Is Farmasi A Scam? Would It Be Worth It To Become A Beauty Influencer Of This MLM?!

is farmasi a scam

Welcome to My Farmasi Review! 

Just like any other niches, beauty and skincare are also constantly increasing in numbers. With a lot of choices, which one should you go for, and which one should you debunk right away? 

In this review, you’ll get to know what Farmasi is about and other substantial details, such as its compensation plan, whereabouts, and more. 

Farmasi Review Summary

Name: Farmasi


Founders: Dr. Cevdet Tuna

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $19.99 For The Starter Kit

Farmasi New Logo

Quick Summary: Farmasi is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells its own brand of cosmetics, beauty, and personal care products.

Operating on an MLM platform, you can join in their affiliate program as a Beauty influencer and earn through retail sales and recruitment commissions. Speaking of networking companies, Farmasi is one of the better ones as their products are well-priced and ethically made.

Also, they have a decent compensation plan with a really good profit margin with commissions at 50%.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

Considering that there’s a lot of competition in the beauty and skincare market as the eCommerce scene, will Farmasi be a great opportunity to gain a lucrative income? Is this MLM company a scam or a legit networking brand? What makes it different from similar programs? 

Find out everything you need to know in this honest Farmasi review.

What Is Farmasi About?

Farmasi is a company that has been around for a long time as it was founded way back in 1950.  

It is an international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct selling company with products for beauty, personal care, households, and wellness. Its MLM sect was launched back in 2004 and is now making a buzz.  

Recently, Farmasi is one of the fast-growing MLMs with 1 million sales representatives. Started and based in Istanbul Turkey, Farmasi has already been selling in 25 different markets as of 2019 and has entered the US market as well.  

Farmasi exports its products to more than 125 countries and reaches about 400 million people. Its headquarters are now in New York.  

Farmasi’s story began with its founder, Doctor Cevdet Tuna. Since the 1950's when it entered the beauty and health industry, it has been one of the most trustworthy and sustainable companies both for its customers and affiliates.

farmasi founder Dr. Cevdet Tuna

Farmasi’s success in cosmetics retailing did not stop the brand’s growth and acceleration.  

In 2004, Farmasi entered the MLM World and its current chairman of the board, Omer Hakan Tuna, describes this as “changing peoples’ lives and offering them fortunes.” 

Farmasi Product Line 

Farmasi offers a wide variety of products from color cosmetics, perfumes to personal care, and more. 

The production plant is located in Omerli, Istanbul Turkey placed on a 200,000-meter squared land where it is surrounded by green forests and green nature. It consists of 5 different high techs equipped integrated factories; personal care, make-up, fragrances, plastics, and laminated tube. 

farmasi product line

Farmasi has more than 2,000 product ranges. It also has many sub-brands, such as Dr. C Tuna for curative lines, Mr. Wipes for detergents and households, and Nutriplus for wellness.  

Each Farmasi product is manufactured with the highest standards and certified by independent international companies and laboratories such as GMP, FDA, HALAL, and ISO 9001.  

Also, this company is environmentally and animal friendly as they are openly against testing on animals. 

Is Farmasi A Scam?

Farmasi is not a scam, though the MLM side is up for 15 years the company alone has been on the run for 70 years. It’s pretty established to be considered a scam. However, I think it is not the best opportunity for most people. 

But in terms of being an MLM, Farmasi is better compared to the others. Probably because of their strong varied product line and because of their high commission rates.  

But still, this opportunity is subjective. 

Yes, some people may make good money from it but in reality, the majority will still not make it. Product-wise, it’s commendable and I can recommend it to consumers but as someone trying to earn from selling their products, think otherwise. 

Is Farmasi A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Farmasi is a legitimate long-running company to be considered running on such schemes. It has a wide variety of products to sell and you can make money with them even without recruiting.  

So recruitment is not solely the sole source of income here though you may opt to do it to gain bigger bonuses and commissions. Also, they don’t place an emphasis on recruitment; rather, they focus on retail sales. Thus, Farmasi is not a pyramid scheme nor a Ponzi scheme! 

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Farmasi Compensation Plan

Most MLM compensation plans are complicated and very hard to understand. And Farmasi, though not as confusing as those MLMs, is still quite hard to understand if you're not adept with MLMs.

But to sum it up, here’s how you’re gonna earn money in Farmasi:

  • Affiliate Ranks - Just like most MLMs, as you advance in ranks by recruiting and building your team, you’ll gain bigger commissions and bonuses.

