Is Pyur Life A Scam? Legit MLM Company With Questionable Background?

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Welcome to My Nutronix International Review!

When it comes to making money online, one of the top results you can see on your search engine is through direct selling or multi-level marketing (MLM). 

While it has a bad stigma, it’s still one of the most popular choices because of the attractive commissions and incentives.

Pyur Life Review Summary

Name: Pyur Life


Founders: Bob Bremner

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $449.95 + $1,849 For The Builder Packages + Personal Volume Every Month

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Quick Summary: Pyur Life is rather a questionable network marketing company because of how it started. It had a warning letter from the FDA, to begin with. It lacks transparency and the earning potential is low.

Find out why in this unbiased Pyur Life review.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we’ll talk about a program called Nutronix International -- a health and wellness brand that’s been operating for a long time. We’ll find out if it provides a stable income, its pros and cons, and more importantly, we'll know if it’s a legit company or a scam.

What Is Pyur Life About?

Pyur Life is a multi-level marketing company founded by Bob Bremner, the same person behind Nutronix International.

Actually, I was about to review Nutronix International; however, when I went to its website, I was directed to Pyur Life. I assume this is a complete rebrand because of the similarities in the products. 


The packaging is different but their core products include a mineral complex that transforms plain water into an alkaline drink

Nutronix did have a lawsuit in 2006 because of false claims. They claimed that their New Silver Solution is “non-toxic yet lethal to bacteria” and viruses; however, an FDA warning letter suggests otherwise.

Perhaps, that’s one reason why they opted for a rebrand.

Other sources suggest that before Pyur Life, there was a merge between two companies, Pyur Global and Noble 8 Revolution, which is an alleged pyramid scheme.

Just a quick background about the Noble 8 Revolution, the MLM promotes digital self-improvement products, such as e-courses. They also claim to help charities but in reality, this is just a gimmick to gain sympathy.

Noble 8 Revolution was founded by  Mark Campese (CMO), Jim Anderson (President), and Blaine Williams (CEO).

As of now, the company’s website is gone as well as the money of those who have invested with the brand.

Considering this, would you still trust Pyur Life?

Pyur Life Product Line

Maybe Pyur Life, despite the merge, has become a better brand that provides legit income but before you sign up, let’s take a deeper look into their products.

pyur life product line

Before they had a line of supplements and an iHeart device but now it’s gone.

They have two products on their site though, called Pyur Vitality and O2 pH.

Pyur Vitality 

This is a nutritional drink that claims to support healthy cell production and performance, stimulate healthy mitochondrial activity, and promote a natural cleaning process. 

It also claims to improve focus, support eye and visual health, heal wounds naturally, improve health, and more.

O2 pH

As mentioned, this is the flagship product that transforms ordinary water into “supercharged-alkaline water.”

This product claims to hydrate the body, provide the essential minerals and antioxidants, reduce stress levels, and combat the negative impact of hazardous contaminants in the water.

On their website, they’ve included almost everything vital in their products, such as the ingredients and its purpose; however, they failed to disclose the price.

I’ve seen this strategy a lot of times in most MLM companies and it’s either you contact them directly first and create an account or find a distributor nearby; either way, you have to sign up first and talk to them before you can purchase or even know the price.

While that marketing is good, some people might find it annoying because more or less, the people who will talk to you will just pitch not only the products but also the “business opportunity” they offer.

How To Make Money With Pyur Life?

Like the usual MLM companies, there are two main options on how to make money with Pyur Life. 

The first one is to sell their products, Pyur Vitality and O2 pH. As a member, you’ll have access to wholesale prices so you can promote their products based on the suggested retail price (SRP).

The difference between the wholesale price and the SRP is your profit and it’s around 25% per sales.

The other option is to recruit people to join the platform. This is normally the option that gives you bigger commissions; however, instead of paying you directly, you will earn commissions from the sales that your downline makes.

Therefore, other than sending messages and calling your friends and families and inviting them to join the platform, you’ll have to train and encourage them to make a sale, too so you can earn cash and incentives.

Sadly, Pyur Life did not share their compensation plan; I can’t even find it on YouTube. I did find a resource saying that they follow a residual binary commission and you can watch the video below to know how it works:

Like usual companies, you’ll have to focus on having a higher rank, too so you can earn more bonuses. However, this means inviting more people to join the program and reaching a sales quota.

For instance, you’ll start as an affiliate with Pyur Life and to move to the next rank, which is Executive, you have to invite and maintain at least 2 active downlines and generate at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) every month.

To move to the next level, which is Bronze Executive, you need to have at least 1 Executive downline or two higher ranks on both legs.

There are around 14 affiliate ranks in Pyur Life and basically, you need to recruit people, encourage them to do the same, and generate more PV and Group Volume (GV) to move up.

Is Pyur Life A Scam?

I can’t tell that Pyur Life is a scam. A founder is a real person; however, the people involved, such as Mark Campese, Jim Anderson, and Blaine Williams from Noble 8 Revolution can be a red flag.

Their brand was tagged as a pyramid scheme and while Pyur Life is a different brand, what are the chances of repeating the same unethical practices, right?

I mean, would you really trust a program that stole money from different people?

Also, while the products may have been enhanced, you can’t just ignore the fact that it received a warning letter from the FDA. According to their website, their claims have not been evaluated by the administration, so for me, the effectiveness and safety of the products are still questionable.

fda warning to pyur life

Also, they are not transparent with the price of their products and memberships, Income Disclosure Statement (IDS), and even compensation plan. You need to sign up as an affiliate first before getting access to these details.

But why?

It’s either their affiliates are not earning a lot or NOT earning at all that’s why they chose not to share it online. Either way, it would have been helpful for aspiring members so they’ll have an idea of what to expect from the program.


Like their compensation plan, their membership fee or the cost of joining the program was not disclosed on their website. However, according to a resource, these are the Builder Packs to choose from:

  • Gold Builder Pack $449.95
  • Platinum Pack $949
  • Pearl Builder Pack $1,849

This is a huge cost, especially for beginners and you have to maintain a certain amount of PV every month to keep your account active and qualified for commissions. 

This is another drawback because there are limited products to sell, limited market to reach, and for sure, the price of their essentials are expensive, making it more challenging to distribute.

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Who Is It For?

Pyur Life is ideal for anyone who has personally tried the product and loved how it works. So far, I can’t find reliable reviews about their products so I can say if it’s worth trying or not. Meanwhile, those who have consumed their O2 pH and Vitality can provide feedback that might help in their marketing.

However, because of the drawbacks I’ve mentioned above, I suggest that you look for other alternatives instead. While I’m not a fan of network marketing companies, I’ve seen a couple of good MLM programs you can try that are transparent with their system, have trusted products, and great compensation plans. 

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Final Opinion/Verdict

While I can’t directly say that Pyur Life is a scam, it’s not worth your time. There are just too many drawbacks, such as the warning letter from FDA because of their previous products, the people involved and the scams they made in the past, and their lack of transparency.

It’s something I would be careful about, especially when I need a decent income during this pandemic. There are other options online and most of which are not only legit but also, reliable and profitable. If you need this, I suggest that you read out the alternative below.

What’s Next?

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I hope this Pyur Life review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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