Is PM International A Scam? Legit Or A Ponzi Scheme In Disguise?

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Welcome to My PM International Review!

Maybe you’ve received a product from PM International or another distributor has invited you to join the program and make serious cash so you want to know if you can trust this program or not.

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place!

PM International Review Summary

Name: PM International


Founders: Rolf Sorg

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing 

Price: $99 For The Demo Starter Pack Kit + Monthly Products

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Quick Summary: PM International (also known as P.M. Cosmetics) is an MLM program that promotes beauty essentials and health supplements. It was founded in 1993 by Rolf Sorg and has over 100,000 distributors worldwide. The brand offers an attractive compensation plan but can you really earn from this program?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this unbiased PM International review, you’ll learn what the company is all about, its product line, pros and cons, and compensation plan.

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What Is PM International About?

PM International is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that is under two niches -- beauty and health and wellness. They offer supplements, cosmetics, and other essentials that would improve your physical condition and skin.

The brand also provides a business opportunity to interested individuals, such as earning through profit sales and inviting new people to join the platform, which I’ll discuss in a bit. For now, let’s talk about the company.

PM International Company History

Before calling it PM International, the MLM brand is known as P.M. Cosmetics. It was founded by Rolf Sorg 1993 and back then, they only distribute makeup and other beauty essentials, thus the name.

But due to the market development and since they are offering other products, too, they have changed their name to PM International. As mentioned above, they are not limited to cosmetic essentials anymore; they also promote health supplements.

Rolf was a car mechanic before he ventured into network marketing. When he started his own business with an MLM company, he was able to invite 10 people every month. However, there’s not much detail about him over the internet but if the claim is true, perhaps it’s good to know that he has experience in this kind of business model.

PM International Product Line

The products that PM International offers are divided into two categories -- beauty (BeautyLine) and health and fitness (FitLine).

pm international product line


According to the brand, their makeup and beauty essentials are made of natural ingredients. Their skincare line claims to help remove dirt and oil, reduces signs of aging (such as wrinkles), and rejuvenates the skin.

This includes the following:

  • Clean Tonic
  • Ultimate Young
  • 4ever
  • Cleansing Milk


In this line, their products aim to provide essential vitamins and minerals, boost energy, soothe muscle fatigue, improve heart health, and more. 

This includes the following:

  • Fitness Drink
  • D-Drink
  • Herbalism Tea
  • Omega 3
  • Heart Duo
  • Q10
  • Restorate
  • CC-Cel Capsules
  • ProShape Amino
  • Basics
  • Power Cocktail
  • ProShape All-In-1
  • Activize Oxyplus
  • CC-Cel Lotion

How To Make Money With PM International?

And now, one of the questions that you want to ask: how do you earn money with PM International?

This MLM brand offers two ways to make money -- retail profits and by becoming an active manager (the term they use for their distributors).

For retail profits, you can earn by buying their products at a discounted price and selling these essentials according to their suggested retail price. The difference between the two rates -- discounted and retail price -- is your profit.

And of course, there’s the usual recruitment. If you want to earn more commissions and increase your ranking (which also means more bonuses), you can sign up as an active manager.

As an active manager, you are required to reach sales quotas and increase your downline. You should also have at least 500 PV (Personal Volume) every month to keep your account active.

Here’s a glimpse of their compensation plan:

  • Retail Income
  • TOP Retail Bonus
  • Wholesale Income
  • Pool Bonus
  • 6 Royalty Generations
  • Management Bonus/TOP Management Bonus 

To learn more about PM International’s Compensation Plan, you can watch the video below:

Is PM International A Scam?

PM International is not a scam. It’s legit and it does provide a business opportunity to interested individuals. It has received various recognitions and awards, too, that would support its legitimacy.

pm international recognitions and awards

 However, if you rely on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) like me, you’ll be disappointed to find out that it’s not accredited. Their brand is registered since 2002 so it’s kind of questionable why until now, they are not accredited with BBB. The good news, however, is that the MLM company has received an A+ rating.

Other than that, let’s not forget that you’ll be selling overpriced products, which is a norm to MLM programs. Imagine, one Herbaslim Tea (100g) costs $15 already. Do you think it’s easy to sell this kind of product knowing that there are cheaper alternatives?

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And of course, the recruitment part. Despite being NOT a scam, many people perceive MLM as pyramid schemes simply because of this approach. As a member, you have to grow your team by recruiting more and more people and it can be challenging. Also, this might cause a rift in your relationship whenever you try to invite your friends or family to join the platform.


If you want to become an Active Manager, you just need to purchase a Demo Starter Pack that costs $99 plus other packages, such as Optimal Combo Pack, Pool Packs, or 6 FitLine with prices ranging from $481 to $500.



Option To Increase Rank

This sounds unfair but on the bright side, you can increase your rank easily by purchasing products. Having a higher rank gives you access to more bonuses, commissions, and incentives.


Unfair Ranking

If you want to improve your ranking, you need to make more sales and invite more people. In short, you have to exert effort. Considering this, I believe PM International is not fair to their distributors since they allow their affiliate to increase their level by purchasing products.

I mean, even if you’re working hard enough, other members who chose to pay can outrank you. They can use shortcuts, which is illegal by the way, so they can improve their level and earn more bonuses. 

If PM International is a fair program, they should have only recognized those who really put the effort into their program.

Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

Before anything else, I’d like to clarify the difference between an MLM program and a pyramid scheme.

A multi-level marketing company is a legit business model that promotes tangible products or services. They do recruit people but they don’t pay them directly for doing so; rather, they reward or give incentives to their distributors if their team achieves a certain milestone or quota.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, promises monetary rewards if a member recruits a new one. No selling of products involved. Just pure recruitment.

On PM International’s case, they do have products but the problem is, they focus more on recruitment. As a result, many people believe that they are Ponzi scheme rather than a legit MLM program.

Overpriced Products

While this is a norm to most MLM companies, I found a few network marketing programs that sell expensive products that are worth the price. However, with PM International, I don’t think there’s anything unique in their products, therefore it’s not worth the expensive price. 

As a distributor, this will be a challenge. I mean, how are you going to convince your market to buy your product knowing that there are a lot of cheaper alternatives around.


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Who Is It For?

I cannot recommend PM International to anyone but I know that there are people whose expertise and skills are in MLM. So, if you’re someone who has a passion for skincare, beauty, or health or you are capable of persuading people, you might want to consider this option.

You can also take a look at the MLM programs I’ve reviewed before.

But then again, if you think this is not the right opportunity for you, there are other options to choose from, such as my #1 recommended program.

It’s legitimate opportunity and you can start online business without having to buy and sell any products. However, it will require you to invest time and effort because, in reality, there’s no easy way to make money.

The good news is that this program can help you achieve your financial goals since it is focused on the right education and building a brand and huge online presence through multiple marketing channels. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

There’s nothing special about PM International and considering that the niche they chose is oversaturated, it would be hard for them and their distributors to have an edge over their competitors. 

Aside from the product issue, it’s hard to recruit new members, especially if your program is considered as a potential scam. 

What's Next?

Joining an MLM program sounds like a good idea after hearing their bonuses, commissions, and incentives but in reality, it’s NOT.

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I hope you enjoyed my PM International review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below. 

Thank you!

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