Is Primerica A Scam? Can You Trust This Insurance MLM Company?

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Welcome to My Primerica Review!

Perhaps a family member or a friend has offered you insurance or an opportunity to make money selling it and you’re wondering if it’s worth your time. 

Just to give you a heads up, life insurance is important because it provides the financial protection that you and your family need in unfortunate times, like death or critical illness. It’s valuable and there’s really an opportunity to make money out of it.

Primerica Review Summary

Name: Primerica


Founders: Arthur L. Williams Jr.

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For Initial Payment + $25 For The Business Tools

Quick Summary: Primerica is a network marketing company under the financial niche. It sells insurance, investment, and other financial services. It was founded in 1977 and it’s a legit multi-level marketing company that may provide a decent income. 

However, before joining the program, be sure to read the entire review first to learn if this is the right opportunity for you or not.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Recommended: No

However, it depends on two things: the company and the person selling it.

In this post, we’ll talk about a multi-level (MLM) company called Primerica. It offers financial services and a business opportunity for interested individuals. We’ll learn whether it’s a legit company or not, how it works, its pros and cons, and many more so be sure to read the entire review before signing up.

What Is Primerica About?

Unlike usual multi-level marketing companies, Primerica offers something that’s not consumable yet valuable -- term life insurance and other financial services. 

It works almost the same as American Income Life.

Primerica was founded by Arthur L. Williams Jr. under Citigroup, Inc. in 1977. 

Apparently, it all started when a cousin introduced term life insurance to Arthur. Being underinsured after his father’s death, he realized the value of term life insurance, which is less expensive and a better alternative than whole life insurance.

primerica founder arthur williams jr

In 1970, he worked at ITT Financial Services but after 3 years, the company shut down, leaving him to Waddell & Reed, another financial planning company. Sooner, Arthur became the regional vice-president of the company but after realizing that there’s a limit to the growth of the company, he decided to build his own business.

Known as A.L. Williams & Associates, the brand has the same “Buy Term And Invest The Difference” concept. Later on, it became Primerica Financial Services.

Primerica Product Line

Although the highlight of the company is the term life insurance, Primerica offers other financial services, too. This includes the following:

  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Financial Investments
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

Originally from the United States, the brand also offers its service to Canada and Puerto Rico.

primerica product line

How To Make Money With Primerica?

Like the usual MLM companies, there are two main ways to make money with Primerica.

One is to sell their financial services to the middle-class family in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico, letting you earn retail or sales commissions.

The other one is by recruiting people to join your team and encourage them to make a sale so you can get overrides commission or 10% commission from your downline’s sale.

As usual, the higher your rank is, the bigger the commission you get so as an upline, you have to focus on growing your team and training them to become better in making a sale. 

The good thing about this is that you can earn not only from your direct recruit but also, from your recruit’s downline and down to the 11th level.

To learn more about Primerica’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is Primerica A Scam?

Operating for more than 40 years, it’s not fair to assume that Primerica is a scam. After all, it’s not easy to maintain a company if it’s illegal. Also, it’s publicly listed on New York Stock Exchange Company as PRI.

Also, it was a former partner of Citigroup, one of the well-known investment banks in the world.

In addition, Primerica has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1979 with an A+ rating.

MLM is a legit business model but it’s not an easy one. While there are products to sell, the money is in the recruitment and for most people, inviting individuals is challenging. Because of this, many MLM participants end up losing money.

This might be the same with Primerica. It’s legit and it offers valuable products but unless you’re skilled with how the structure works, making money may not be easy.

Also, while insurance plays an important role in protecting your finances, not everyone knows its value so as an agent, it can be difficult.

The good news is that in case you’re planning to join Primerica, you are signing up with a legit company. The not-so-good news, however, is that there’s no guaranteed income unless you work hard for it… just like any business.


To become a distributor of Primerica, you need to pay $99 for the Primerica Sales License. This also includes the background check, which is required for all the aspiring Sales Representatives.

The background check is done to ensure that there’s no criminal record or any issue about the applicant.

In addition, you need to pay $25 every month to obtain training materials, platforms, and tools you need to grow your business.

Compared to other MLM companies, $125 is affordable enough. American Income Life, for instance, requires $490 for the training fee. The best part is that the $99 you paid upfront can be refunded after a few months.



Legit Company 

Primerica has been operating for more than 40 years and has a good reputation. It’s accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating and is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, it has received the Phoenix Award.

There may be complaints against the brand but these negative reviews are almost normal no matter how legit, big, or old the company is so for us, it’s quite understandable.

Background Check For Its Distributors

There’s already a negative stigma on insurance and its agent and we don’t think the stigma will end soon. However, it’s good to know that Primerica is being cautious with its distributors. 

Before being qualified to earn commissions and even a part of the company, Primerica performs a background check to all its members to ensure that there’s no criminal record and the like.

Affordable Membership Fees

The initial cost to join Primerica is $99 and another $25 every month. That’s good to know because 1.) it’s not as expensive as the other MLM programs, 2.) the $99 is refundable, and 3.) you don’t need to subscribe in monthly autoships.

$25 is a long-term cost, however, since you have to pay it every month but if you can develop skills and expertise that will help you make a sale, then we think this is worth the price.


Recruitment Is Required

In MLM, recruitment is normal so if this is something that bothers you, then you should opt for a legit alternative instead. After all, nothing is exciting about sending messages or calling people to offer your product.

Various Complaints

The brand has received several complaints that targeted its executive team, the business structure, and how they recruit people.

One person complained about putting people down because of their financial status just to invite people to join the platform. We won’t argue with this since this is downright evil. Dragging a person down for your own interest is one of the worst things you can do no matter how legit or lucrative your business is.


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Who Is It For?

Primerica is best for anyone who has experience with financial services, such as selling insurance or debt-management plans. At least this will give you an edge over your competitors. It’s also good for those who have joined MLM companies in the past since they already have an idea of how the system works.

Training Tools/Support

Primerica holds one-on-one and group training for its distributors to learn more about the business. Also, like other MLM companies, there’s a good chance that your upline will also provide you training to help you learn more about the business and encourage you to make more sales.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, we like how Primerica works. It’s legit and it has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Whether it’s an MLM or another business model, it’s not easy to survive knowing that there are many things to worry about, such as the quality of your service, your revenue, competitors, etc.

Also, because there’s a negative stigma about insurance, it won’t be easy for the company to survive but they did it anyway. That means that they really know what they are doing.

We also like the idea of doing a background check for their members first. It only shows that they are not just after their distributor’s money; they’re into ensuring quality service by checking aspiring applicants first.

However, there are still things to consider, such as the business model itself. If you’re not comfortable with recruiting people, don’t expect to earn a lot unless you’re really good at selling insurance and other financial services. 

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