Here are the Farmasi 17 affiliate ranks:

  • Manager
  • Director
  • Silver Manager
  • Silver Director
  • Gold Manager
  • Gold Director
  • Platinum Manager
  • Emerald Manager
  • Emerald Director
  • Diamond Manager
  • Diamond Director
  • Vice President Manager
  • Vice President Director
  • President Manager
  • President Director
  • Boss Manager
  • Boss Director 
farmasi starter kit

You go from one rank to another by hitting certain sales and recruiting goals and you get different bonuses for going from one rank to another. Basically, you get to earn more from your downline as you go up in rank.  

  • Retail Sales - It’s the part of the compensation plan that rewards sales to customers and doesn't involve recruitment. As a beauty influencer, you have the privilege to buy products at a discount and sell at retail prices. This discount applies to all products besides sales support materials. The commission rate is very high here and you can make 50% per sale you make.
  • Personal Bonus - Depending on the amount of group volume that you accumulate, you get assigned to different bonus levels. You can find the table on the side. According to your assigned level and your personal volume, you earn a personal bonus. For example, if you are assigned to the 25% bonus level, and your personal volume is 200, you earn 25% of your personal volume, which is USD 50.
  • Residual Commissions - These are commissions that you earn from your downline. How much you make depends on the amount the people below you sell and your affiliate rank. The higher the rank you are the higher the percentage you can earn from your downlines.
  • Group Bonus - You earn group bonuses based on your assigned bonus level and the entrepreneurs you have in your 1st generation. 1st generation means the entrepreneurs whom you personally recruited. In other words, people whom you directly sponsor.
  • Leadership Bonus - When you accumulate 5.000 group volume you become assigned to the 25% bonus level, the highest bonus level available in our compensation plan. The higher levels are not solely based on the group volume but also on the success of your 1st generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Car Allowance - Farmasi pays car/travel allowance to its entrepreneurs to let them travel easily to meet with their teams. When you have different bonus titles you get paid different amounts as a car/travel allowance. 
  • Cash Bonus - Farmasi pays a cash bonus directly to you when you achieve different titles and maintain that title for a specified period. To achieve a title you need to maintain 5 consecutive months.  

See more about their compensation plan in the video below.

How Much To Join Farmasi?

The price to join as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer costs $19.99, which includes a Starter Kit. 

But there are other costs involved if you want to start running a business as you will purchase product packs and others. 

But then again, to be eligible to sell for Farmasi, you will pay less than $20, which is not only reasonable but also cheaper compared to other alternatives.



Established Company

The brand Farmasi has been around for many decades through the MLM side has been on the run for 15 years, and that’s already a pretty good standing. They are also pretty ethical companies and eco-friendly as they don't test on animals and they conserve water.  

Variety Of Products

They have over 2000 products in their line and it’s good to choose from a wide variety of products that are as well of good quality and well-priced. It has as well been trusted by consumers as it’s on the market for a long time. 

High Commission Rates

Compared to other MLMs, Farmasi is way better at compensation as the commissions are 50% which is very good. 


Low Success Rates

Farmasi may be one of those better MLM's out there but the average affiliate makes between $500 to $2000 yearly. It can be good as a side income but not for a living. There are definitely better opportunities that make more than that. 

MLM Challenge

Yes, you could earn through retail sales as the retail commissions are 50%, which is pretty good. However, being an MLM in nature, you’ll only gain bigger income and profits if you advance in ranks by recruiting people who do the same — good in sales and recruitment.  

So, just like most MLMs, you’ll still opt to recruit if you would want to achieve more. So, it’s not for all. It’s only for those who are adept with MLMs. 


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Training Tools/Support

When you sign up to become a Farmasi beauty influencer and pay the $19.99 cost, you will be provided with a welcome/starter kit, which includes products and brochures.  

Not only is it a very helpful sales tool but it also gives you discounted prices on Farmasi products.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Farmasi has been a long-standing business to be considered a scam.  

It is a legit MLM company but then again, this kind of business is challenging. Making money through such platforms is indeed not like a walk in the park. Well, it’s not to negate such opportunities but most of the time, you will not be successful with it, especially if you are not consummate enough.  

Yes, it compensates way better compared to other MLMs but still, it’s good as a side income that wouldn’t be enough to sustain a living. You’ll probably want to make sure that you’ll have another source of cash. 

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Thank you for reading my Farmasi review!  

I hope that this honest Farmasi review has helped you. If you have any comments, testimonials, and queries, please feel free to share it below.

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