Is Global MoneyLine A Scam? Big Recruitment Scheme Hiding In A Facade Of An Email List Builder?

is global moneyline a scam

Welcome to My Global MoneyLine Review! 

There are indeed a bunch of money-making opportunities online. And one of the most popular online business opportunities that boomed in the past few years is Global MoneyLine. 

Global MoneyLine Review Summary

Name: Global MoneyLine


Founders: Kent Anthony

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: Free But With Upsells Worth $20 To $1000

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Quick Summary: Global MoneyLine (GML) is a platform with a system that provides list building and lead generation services. It offers an affiliate program on a 2-Up affiliate marketing compensation plan structure with the characteristics of a multi-level marketing company.

The only way to make money is by promoting your own GML affiliate link and recruiting others to be your downline or what they call your “MoneyLine,” making it a recruitment scheme. 

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Well, is Global MoneyLine legit or another scam? Is it worth your time? Would this help you find lucrative income online?  

That and other pertinent details in this unbiased Global MoneyLine review!

What Is Global MoneyLine About?

Global MoneyLine may fall under the niche of advertising as it utilizes a messaging service but with additional bells and whistles. As mentioned, GML is a platform with a system that provides list building and lead generation services. It’s more of an affiliate program with the characteristics of being an MLM. 

global moneyline review

So how does it work? Since there are no retailable products or services, it’s the affiliate membership that GML affiliates market. This Global MoneyLine affiliate membership permits an affiliate to spam messages to those who join after them. Once you become a member, everyone else that joins after you will be added to your list and you call them your “Moneyline” -- makes sense why it’s named Global MoneyLine right? 

Your MoneyLines are simply your "downlines," who maybe everyone who joined the company after you, regardless if they are not your referrals and wherever they are in the world. 

As a member, you will then be able to send these people personalized messages, direct invites, and advertisements of your products and services or if you have other businesses that you want to promote. However, free affiliates only have limited access.  

Free affiliates (free enrollment) must send messages one at a time while paid affiliates (purchased upsells) can spam up to twenty Global MoneyLine affiliates at once.  

The amount of messages you can send to your Moneyline, including the other perks you can enjoy from the program is highly dependent on the level of your subscription. In short, paying members with high levels of subscriptions gets bigger perks.  

It may come as an email list builder but apparently it’s a whole lot of a big recruitment scheme. The compensation plan promises to pay you every time you recruit others in the program and they do the same. GML indeed has so much emphasis on recruitment. 

Well, with regards to its founder, Global MoneyLine has not indicated any information about it but upon doing a few research, a man by the name of Kent Anthony was pointed out as founder of Global MoneyLine. 

Here’s Kent Anthony talking about Global MoneyLine:

The original Global MoneyLine website domain “” appeared to have been registered on February 4, 2016; however, the domain registration was set to private.  

Based on the Global MoneyLine website’s Terms and Conditions, it suggests that the company might be based in Minnesota, USA. 

Global MoneyLine Product Line 

Global MoneyLine does not have any retailable physical products and since there are no products, what you’ll really market as a GML affiliate is the affiliate membership itself. 

Is Global MoneyLine A Scam?

Well, we can’t totally conclude that Global MoneyLine is a scam. However, the part that it has no retailable services or physical products makes it sound like a fraudulent scheme. I’ve even seen comments that members are not getting the money.  

They claim that you can potentially earn money by promoting products using the services and tools that their system will provide. However, the products that you are going to sell will be your own and you will not be able to sell and generate profits from it.  

Most probably, your income in GML will likely come from recruitment alone and that’s already a huge red flag!

Is Global MoneyLine A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

We can’t totally say that Global MoneyLine is a Pyramid Scheme but facts and details point it out to be one as it focuses too much on recruitment. 

There are no retailable products you could earn from as a GML affiliate, chances are that your earnings will really come from your downlines or “MoneyLines”. So it simply means that you benefit from those under you.  

It may be free but you’ll still opt for upsells as bigger perks await with it. Pyramid schemes take place when recruitment becomes the only way to make money and apparently, this is what happens in Global MoneyLine.  

However, it’s not a Ponzi Scheme, it doesn’t promise high rates of return as they currently don’t require users to invest money. Also, there’s no need to invest a huge capital first as you can join the opportunity for free. 

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Global MoneyLine Compensation Plan

The Global MoneyLine compensation plan sees affiliates pay $20 and get paid when they recruit others who do the same. And commissions are paid via a perpetual 2-up system and tracked through a unilevel compensation structure. 

A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them (level 1): 

  • If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.
  • If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on down a theoretical infinite number of levels. 

Commissions are paid as paid affiliates are directly and indirectly recruited into a unilevel team. 

