto chat profits fake success coach
auto chat profits fake success coach

Third, it uses fake scarcity. When you try to leave the page, there’s a popup message telling you that someone might take the free license if you don’t get it now. The truth is, even if you come back to this site tomorrow or the next month (if the site has not been shut down), you’ll still see the same offer. Why? Because they are just using this tactic to pressure you and make you think that you need to sign up for their program now.

auto chat profits free trial

Another one is the lack of necessary details, such as the name of the owner, their contact information, and the details about their company. If it’s so great and valuable, why does it seem like the owner’s hiding his/her identity? In fact, at the bottom of the page, they mentioned about using a pen name.

auto chat profits scam

On top of these, there are crazy upsells that are completely useless, and I’ll discuss more of that in the next section.

To learn more about Auto Chat Profits, watch the video below:


On their sales page, it says that the license is free but once you accepted the offer or your 14-days free trial is over, you’ll pay $37 for the upfront cost but that’s just not it. On their membership page, you’ll encounter high-ticket upsells that’s worth $481 in total.

Here’s a quick outline of their upsells: 

  • Upsell No. 1 ($197)
  • Upsell No. 2 ($187)
  • Upsell No. 3 ($97)

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Legit Business Model

The business model they use to earn is affiliate marketing and if that’s the only thing you’ll consider, you have a good chance to earn money. Just don’t sign up for their program instead look for a better, legit alternative such as Wealthy Affiliate.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Since it’s a ClickBank product, you can get your initial investment back within 60 days; however, if you purchase an upsell, you’re not going to get a refund.


Misleading Information

When you check their sales page, they would only talk about getting the license for free but we found out that it costs $37. In addition, there are three upsells present in the member’s page and if you’re not careful enough, you might be spending an amount that you can never get back.

Also, they say that it’s for newbies and that no experience is required but that’s not the case. When you’re new to affiliate marketing, setting up a website is challenging and generating traffic to it is difficult. It takes months to grow the number of your visitors, thus it’s not possible to earn more than $400 a day.

Fake Owner

The fact that Auto Chat Profits uses a pen name is sketchy enough and if I were you, I won’t even dare share my email address because even if you don’t purchase the software, there’s a chance that you’ll be bombarded with emails about similar products.

Not For Beginners

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or making money online, Auto Chat Profits is not for you. It’s not newbie-friendly and despite the videos, they provided on their member’s page, it’s not enough for you to learn how to grow your website effectively.

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Who Is It For?

No one. It’s a waste of time and money. 

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Training Tools/Support

On their member’s area, you’ll find a few videos that will guide you on how to start your website. However, I can’t really call it training since there’s no knowledge or skills to gain here.

Anyway, here’s a quick draft of what you can find inside the platform: 

  • Creating a ClickBank account
  • Putting a ClickBank username into the software
  • Choosing a name for your site

Final Opinion/Verdict

I cannot directly say that Auto Chat Profits is a scam since the owner will not run away with your money; however, I cannot recommend it to anyone, not even to seasoned marketers since the program is a waste of time. This program won’t help you earn money rather, it will only earn money from you.

Whether you want to become an affiliate of ClickBank or another program, I suggest you read the next section.

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