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Perhaps you have come across an opportunity to gain money and at the same time, participate in a good cause. Just to give you a heads up, such an agenda is not new since other network marketing companies exist for the same reasons. 

Meaning, there are legit multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that do charitable work but of course, there are also scams. 

Noble 8 Revolution Review Summary

Name: Noble 8 Revolution


Founders: Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $25 For The Life Mastery Academy Course + Total Of $11,325 To Be Qualified For The Compensation Plan

noble 8 revolution logo

Quick Summary: Noble 8 Revolution doesn’t hide the fact that they are a profit company, claiming to be dedicated to philanthropic work. But actually, it is a multi-level marketing company under the personal development niche as they offer courses for self-development. 

As the name states, it may seem that this opportunity is a noble one. However, there are a lot of things you should know about this MLM. They have the red flags of being a pyramid and Ponzi scheme! See more in this review!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

For now, we will be talking about Noble 8 Revolution -- a multi-level marketing company that markets courses for self-improvement. They claim about providing for charities, too. But does it belong to the legit companies or is it just a facade to entice more members to join in a pyramiding market? 

Well, we will know more facts in this unbiased Noble 8 Revolution review! 

What Is Noble 8 Revolution About?

Noble 8 Revolution is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that operates in the personal development niche. It markets personal development e-courses, weekend leadership development retreats, ultra-luxurious resort destination and educational cruise, and empowerment vacations. 

They also use the thought of “giving money to charities”, perhaps as a way to encourage new members to buy into the program. In case you’re not familiar with MLM, it involves recruitment… lots of it. 

Noble 8 Revolution, as its name suggests, named the types of charities they will be supporting as “8 Pillars of Noble Giving”.

And as you can see in their mission statement.

noble 8 revolution motto

Pretty touching, right? How rewarding it would be to not only earn money from an MLM but also to take part in a philanthropic mission. However, the idea of 1 Billion Dollars is too good to be true. 

Be careful with such gimmick. This may look good but stuff like this is often used to deceive people into a program by playing with their sympathy. To tell you, it could even be regarded as a red flag!

However, the company was transparent about who’s running the company. The founders of the company are Mark Campese (CMO), Jim Anderson (President) and Blaine Williams (CEO). All 3 of them have prior experiences in the MLM industry. They are all real and verified individuals.

Campese and Williams were global directors of Waszupp Global which were launched in 2017. But they got highly involved in the Ponzi scheme and both were terminated. Even the management labeled them both as “unscrupulous characters”. 

Eventually, the company fell after several members were also rid of the program. 

founders of noble 8 revolution Blaine Williams, Mark Campese and Jim Anderson

Anderson, on the other hand, worked as the President for Noble 7 Crowdfunding, a company similar to Waszupp and like that company, Noble 7 was also a Ponzi scheme. Although it had just been launched in November of the same year, it’s already collapsed.

And it seems that Noble 8 Revolution is the successor of Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

So you already have a hint on where the Noble 8 revolution path is going to.

Noble 8 Revolution Product Line

Noble 8 Revolution markets personal development e-courses. One of its primary courses is called LIFE MASTERY ACADEMY and it is priced at $25. As to a company that sells digital products, this is the only thing that you’ll be sold once you invest in the Noble 8 Revolution.

The Life Mastery Academy has different modules that you’ll need to pay to gain access. The $25 cost serves only as an initial payment. You still have to pay more as you go through the modules. And to be eligible for their compensation plan along with this, you should also recruit others to join. And basically, you’ll have to spend more money to earn more. 

FYI: The most expensive package that they are selling is priced at $250,000 which is unreasonable! That’s too much money for something you could as well find free online or better yet just get yourself enrolled not in an online but a real academy and pay less.

How To Make Money With Noble 8 Revolution?

FYI: to maximize your Noble 8 Revolution compensation plan, you need 8 qualified sales. 

As an affiliate of Noble 8, you can purchase positions in four five-tier matrix cyclers. The four Noble 8 cyclers are called Campuses. You’ll gain commissions when you get others to purchase positions.

The matrix size in the Noble 8 Revolution is 3 x 5. This means after your purchase you are placed at the top of a matrix with 3 positions directly under you.

These 3 positions are the first level of the matrix. On the next level, there are 3 positions under each of the 3 first-level positions making a total of 9 positions. And this continues on all 5 levels of the matrix. Each level has 3 times as many positions as the previous level.

