Is Clout Pay Legit? Make Money Without Experience Or Just A Scam?

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When it comes to making money, it’s always more interesting if you can do it without any effort or technical skills. However, this is less likely to happen or if it does, it’s either a scam or some marketing tactic to lure people to join the program.

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Clout Pay Review Summary

Name: Clout Pay


Founders:   Not Disclosed

Product Type:   Get Paid To (GPT)

Price:   Free To Join

Quick Summary:  Clout Play is a Get-Paid -o (GPT) website that claims to be the top influencer network worldwide. It enables its users to access easy ways to earn as much as $500 daily.

However, can you really earn that much every single day or is it just another bold claim?

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Meanwhile, let’s talk about a program called Clout Pay in this post and how it will help you earn $500 a day?

Is this real or just another bold claim?

Is Clout Pay even legit in the first place?

How does it really work?

Find out in this honest Clout Pay review.

What Is Clout Pay About?

Clout Pay is an online platform that claims to be a top influencer on social media platforms as it hires people to become influencers using their own social media accounts.

They will be paid money in return. 

It’s also considered a GPT website as it offers multiple tasks, which users can access to earn additional cash.

Currently, it was renamed as Paid 4 Clout with almost the same features. 

Based on their website, the company was founded way back in 2015, having more than 300,000 members. It also claims to payout around $44 million and was even covered by Forbes and Fox News. no resources can also validate their claims and unfortunately, there's no disclosed information regarding its rightful founders.

If these are not enough red flags, there’s also a bold claim on their website telling members that they will earn $500 every day.

How To Make Money WIth Clout Pay?

Sign Up Bonus

Like with other GPT websites, you'll only be given a bonus that’s around $2 to $5.

However, with Clout Pay, you’ll earn $25 as a welcoming bonus.

It's unlikely for an online paying site to offer such huge money from the very beginning. So, there are quite a several people who want to sign up just because of this catchy trick but beware because free cheese is only in the mousetrap.

Referral Income

Every member is given a referral link that they can share with potential members. For every click, you will earn $2 and $10 for every person who successfully signs up. 

It is indeed far from the usual rate of payment for referrals that is just around $1 up to $3.

YouTube Submission

Wisely, a simple way in flooding Google with positive testimonials has been discovered by Clout Pay. Members were asked to create a video with a duration of at least 1 minute, including a given description and tags to accumulate $50. 

Usually, those who don't have enough experience in detecting scams.

Task Wall

Additionally, you are being offered to complete various tasks to make money up to $30 that can be seen on the available lists on their Task Wall.

Clout Pay offers its members, different payment processors, where they can choose from in getting their hard-earned money. 

The selection that members possibly prefer is through PayPal, Cash App, BitCoin, or an e-Mailed check.

However, members need to subscribe to their YouTube Video Channel and upload a video of themselves with testimonies as to how great Clout Pay is as a platform before they can avail of a payout. 

Is Clout Pay A Scam?

We cannot fully verify whether Clout Pay is a scam or not.

However, it has tons of red flags that users and aspiring members should be aware of.

Finding the real owner of the site alone is a challenge since no details about it are disclosed.

The thing is, if anything goes wrong, members have nowhere to go. They don’t know who to reach or file a complaint, either. Besides, if it’s not a scam, they should have nothing to hide about.

Another red flag is that you can't easily payout your earnings since you're obliged to upload a video first, which is likely making a false impression just to be paid. It sounds off because it seems like you're being blackmailed. 

Significantly, there are no paying sites that would offer absurd amounts without practically doing anything progressive other than fraudulent sites. Payments are based on the degree of work and for the exerted effort, and that's the rightful way of making money. 

Therefore, obtaining $500 is completely ridiculous. 

All in all, there are considerably more red flags to make anyone make a careful decision in connection to Clout Pay.

How Much To Join Clout Pay?

Joining Clout Pay is absolutely free since its goal is to encourage more users to join its program.

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There's nothing more praiseworthy about Clout Pay so I’ll talk about the drawbacks instead.


Payment Is Impossible

There is an alarming number of members' feedback and online reviews regarding Clout Pay's failure to payout. It seems that their sole target is to hack your personal, specifically your financial details. 

Even your personal information is at risk and might be sold to market research companies. Many are unsatisfied with their service and are exposing this deceitful company that makes sense based on their unpleasant features.

Terms Of Service

Most of the income comes from doing referrals, but funny enough on their Terms of Service it has been stated that Clout Pay has all the rights for canceling your entire earnings without you knowing and without your permission. 

In addition to this, they will not be held liable for the termination of your points or credits.

No Owner Information And Support Provided

There is no information to point out the person or people behind this company at all. It is very disturbing for their members since they can't reach out for help in times of difficulty. 

Also, the fact that the founders are unknown and the support is lacking simply implies that something big is being hidden which is not good news.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials that can be found online are merely for availing payout that means it is not genuine at all, so we can assume that it is insincere or simply fake. 

People will only do any means to attain their money, which makes sense since Clout Pay's goal is to encourage more people to join by their sugar-coated means which are full of lies.

Fake Payment Proofs

The presented and visible payment proofs online are also fake. Given that they claim to payout $44 million is just unrealistic and plain hilarious. Where would they get such a large amount of money to sustain in paying out every member? 

It is just too good to be true.

Payment Restrictions

Without you making successful referrals and completing other offered tasks, you wouldn't be able to get paid since Clout Pay will restrict you from getting paid unless you do the aforementioned earning opportunities. 

It is a portrayal of a senseless measure for a GPT site.

Multiple Cloned Websites

Only those deceitful sites with their aims to fool you out of their sweet promises will have multiple cloned sites. 

A legitimate site would be unique enough to stand its identity. In Clout Pay's case, multiple similar sites are having exact content and Terms and Conditions with common offers.


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Who Is It For?

I don’t recommend this to anyone.

Training Tools/Support

They claim to assist those in need but it's only an upfront act.

For instance, after clicking their Contact Us Page, you'll be directed to a non-responsive page that displays, “Not Found.” 

All of the social media icons on their website don't even work. 

Therefore, if you happen to encounter a problem with this program, you're basically left with no choice but to deal with it yourself since you can't possibly rely on their support system.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Clout Pay is full of dreadful features that question its legitimacy. 

It claims to earn you as much as $500 by only doing nothing beneficial but to complete certain convenient tasks. 

Aside from the idea that it is free to join and an open opportunity worldwide, nothing good actually follows. It is loaded with alarming factors that point out its actuality of being a potential scam. 

Their claims of earning you such a significant amount might somehow seem convincing for you'll see your earned amount on the dashboard, however, you cannot by any means avail a payout. 

Your financial details and personal information are what they're after so be extra careful if you're thinking of using your real info. Worse comes to worst, on their Terms of Service, it has been stated that they have the right to cancel your earnings without your permission and they won't be held liable for terminating your credits. 

Additionally, there is no presented information regarding the people behind Clout Pay which is pretty disturbing as they're likely hiding for a purpose. Other than that, the positive testimonials from their members found online are fake and so is their promise of helping you earn $500 a day.

What's Next?

Making money is not always easy but as long as you join the right program, you surely have a way to earn cash online.

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Thank you for reading my Clout Pay review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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