The 2-up system sees each Global MoneyLine affiliate “pass up” commissions on their first 2 recruited paid affiliates. These commissions are passed up to the affiliate who recruited them.  

The same thing happens on the second level of the unilevel team, with commissions earned on the first two paid affiliates recruited passed up to the original affiliate’s upline. This passing up continues on each new level of the matrix, always seeing commissions from the first two paid affiliates on the level passed up. 

Commissions are paid out at a rate of $5 per affiliate recruited into a unilevel team.

what is global moneyline

How Much To Join Global MoneyLine?

You can join as a Global MoneyLine affiliate for free or opt for upsells to have bigger perks.  

These are the subscription options that you can choose if you want to be part of Global MoneyLine’s opportunity along with their respective annual costs and inclusions: 

  • FREE Subscription - Upon joining the GML with the free subscription, you will then be able to start using the system to send messages (ads, special offers, marketing campaigns) to every member that signs up in Global MoneyLine. However, you can only send a message once. It’s free but limited.
  • Bronze Subscription($20) - As a bronze class member, you are also able to send messages one time to any member. However, you are allowed to send twenty (20) messages at once.
  • Silver Class Subscription ($50) - As a Silver subscriber, you can message other people more than once if they respond to you. You can also send bulk messages to 50 individuals all at once. Every Silver subscriber has the capabilities to create the message of their own ads on every silver page.
  • Gold Class Subscription ($100) - As a Gold subscriber, you can send a message to 100 other members at once. However, just like the SIlver class, you will only be able to message a person one time except if that person gets back to you. You can send 100 messages at a time
  • Platinum Class Subscription ($250) - Platinum subscribers can send regular messages to every Global MoneyLine member that signs up after you. You can re-message your whole MoneyLine over and over again every month. You can send 250 messages at a time and send a message to a person one time every month.
  • Diamond Class Subscription ($500) - This is a subscription that sets you apart from the medium-sized marketers and allows you to have a full-time business. It will help you have access to thousands of new members you can communicate directly every month. You also have an individual SOLO ads placement. You can send 500 messages at a time. Diamonds can create their target ads that are displayed on a rotating basis on every free subscriber profile that signs up after them and have access to DCLMT – Diamond Center List Management Tools. They also can send one message to a person every day.
  • Double Diamond Class Subscription ($1,000) - You will enjoy all the perks of the lower classes including the additional perks below:
    • Double Diamond Class subscription fee is $1000 yearly
    • Send 1000 messages at a time
    • Access to DCLMT – Double Diamond Center List Management Tools
    • Ability to create their own targeted ads message that is shown on a rotating basis on
    • Login Pages of ALL MEMBER of Global MoneyLine worldwide



Free To Join

It’s good that it’s an opportunity that is for free yet you can have the chance of making some income. However, if you want bigger perks, you’ll probably opt to pay for a subscription. 


Too Much Focus On Recruitment

Since, there are no retailable products and what you really offer is the membership itself. Thus, its sole focus is more on recruitment and most probably, your income will come from that.  

Not Fully Transparent

GML may have been transparent with other details but as we know, among the first things people would like to see on an online business opportunity is information about the person who runs or owns it as this cultivates a sense of trust.  

It also allows other people to learn more about the experience and background of the company owner. However, on its official website, Global MoneyLine does not disclose any information about its CEO and founder. 

Not A Good Earning Potential For All

As you can see, GML clearly stated that your earning potential depends on your performance and dedication to make things work. If you do it right, you can potentially make good money with Global MoneyLine using advertisements, lead generation, direct referrals, and through the compensation plan it offers. 

More Of A Pyramid Scheme

With no products for retail and with its opportunity rooted in affiliate recruitment, Global Moneyline can be considered a pyramid scheme. 

In case you didn’t know, pyramid schemes are fraudulent. It’s a matter of time before the FTC finds them and probably shut them down. Better not jump to such opportunities. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining as an affiliate in GML, you’ll be able to start using the system to send messages (ads, special offers, marketing campaigns) to every member that signs up and the capacity or number of messages that can be sent will be dependent on the affiliates’ level of subscription.  

On GML’s website, contact and support are available for queries etc.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Well, it’s good that Global MoneyLine can give a small income and a free opportunity to do it. However, there are a couple of big red flags so it’s best to stay away from this. 

The fact that they have no retailable products and with its opportunity rooted in recruitment are more than enough reasons to avoid this opportunity.  

Income relies mostly on the number of people you can invite and because of this, it can be considered as a pyramid scheme rather than a legit business. 

Definitely nothing good going on here so if I were you, I’d rather spend my time somewhere else.

What's Next?

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Thank you for checking out my Global MoneyLine review! 

I hope this has enlightened you. If you have any questions or you want to share your personal experience, just share it below.

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