Below is the Novice Campus

  • Level 1 – Buy a position for $25, fill 3 positions and make $25 commission
  • Level 2 – Fill 9 positions – $102 commission
  • Level 3 – Fill 27 positions – $2,140 commission
  • Level 4 – Fill 81 positions – $47,840 commission
  • Level 5 – Fill 243 positions – $777,600 commission 

The other campuses – Apprentice Campus, Mentor Campus, and the Master Mentor Campus work in a similar fashion with increased fees and commissions.

See more of their compensation plan in this video:

Is Noble 8 Revolution A Scam?

We can conclude that something is fraudulent about the Noble 8 revolution. All the details are pointing to it as a probable scam and now that their website and Facebook Page account is gone, it’s not hard to make a lot of suspicions.

With all of the red flags laid bare behind this MLM opportunity, it works almost like a pyramid scheme -- and not as an MLM company, which is a legit business model, by the way.

Also, with the owners’ history of involvement in a Ponzi Scheme, most likely the succeeding company will be one, too. The company domain is even inaccessible as of this moment. Chances are that the company might have already ceased to operate. 

Well, they may mask their unlawful ways by pretending to donate to charity but behind that, they’re really up to something. One of which is that they don’t give the payout to their affiliates and even came up with absurd excuses for it.


To be a Noble 8 Revolution Affiliate, first, you have to purchase the entry-level “Life Mastery Academy Course, 8 Steps to a Dynamic Life” that costs $25. But you’ll also need to spend a total of $11,325 to make you eligible for the compensation plan.

Then, being an MLM, you have to recruit. You have to initially bring at least 3 people who make the same $25 purchase. When you do, your status changes from customer to Independent Business Leader (IBL). You will then earn your first $25 commission which is equal to your initial payment

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The idea of having a chance to earn and also give nobly is pretty touching and rewarding. However, if it’s just a facade of a deceptive scheme better not give it a try. So, there’s nothing really to like about the Noble 8 Revolution.


History Of Not Paying Members

The company has a history of not paying its affiliates and that they even came up with such absurd excuses. See more in this article.

Probability Of Being A Pyramid Scheme

Why likened to a Pyramid Scheme? It is because they rely too much on recruitment for income and they don’t have any physical products or services offered.

Though they present their digital product like an online course, it’s most likely a ticket to an MLM opportunity. Since there’s no tangible product, what you really sell here is the membership itself. It’s through membership that you’ll gain commissions.

Founders’ Bad Record

Noble 8 Revolution’s Founders were previously involved with companies with Ponzi Schemes which all collapsed. With such records, how sure are you that it will not repeat? Well, probably it’s already in the process. 

The fact that they have such records, make you already be concerned with reliability and trust issues. The person behind a company will always take part in what a company is. So having a reliable owner and founder is a must in every business. 

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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity intended for those who are adept in the MLM world, who are really good at recruiting. It is as well for those who are philanthropists who would want to help for a noble cause but at the same time can have an opportunity to earn money. 

It’s also for those who yearn for self-improvement since their products are courses for personal development.  

Training Tools/Support

As an affiliate in Noble8 Revolution and upon logging into your Noble 8 Revolution System, it will allow you to gain access to your Life Mastery Academy Courses as well as the Business Center where you can review referrals, check earned Commissions as well as keep track of your teams, leader boards, and sales.

Your dashboard is designed to be your main access portal to the full features of your Noble 8 Revolution Back Office experience. From the Dashboard you can navigate to your Life Mastery Academy courses, the Business Center, the Getting Started Guide, the IBL Support Portal, the Nole8 Revolution Store, and the Quality Care support center. 

You’ll also have a digital wallet and other necessary tools you’ll need in your online business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, we could say that the Noble 8 Revolution is a program that you should trust. 

As of now, the company website is inaccessible and might have decided to stop its operation. 

It’s not to disdain MLM opportunities but having too much focus on recruitment makes Noble 8 Revolution more of a Pyramid scheme rather than a legit network marketing company. There are no physical products to sell other than the memberships. 

And also, with founders’ history of being involved in a Ponzi Scheme is already alarming. Plus it will even cost you up to $11,000 and even more. So, definitely not recommending you this one. Don’t get fooled! Avert such scams!

What’s Next?

If you’re passionate about making money and helping other people, it’s best to consider legit companies that are worth your trust. After all, it’s not easy to earn an income. 

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By the way, thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope this Noble 8 Revolution Review was of help. If you have any comments, queries, and suggestions, please feel free to do so below. Thank you!

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